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Top 10 Cannabis Sativa Strains Of 2020

Although a lot of people tend to gravitate towards strong indica strains, there are a lot of sativas that are equally impressive! Here are the top 10 sativa strains of 2020.

It’s a common misconception that sativas aren’t as potent as indicas. On the contrary, numerous sativa strains contain between 20–30% THC, just like top-shelf indicas. This way, you get all the high, without the drowsy, couch-lock feeling you might get from an indica. Fancy a nice hike or looking to engage in a creative endeavour? A sativa strain is one you might prefer!

To help you find the right specimen, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 sativa strains of 2020. Enjoy!


Green Crack Punch is the offspring of two extremely popular strains: the sativa-dominant Green Crack, and Purple Punch, a potent indica-leaning strain. This makes for a great high—energetic, uplifting, and creative at the start, then finishing off with a nice lazy feeling. It’s also a great strain to use for muscle aches. When cultivated in ideal conditions, preferably indoors, growers can yield up to 500g/m² of flowers with roughly 20% THC.

Check out our list of the very best sativa strains of 2020. These are the most potent, most flavourful, and most popular strains to enjoy this year!

Pure Sativa

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