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AK-47 BC

AK-47 BC

AK-47 is a potent one hitter that will leave your body high and mentally stoned and energized. Don’t be fooled by the competition, we obtained the real AK-47 which is a perfect 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid from a 100% Thai Haze Male crossed with a 100% Afghan Indica Female back in the 1970’s. Some shaddy seed banks and reputable websites list it as a mostly sativa crossed with 4 different strains, all the misinformation is unbelievable .

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AK-47 Strain Characteristics

Perfect Balance In Your Buzz

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50% Indica / 50% Sativa

50% Indica / 50% Sativa

Fruity, Hashy, Sweet

Regular Seeds (Male and Female)

39 Reviews for for AK-47 BC

Jeremy Edwards – December 13, 2019 :

this is the best ak47 strain for cold saskatoon climate, grew fast and flowered in time with blue hues

Ed Chomsky – April 11, 2019 :

I ordered 10 seeds they arrived to Australia in a very clever stealth package. Out of the first five all five germinated and 4 out of the the last 5 on the second try. I was happy with my first pick as one plant produced over 15 ounces. Fruity pungent pine smelling trichrome covered pink hue, it was very impressive one to smoke. I grew two outdoors and it was high quality.

Jesse Dean – February 26, 2017 :

Kudos to The breeder. , I’m a huge fan of their AK-47 , a true one hitter. In fact just a 1/4 toke will do me in

Andrie Adamovich – December 28, 2016 :

nice strain, grows nice indoors.

Eric Chapman – November 13, 2016 :

fast ship to new zealand

Alexander Huffreys – November 11, 2016 :

delivery to socal was less than a week. sprouted off strong and finished heavey. be warned, do not puff too much before you know how potent it is. serious grade dank

Mike Capps – November 10, 2016 :

Extremely strong!! Definatley an evening or day-off smoke. Growing time varried somewhat, (but that might have been because of me), pretty tough plant, doesn’t require much special attention, great harvest! The buzz is amazing! It’s like everything slowing down and you being underwater at the same time. Well worth the price! Becareful untill you know what your limits are with this one.

Cory Becker – October 31, 2016 :

This plant did very well indoors and a pleasant uplifting effect that is outstanding, Great work BC! Even better on Oracle bud

Mark Wheeler – October 30, 2016 :

Recieved yesterday seeds are pale in colour will sow in two weeks ,will get back with germinate report

Lincoln Watson – October 26, 2016 :

yo, my women couldnt handle this hard ass potent she’at, pased out spinning and wanted to get help, total fealked out, stronger than white widow in my experience, just a f=mind fry, elephant is very potent too., but clear like in the head, not tiring fried gfeeling, which is what I like the best man 5 stars for this kikazshe’at

Nathan Cohen – October 16, 2016 :

above average weed not as cool as jedi, but i bet ak-bc is better than anything you’ve probably smoked

William Manning – October 2, 2016 :

they should kall this AK KABOOM. Hits like a bomb. very potent, best to wait a few minutes for the high to kick in before smoking too much in the vital 1-3 minute delay.

Jose Gonzales – September 23, 2016 :

if you’re thinking of buying ak 47, make sure you order some else so you don’t always have to be passed out after puffin on this, it’s great after a really stressful day at work, makes all your worries go away, but it really does knock you out. I also bought euphoria unlimited, so I am lucky I have something great to smoke when i am at a party with friends, but I find ak47 to be just pure raw potency, and I only prefer to smoke it alone, and it gets a bit depressing on your mind

Allen McCormick – September 21, 2016 :

you guys did a real sweet job on this strain, keep up the great work

Izmail Blumenthal – August 21, 2016 :

whether you want one of the more expensive strains or not, be sure to buy their AK-47, or ask for it as a freebie with your world strongest strains

Steven Potter – July 23, 2016 :

waiting for my seeds to come, it’s been 4 days already

jacob macintyre – June 27, 2016 :

You should use my photo’s of this strain, it looked amazing. The best growing plant I ever had.

Xavier Romero – June 9, 2016 :

If you thinking about buying this strain, stop thinking because it really frickin great man

Erin Connelly – April 28, 2016 :

7 fantastic females, they all went the distance and scored big yields. Very powerful, it hits 2 minutes after your first toke, so do not keep going, make sure you wait 2-3 minutes or you’ll just get yourself sixes and sevens

Barry Neville – April 16, 2016 :

Received my 3rd order today, thank you so very much for the bonus seeds. I like growing from bc because their strains are simply better.

Vlad Silva – March 19, 2016 :

I really only have one word to describe this, POTENT. Buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the ride. ak was easy to growindoors and take the nutz for fast growth. do a flush last 3 days for best taste and flavor

Ralph Jenkins – March 5, 2016 :

One of the best strains available if you like’em really strong. Not much else to say other than the taste is smooth and the buzz has sativa effects in it, but the Indica really knocks you out and takes over what would be a more clear sativa up high.

Rosalinda Finchez – February 12, 2016 :

easy to grow and solid single cola. again your genetics deliver what they promise

George Bailey – January 21, 2016 :

no problem with shipping and receiving to Australia, thank you for fast support, ak47 is great and my harvests was plentiful.

Justin Miles – December 31, 2015 :

hits hard and fast. I very good solid stalk too, she can hold up the pounds of cola’s without falling over. I really liked this strain, but I smoke it all and need to order more.

Sam Yu – December 14, 2015 :

This is a real monster of a plant. I can’t honestly decide if I prefer this strain or the chronic

Amanda Kemp – October 17, 2015 :

one of the free strains with our Oracle purchase, very strong and mostly all bud, no leaves really except a few big one, surprisingly the smoke tastes very nice and smooth, thought it would be harsh like the name is AK … fierce. You don;t think of nice things when you think of smoking guns, but we are very happy with the yields, and thc and yes the taste

Gerrald Wittman – May 1, 2014 :

bc offer’s many outstanding strains at low prices, Their ak47 is one of these that should be enjoys and is a great “bang” for the buck

Merle Johnston – September 3, 2013 :

I ordered euphoria and ak 47, hold sup pretty good as far as hardness of buzz, lasted potent for about 2 hours and slow come down for the next 60 minutes or so. Euphoria lasts much longer, but you can just keep puffing on ak 47 ever couple hours to keep it going all day stone, just makes your head more “burned out” doing the ak all day where the euphoria brain hangover is not nearly as bad. I guess you could compare it to drinking cheap homemade wine, it works great at the time your consuming, but you really pay for it the next day, but ass with any pot, hang overs are never as bad as anything from alcohol of course, i was just trying to use a metaphor/example to eplain and share my clever insight

Ganaraj Patel – February 24, 2013 :

I got a pack of these free as well as others with my order of elephant, all germinated and look strong

Jeff Froese – March 3, 2012 :

I recieved my seeds in the mail after only 5 days. Excellent service. Also got a bunch of free seeds in the order. I can’t wait to get started. Thanks BC.

Tom Miller – September 25, 2011 :

This review is based on product delivery, and service. I received my order(s) after about 9 days.

Hans Witte – May 28, 2011 :

Again, I must say powerful ak47 genetics compared to the others. Powerful mind altering trippy high

jon vidar – December 7, 2010 :

Way Too strong, Good taste and smell. After a few minutes it hit me so hard. I just stayed in bed and tried to concentrate enough to watch cartoons.

Jessi Soto – July 6, 2010 :

way above average weed
not as cool as jedi
but its strong

Nick Turner – March 9, 2010 :

Fast and reliable service. Haven’t grown yet. will leave another entry once grown.
Don’t listen to negative forums about this company. Low prices, fast delivery. Jah bless bcseeds.

aonon – October 30, 2009 :

Wicked price considering the quality. My top pick for low recession shoppers

Laura MacDonlad – August 8, 2009 :

this is one of BC’s stronger strains at a lower price. If you want something potent that doesn’t break the bank you can try this one or KMAK they offer.

Jessi Carlton – April 17, 2009 :

I am happy to write this review for this outstanding strain. I was very impressed with not just the potency, but it grows fast and yields well in a hydro grow operation

AK-47 is a potent one hitter that will leave your body high and mentally stoned and energized. Don't be fooled by the competition, we obtained the real AK-47 which is a perfect 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid from a 100% Thai Haze Male crossed with a 100% Afghan Indica Female back in the 1970's.