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Top 31 Stoner T-Shirts That A Weed Lover Must Have

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Are you a weed lover? If so, then you may be expressing it in many ways. One of the surefire ways to show it is to wear T-shirts with weed designs. These stoner T-shirts are plenty everywhere in online and offline stores. But many such weed shirts are cliched in design while others are unique and outstanding, which you would like to have for yourself.

After marijuana was legalized in 28 states in the US, consuming weed has become a trend with the youth countrywide and it is a rage. These states allow marijuana for medicinal purposes. In many such states, the administration has relaxed the rules for the drug’s use. As a result, a new generation of marijuana entrepreneurs has emerged. In fact, entrepreneurs from a diverse field have entered this modern-day business.

Because the newly discovered medicinal properties of the weed, the industry has rebranded it. Now the industry sees it as a natural herbal remedy for healing powers. The herb is being marketed as a respected solution even for respectable citizens. Some restauranteurs also have launched cannabis-infused edibles.

Celebrating The Weed

The weed lovers, therefore, celebrate by wearing t-shirts having elements related to cannabis. Now people have no hesitation in wearing apparels such as marijuana t-shirts. But gone are the days when you saw boring 420 joke apparels or any typical tshirt with a celebrity face on it. Today, you have dozens of new stoner funny t-shirts available to satisfy your creative urge.

These are creatively designed stoner shirts that break away from cliche. Some common elements of design in stoner tshirts are pot leaves and trippy figures. But these elements are styled differently. There are some trends that cannabis apparel industry follows. You can follow those trends or stand out by creating the shirts in your own way.

So, you can go out and buy a uniquely designed marijuana apparel. What is more, you do not have to roam around in search of wide varieties of these shirts in physical stores. You can just browse many sites and compare them sitting at home and place an order.

A Typical Stoner Shirt Design

What does a typical stoner t shirt design look like? Well, it most certainly has a cannabis leaf. Most such shirts have all the elements of colors, fonts, and others weaved around the leaf. This the designer to convey that the shirt is all about supporting the drug.

The color is usually green due to the leaf. But grey color dominates and sometimes yellow and red is used. But there is a wide range of these t-shirts. So, choosing only a few best design is difficult. If you also want to run a cannabis business, you will need tshirts for marketing purpose.

To help you choose unique stoner T-shirts, we have assembled a select list of them. Here it is.

List Of Unique Stoner T-Shirts

01. Loner

The weed consumers usually feel loneliness and they want to express it. This T-shirt is just perfect for them.

02. 4.20

Because of 420 associated with cannabis consumption for some reasons, this T-shirt showing the time 4.20 is a common design. Still, weed lovers like to wear custom shirts with this symbolic and traditional representation.

03. Stoner Unicorn

Stoner T-shirts having a mix of other symbols make an exciting design. Unicorn is a legendary beast that has a pointed horn. A stoner may associate himself with the strange looking mythical animal.

04. Sensible Stoner

This marijuana T-shirt depicts a smiling face in the shape of a weed leaf in a comical way, expressing the joy experienced by the consumer. If you are in the business of selling cannabis products, then know the importance of marketing it through T-shirts.

Looking For a T-Shirt Design?

It’s very simple. Choose a t-shirt. Select color and size. Create your own design.
You can also hire a designer to get a design for your t-shirt.
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05. Hit That Marijuana

The weed leaf, the text saying I’D Hit That and the burning marijuana, all these elements make this shirt unique. This is a text-based design. The designer created the leaf and the cigar to make the impression on the viewers.

06. Legalize Freedom

This is one of the simplest stoner t shirt design ideas as it has only the text and a hint of weed leaf. But this design still is able to convey that weed consumption liberates you from daily worries of life. At least that is what the consumers think.

07. Eat Sleep….

This shirt depicts a typical weed consumer who is addicted to taking this drug to the extent that it becomes part of life. The choice of fonts is sans-serif to make cannabis addiction look adorable.

08. Merry Christmas

This T-shirt gives marijuana leaf a Christmas makeup and decorates it in the festive mood. If you run a marijuana-based business, make sure that the design elements for t-shirts are from your custom weed logos.

09. Weed Come In Peace

For some, weed is a symbol of peace as this drug helps them forget about the daily worries of the world. The designer used multiple color as an expression of joy.

10. Stoner Man

There is the Superman, and then there is this Stoner Man, who gets the amazing abilities to dream all those things that others simply can’t.

11. Stop Thinking …

This amongst those Stoner T-shirts that depict the world of weed consumers. They do not believe in thinking much about their surroundings and instead just smoke and leave everything to the world.

12. Joint A Day ….

For many marijuana consumers, the drug is all about relieving themselves from the stress of life. So, this shirt rightly says keep the stress away.

13. High Five

Giving a high five is an expression of joy, happiness and being one with others on an issue. This is one of the best stoner T-shirt logo design ideas that express the high spirit of friendship and get togetherness of weed takers.

14. In Weed We Trust

This shirt design is in the US flag and says – In Weed We Trust. So, that glorifies the drug consumption in its own satirical way. Such familiar designs are also good to create your marijuana logo of the business.

15. Have A Nice Trip

The use of yellow color in this design is attractive. The melting drop shape depicts the state of mind of a weed consumer.

16. Bringing People Together

This shirt speaks about the camaraderie so naturally built amongst the weed consumers. The green color dominates this design that mocks some classical style.

17. Girl Taking Weed

Though this T-shirt does not have any text, it still conveys that girls too like to consume marijuana and highlights it. It is a colorful design with red, blue and yellow used to depict the environment around the weed addiction.

18. Introverted …

Introverted but willing to discuss weed – is a typical response from someone addicted to taking marijuana. But this slogan highlight the fact that you forget worries of the world once you like to consume weed.

19. A Friend With Weed…

This is one of those stoner T-shirt designs that use some classic elements to depict the message in some satirical tone. A friend with weed is a friend indeed is a twist given to the old adage.

20. Plants Are Fun

Plants Are Fun– is the slogan but the plant is none other than of cannabis. This T-shirt has a yellow pot with a small cannabis plant. A person habitual to taking weed likes to lead a life free of worries and looks for fun.

21. The Galaxy’s …

People who have developed liking for marijuana become addicted to it due to regular consumption. They, then, do not take the world around them seriously. This results in some sort of self-centered approach about looking at the things. This T-shirt simply conveys that mental state of the weed consumers.

22. Just Blaze It

This shirt announces the kind of celebration that weed lovers associate with its consumption. This design has a blazing cigar of marijuana.

23. Everything I Won….

Yes, that is right. Since regular weed consumption makes you addicted to it, your smell sense becomes insensitive towards other smells. So, everything you own smells like weed. The typeface is thin and monotonous to express the personality of a typical weed consumer.

24. Weed Smoking Lips

This is one of the stoner T-shirts that convey everything instantly. This design has lips and weed cigarette with marijuana leaves spread all over the lips.

25. Free Your Mind

Marijuana lovers usually take this drug to free themselves of all worldly worries. The drug has this effect on the mind. It is true that just a few puffs of marijuana are enough to elevate you to the highs and then you come crashing down after the effects of the drugs are over.

This shirt design expresses the typical state of mind of the drug addict. If you are in the business of delivering marijuana-based products, do not forget your weed logo. Borrow the design elements from the logo. If you are not sure about how to execute a design idea, then hire graphic design service of a professional.

26. Just Give Me The Weed ….

This T-shirt designer used a retro film poster from Hollywood to emphasize the significance of weed for a weed lover. Instead of the heroin expressing her love for the hero, she demands weed from the Weedman. That turns the poster into a funny one.

27. Sorry For The Bluntness

A person addicted to consuming marijuana usually speaks bluntly without thinking twice about its consequences. That is a typical characteristic of people taking this drug. Moreover, the brain also looses the power to discriminate between what is good and bad. So, this design speaks about this typical trait of the addicts.

28. Addicted

This is one of those stoner T-shirts designs that take advantage of the popularity of famous brands to express own message. The brand here is a global sports shoe maker Adidas.

The designer used the elements of the Adidas logo such as the horizontal lines and the font over marijuana leaf. The similarity between Adidas and addicted also prompted the designer to create this shirt.

29. The Heart

When you create your own T-shirt, the heart symbol naturally comes to mind as it expresses the feelings of love and passion. In this shirt design also, the designer used this symbol and made it unique by incorporating marijuana leaves.

30. Cannabis Chemical Compound

Amongst the familiar stoner T-shirts design is this chemical compound design. It shows the chemical signatures of cannabis. But it becomes a way for the addicted person to boast of something special that he or she takes regularly. It may also be a way to show that the person is unique and stands out from the crowd. Of course, we can take that statement of the addict seriously.

31. EMT

This design too highlights the importance of marijuana in the eyes of the drug addict. You can notice that the designer used only three colors. Such few colors help in reducing the cost of T shirt printing and its various aspects.

These are some of the best stoner T-shirts that we find inspirational. We hope that as a designer or a business owner you too got the clues to creating the shirts to draw people’s attention. Make sure that you market your marijuana business carefully using t shirts. Choose the colors, text, slogan, symbols, etc, strategically. Do not forget to print your business logo on the shirt.

If you need T-shirts that look awesome with unique designs, then think of outsourcing the work to Designhill. This leading platform is home to thousands of talented designers. Many of them will work on your brief to come out with designs that you have in mind.

To Sum Up..

Weed consumption is legal in many US states. This has encouraged business owners and designers to create unique stoner T-shirts. Plenty of these well-thought-of shirts with creative and satirical slogans and designs are available in the market. This collection aims at listing some of them.

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