2 gallon pot

2 gallon pot

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Container Gardening
Vegetables in Containers

Plastic or clay pots, old pails, bushel baskets, old washtubs or sinks, wooden planters or hanging baskets will hold vegetable plants. Large hanging baskets are great for cherry tomatoes and strawberries.

Treated wood is NOT recommended for growing food crops in containers as the chemicals leech into the soil and then into the plants.

Ensure there is good drainage from the container – drill four or more 1/4 holes evenly spaced around the bottom of the container. A one-half inch of coarse gravel at the bottom will help with drainage too.

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Container Sizing

Six to ten inch diameter pots are satisfactory for chives, parsley, herbs or miniature tomato plants. Most tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc. will require a 3-5 gallon container. Here are some container sizes for vegetables.

Crop Minimum
# of Plants
Beets 2 gallon Thinned to 2-3″ apart
Cabbage 1 gallon 1 plant
Carrots 2 gallon Thinned to 2-3″ apart
Cucumber 1 gallon 2 plants
Eggplant 1 gallon 1 plant
Green Beans 1 gallon 2-3 plants
Leaf Lettuce 1 gallon 4-6 plants
Parsley 1/2 gallon 1 plant
Pepper 2 gallon 2 plants
Radishes 2 gallon Thinned to 1-2″ apart
Spinach 1 gallon Thinned to 3 inches apart
Swiss Chard 1 gallon 1 plant
1 gallon
1 gallon
1 plant
1 plant

Varieties to Grow

Here are some of the best varieties of popular vegetables for growing in containers.

Planting Vegetables in Containers – container sizing and best varieties to grow