afgoo strain

Afgoo strain

Afgoo definitely delivers on the body buzz front, it’s a nice high that isn’t overpowering. I have tinnitus and it doesn’t help that but does create a relaxing feeling in general. It is cheaper than some of the strains with more familiar names so is affordable and usually accessible throughout North America.

I have had this Strain since 1998 with some seeds I got out of some smoke Great loves to get big and good for SOG list of best one toke strains. Seeds still good grew some last year from same seed from 1998 kept in freezer. As long as thing go well this year I will have created 57 varieties by the end of this year.

Afgoo is another name for Afgooey, a cross of an unknown sativa from Maui and an unknown indica from Afghanistan. It's a good nighttime strain with strong indica genetics (sativa/indica ratio of 20:80). THC levels are strong, passing 28% in some tests. There isn't much CBD in this strain, though,…