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How to take advantage of already been vaped cannabis which can contain ten, twenty or more percent of the CBD and THC..

Some people’s favorite thing about vaporizerizers is that they can get the bonus of ABV weed. ABV stands for already been vaped, or the residue, and this residue still contains ten, twenty or even thirty percent of the cannabinoids found in the original vaped product. This ABV can be effectively consumed. This article tells you how to store and use this bonus product.

How to Store ABV

The strength of ABV varies. Depending on the temperature of the Vape, there can be a lot of THC and other cannabinoids with a higher boiling point left in the residue, which again is known as ABV. The way you inhale from your Vape can affect the concentration of the useful ingredients too, if you pull slow, hard or long. A slow drag can extract more of the psychoactive THC. As a general rule, the darker the ABV, the lower the quality of the residue. Dark brown or black residue tends to contain almost no THC, but it still contains something that could be medicinal.

Can you use ABV in edibles or eat it straight up?

Yes, but you need to carboxylate it, which means you have to heat it up over 240 degrees F to convert all the CBD and THC that is left over into an active form.

Dark ABV

If the ABV is really dark, you probably won’t get stoned off it, by you can try it by adding it to a cigarette if you smoke, or to a brownie recipe to see the effect. If there is no noticeable effects, then then super dark ABV is probably a waste of time.

How much ABV to use?

It is hard to tell. It all depends on the product you Vape, the temperatures, the quantity and your inhaling style. By noting the color and your Vape conditions you can figure out how much it takes you to get high. If you have lighter ABV, 2 grams might generate a very good buzz. This kind of ABV contains about ten to twenty percent of the goods as compared to fresh, so you may consume three to six time more than fresh herb to get the same effects.

How does an ABV buzz compare to raw weed?

ABV tends to produce a relaxed body high as opposed to an energetic one, which can be especially good for sleeping issues or winding down. In fact ABV might be proven to be better for those who like the subtle effects of weed. The concentration of CBD can be higher in the ABV and higher doses of ABV edibles can last eight hours. You can even adjust the temperature of your Vape down so that your ABV has more kick in it, while not delivering too potent a dose the first time round.

Can eating ABV capsules give you an upset stomach?


Unfortunately the answer is yes. But it depends on the type of ABV, the quantity and your own biological makeup. Some people find that ABV works well after a meal or even a light snack. In fact, most people that consume the residue don’t have any issues if their stomach has something in it. People with low tolerance for weed find that ABV provides a better and more enjoyable experience all round.

Can I smoke AVB?

It’s an any port in a storm thing. Yes, you can smoke it, but the taste is not very good for most. However, you can mix it with tobacco or even smoke it as an alternative to tobacco.

At the end of the day, ABV is something every Vape user want’s to check out. Do a few experiments with Vaping temperature. Try to lower temperatures and see how you like the effects. You could be pleasantly surprised that you like the lower temperature better than getting a full on blast at higher ones, with the side effect that the ABV is of a high quality, which delivers desirable and different effects as compared to the original Vape experience.

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How to take advantage of already been vaped cannabis which can contain ten, twenty or more percent of the CBD and THC..