4 weeks from seed

Fruit Spirit – 4 Weeks From Seed

  • May 28, 2016
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    Hi all im new here so first of would like to say hi to all, High, Im not new to growing though far from being a pro so all advice and hints greatly appreciated,

    Im currently growing 3 Fruit Spirit fem plants,
    4 weeks from seed,
    in 2.5 gal / 10 liters pots,
    under 600 watt HPS non air cooled euro reflector light,
    feeding a very light BioBiz grow feed/water,
    18/6 lighting,
    in a 1m x 1m x 1.8m tent
    plants have all been topped once after 3rd node,

    Here are some photos of the Ladies this morning, oh i trimmed of very bottom fan leaves and side shoots as thought wouldn’t gain light maybe should of left on but hey im still learning so any tips from you guys and girls be great,

    Hi all im new here so first of would like to say hi to all, High, Im not new to growing though far from being a pro so all advice and hints greatly…

    The Cannabis plant life cycle – Cannabis stages week by week

    by Alicia | Feb 4, 2020

    This article is about the Cannabis plant life cycle, divided into stages week by week. You’ll find information about what to expect from the plant’s growth at each stage, some of the plant’s basic needs and what to watch out for!

    Table of contents

    • Storing your Cannabis seeds
    • Cannabis seed germination (3 to 10 days)
    • Cannabis seedling stage
    • Vegetative stage (3 to 16 weeks)
    • Flowering stage (8 to 11 weeks)
      • Flowering initiation – week 1-3
      • Mid-Flowering – week 4-5
      • Late flowering / Ripening – week 6-harvest
    • When to harvest?

    Cannabis growth is divided mainly in seed germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering stages. Each one has its own environmental and nutritional needs, even different photoperiods. Let’s find out all about weed plant stages…

    Storing your Cannabis seeds

    This is how the life of a Cannabis plant begins. A viable seed looks brown with some stripes, dry and hard to the touch. If it feels weak or it’s white or light green, it’s probably an undeveloped seed and it won’t produce a healthy plant.

    Keep your seeds in a dark, cold place, for example, in the fridge inside a plastic bag for better conservation. When the time of germination comes, get your seed out in ambient temperature. You can better your germination chances by putting your seed no more than 12 hours in a glass of water; if it floats it’s probably not viable, although it may germinate anyway. If it sinks, it’s probably because it’s viable and full of life, ready for germination. Don’t let it in the water for much longer, as the seed needs to breathe and it may drown and die.

    Cannabis seed germination (3 to 10 days)

    For germinating, Cannabis seeds need warm temperature, humidity, air, and water. Place them in a dark, warm, and humid place, for example between two plates in a damped napkin.

    When the seed opens up and starts showing the first white tap root, it’s time to put it in its next growing medium (soil, coco, etc) in a small pot. This root starts to develop and eventually the plant produces the first two oval leaves, called cotyledons. Now it’s a seedling!

    Cannabis Seedling stage (2 to 3 weeks)

    Factors that lead to the healthy growth of Cannabis seedlings

    • Warm temperature, around 22 – 27º C
    • Relative humidity: around 65 – 80%.
    • Low light intensity, blue spectrum preferred
    • Adequate light distance (hand test)
    • Light/Photoperiod: 18 hours of light / 6 hours of darkness.
    • Nutrition: a low dosage of nutrients for start, then increasing
    • Small pot size: Once germinated, place your seed/seedling in a small pot or cup with drainage for better results
    • Watering: Water your seedlings with a sprayer to avoid overwatering
    • pH levels: between 6 and 7

    Here’s how the seedling stage begins: when the seed opens, the first pair of small round leaves that appear are called “cotyledons”. After that, the little Cannabis plant starts producing serrated leaves, not the characteristic digitate leaves, only single serrated leaflets. As the seedling grows, new leaves with more leaflets start to develop until the plant produces digitate leaves with serrated borders we can all identify as Cannabis fan leaves. When these leaves appear, the plant enters into the vegetative stage. This process may take up to three weeks.

    • Cannabis seedling into vegetative stage
      PH: Alicia M
    Cannabis seedlings growing conditions

    Cannabis seedlings like relatively moist conditions. Temperatures should remain warm and lights should be placed near the plants and moved up as they grow. Finally, these baby plants need little amounts of nutrients and their needs will grow as the plant gets bigger and stronger.

    Always check lights, airflow, limit the watering to its minimum and keep them in a small pot for a few days instead of planting it in its final container. This helps the root system to develop easier and stronger, with less risk of overwatering and drowning your little plant. Check your seedlings are receiving enough light, or else they’ll grow very tall and weak, with few leaves and a stretched white stem.

    Cannabis vegetative stage (3 to 16 weeks) – pics week by week

    Factors that lead to the healthy growth of Cannabis in the vegetative stage

    • Warm temperature, around 22 – 26º C
    • Relative humidity: around 40-60%
    • Increased light intensity / blue spectrum
    • Adequate light distance: hand test
    • Good airflow, extraction and CO2 intake.
    • Light/Photoperiod: 18 hours of light / 6 hours of darkness
    • Nutrition plan: Apply nutrients as needed – set a feeding schedule and follow it
    • Bigger pot size: Once germinated, place your seed/seedling in a small pot or cup with drainage for better results. Transplant if needed to avoid becoming rootbound.
    • Watering: Water your plant regularly, avoid overwatering and watch for good drainage
    • pH levels: between 6 and 7

    In the vegetative stage, a healthy Cannabis plant grows in height and size as much as it can with the given conditions. Now the plant grows only leaves and stems. Meanwhile, it may show pre-flowers to indicate sex but the buds will only start growing when the days grow shorter, in Autumn, or the photoperiod is changed to 12/12.

    How long does the vegetative stage take?

    Most growers vegetate their indoor plants for 4-8 weeks, depending on the desired plant size. Cannabis plants are, depending on their strain, able to start flowering from the 4th week of the vegetative stage, but those plants will be smaller. Giving your plants more vegetative time will result in bigger plants and more likely to produce higher yields. In indoors, you must change your lights timer to a 12/12 hours schedule to trigger the flowering stage. By week 6 from seed, some Cannabis plants are able to start showing their gender by growing preflowers.

    • cannabis female preflower PH: Alicia M

    Male, female or hermie?

    At this point, you should know (soon) if your plants are male, female or hermaphrodites. If you are growing with the intention of harvesting Marijuana buds, you should only allow female plants to grow and kill the males and hermies ASAP. Male and hermaphrodite plants soon start to pollinate the female plants and you’ll end up with lots of seeds and very little buds. As said before, only female plants produce buds, male and hermaphrodite won’t do it!

    Flowering stage (8 to 11 weeks) – Pictures week by week

    Factors that lead to the healthy growth of Flowering Cannabis plants

    • Warm temperature, around (18 – 26º C)
    • Relative humidity: around 40-50%.
    • Higher light intensity, red spectrum preferred
    • Adequate light distance: hand test
    • Light/Photoperiod: 12 hours of light / 12 hours of darkness.
    • Nutrition: a higher dosage of flowering nutrients
    • Bigger pot size: Transplant to its final pot before starting the flowering stage
    • Watering: Water as needed
    • pH levels: between 6 and 7
    Flowering stage indoors
    To enter the flowering stage in indoor crops, the photoperiod must be changed to a 12 hours of light / 12 hours of darkness schedule.

    It’s extremely important NOT TO INTERRUPT the hours of darkness (lights off) for the plant to start flowering correctly. If this dark period is interrupted, the plant gets “confused” and flowering may be delayed or worse, the plant may revegetate (go back to veg stage) or start producing hermaphrodite flowers. You definitely don’t want that to happen!

    Flowering stage outdoors
    Growing outdoors, plants will start the flowering stage when the days grow shorter, usually when Autumn is coming.

    Autoflowering strains don’t need a photoperiod change to start flowering, their vegetative stage lasts around 4 weeks and then it changes stages automatically.

    How long does the flowering stage take?

    The duration of the flowering stage varies among different strains.
    The flowering stage usually goes from 8 to 11 weeks, depending on the strain. It’s usually divided into weeks or three stages. The flowering period for Indica strains is typically around 8 weeks, but it may take up to 10 weeks. Sativa strains may take up to 10-12 weeks. Typically, hybrid strains will take up to 6-10 weeks to fully develop.

    Flowering initiation – week 1-3

    From week 1-3 plants stretch and grow in size and height. Plants stretch and double their size in this phase. The female Cannabis plant starts blooming by producing pre-flowers, their pistils look “white hairs”.

    Towards the end of the third week, the plant starts forming its bud sites in the plant nodes (where the main stem and the branches meet). Look for clusters of female preflowers.

    Mid-Flowering – week 4-5

    From week 4-5 plants stop growing in size and start growing, fattening their buds and darkening their pistils. It’s important to keep a good feeding schedule in order to fatten the buds and help the plant grow strong aromatic components.

    Late flowering / Ripening – week 6 to harvest

    In the last few weeks, buds gain the most weight. They are sticky to the touch and can be very smelly. You are very close to reaching your goal = harvesting.

    In this stage of the Cannabis plant, pistils may show white, cream and brown colors. They also start curling inwards and they get covered in trichomes. Similarly, trichomes also change colors and you should pay close attention to these changes because they are one of the best clues for knowing when is the best time for harvesting.

    Remember you’ll need to do flushing prior to harvesting, so calculate your times in advance!

    Flush for better results!

    Flushing involves watering your plants with no nutrients added to “flush” all the salt excess from the roots. It may be done one or two weeks before harvesting (in soil) and in one day, two or more, depending on your feeding schedule and crop size. During this period between flushing and harvesting, plants use most of the nutrients they’ve been building up and the result is a much tastier and aromatic weed. If you don’t flush, those buds may have a bad and strong flavor and smell and may feel harsh on your throat when smoked.

    Set reminders with the Grow with Jane app to start monitoring trichomes and pistils changes around week 6-7 with a magnifying glass or loupe to determine the best moment for harvesting.

    For more information and growing tips on the Flowering stage of Cannabis plants, read our full article.

    When to harvest a Cannabis plant (Week 8+)

    Around week 8 of the flowering stage, buds will start fattening quickly. Likewise, you’ll see that trichomes and pistils are maturing and changing colors. Usually, when trichomes turn from transparent to a milky / white-ish color (and maybe 5-10% of them turn amber), your plant is ready for harvesting. In conclusion, it’s up to each grower the harvesting moment, depending on the effects and flavors desired.

    We hope this guide helps you understand the Cannabis plant stages and life cycle. Now you know how much time each stage takes and what to expect.

    Read the following article to learn how and when to harvest

    Read the following article to learn exactly when to harvest your flowering plants, how to tell if they are ready by looking at trichomes and pistils, how to dry and cure your buds, and more! All explained in a simple way, with pics and a Step by step harvesting guide.

    Remember to download and try our Cannabis growing journal app, Grow with Jane! You’ll find lots of tools for planning and tracking your Cannabis crop through their stages, calculators, reminders, photos and much more coming soon! And it’s free!!

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    This article is about the Cannabis plant life cycle You’ll find info about the Cannabis plant growth at each stage, and week by week pictures.