10 gallon fabric pots

10 gallon fabric pots

Garden4Ever Fabric pots are one of the best ways to plant any plant regardless of type. From Orchids to fruiting trees to perennials, fabric pots provide many benefits such as air pruning, perfect soil to moisture retention, temperature stability and of course these all equal bigger plants. Many people in the hydroponics industry have used fabric pots and embraced their many benefits due to the simple fact that the choice of using fabric will give a healthier root system which in turn gives one a larger yield. Simple, bigger roots = stronger plants, Garden4Ever fabric pots will do this!

Different size selection options from Garden4Ever

Grow everything from A to Z in these bags
  • 1 GAL Fabric Pot: 6.5” * 7”
  • 2 GAL Fabric Pot: 8.5” * 8.5”
  • 3 GAL Fabric Pot: 10.5” * 9.5”
  • 5 GAL Fabric Pot: 12” * 10.5”
  • 7 GAL Fabric Pot: 13.5” * 12.5”
  • 10 GAL Fabric Pot: )16” * 12.5”
  • 15 GAL Fabric Pot: 20” * 12.5”
  • 20 GAL Fabric Pot: 22” * 13”
  • 25 GAL Fabric Pot: 24” * 14.5”
  • 30 GAL Fabric Pot: 24” * 16”
Product Features
  • Made of growth friendly felt with sturdy handles straps, washable and reusable.
  • Prevents circling roots and air-prunes the plant’s root structure.
  • These grow bags provide excellent air circulation and drainage: do not worry about overwatering.

Thickened 300g nonwoven fabric means your grow bags easily stand upright making it easy to fill the bag by yourself.

Garden4Ever grow bags readily breathe, keeping roots and soil oxygenated and cool throughout the year.The automatic air-prune feature ensures roots do not get tangled, allowing for more surface area for water and mineral absorption.

Easy to Plant and Transfer

Each bag is made of high quality and durable non-woven fabric with sturdy handles for easier, more secure lifting and moving.

Garden4Ever 10-Pack 20 Gallon Grow Bags Heavy Duty Container Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Plant Pots with Handles