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Cheese Factory Volendam

Volendam is a village of fishermen, music and cheese. The Cheese Factory is one of the newest attractions in the centre of Volendam. Despite the name, it’s much more than a factory – it is an interactive experience that will introduce you to the wonders of Dutch cheese.

Discover a world of cheese
Spread over an area of 400 m2, the Cheese Factory brings the history of the Netherlands’ best-loved dairy product to life. Find out where cheese comes from, how it was first made and how it is produced today. Come see, hear, smell and of course taste Dutch cheese. You’ll be sure to learn some fun and interesting new facts along the way.

Throughout the day demonstrations are given in Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. These demonstrations are open to groups as well as individual visitors. There are a variety of (specialty) cheeses available for purchase, as well as unique cheese-related accessories.

Additional information
For more information about tours of Volendam, visit the Tours & Tickets website.

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Cheese Factory Volendam,
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Volendam is a village of fishermen, music and cheese. The Cheese Factory is one of the newest attractions in the centre of Volendam. Despite the name, it’s much more than a factory – it is an interactive experience that will introduce you to the wonders of Dutch cheese.

Tulip Festival Amsterdam

Enjoy the tulips in Holland

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Where are the cheese farms in Amsterdam?

The Netherlands is famous for it’s cheeses. Of course the cheese is not made in the city centre of Amsterdam. The cheese farms are located in the countryside nearby Amsterdam. You will find them in on the south-west of Amsterdam and in the North of Amsterdam.

Cheese Farms near Amsterdam

Cheese is made from milk and we obviously need cows for that. After all, most Dutch cheeses are made from cow’s milk. Cheese farms are often located in the polder and have large herds of cows to milk. Most farms in the Netherlands with cows supply milk to larger cheese factories, but there are also authentic cheese farms where milk is milked and where they make their own cheese. Often called farmhouse cheese.

These authentic cheese farms are very nice to visit. Many tours to the countryside go along these farms but of course you can also go there yourself.

Below we have mentioned some cheese farms that are worth visiting. All cheese farms are located nearby Amsterdam.

  • Clara Maria Cheese & Clogs (wooden shoes) Farm in Amstelveen (30 minutes drive from Amsterdam) –Farmer Kees-Jan milks the cows himself and uses the milk directly to make Gouda cheese. Thanks to the addition of different ingredients and herbs, the cheeses all have their own special flavours. Some of the specialties include chili cheese, garlic & chive cheese, Italian-herb cheese, ginger cheese, nettle cheese and truffle cheese. My favorite is the chili cheese =)
    • Address
    • Bovenkerkerweg 106 –1188 XH Amstelveen
    • +31-297-582279
    • [email protected]
    • website
  • Rembrandt Hoeve in Amstelveen (25 minutes drive from Amsterdam) – Welcome to the Rembrandthoeve, the specialised cheese farm in Amsterdam . The cheese farm has been established for more than 30 years and you will find the most delicious traditional Dutch cheeses. At Rembrandthoeve you see how cheese is traditionally made. Apart from tasting the best cheeses, you are also at the right place for unique handmade clogs.
    • Address
    • Amsteldijk Noord 127 –1183TJ Amstelveen
    • +31-85-2084292
    • [email protected]
    • website
  • De Kaagse Boer op Kaag Eiland (40 minutes drive from Amsterdam) – My favorite cheese farm is De Kaagse Boer on Kaag Eiland. This farm is small and unique on an island. Where other farms are flooded with tourists, this is still a place where mainly Dutch people buy their farmhouse cheese. The farm is located on an island that can only be reached by a ferry.
    • Address
    • Julianalaan 29 – 2159 LC Kaag
    • +31 6 -26714210
    • [email protected]
    • website (only dutch)
  • Henri Willig Cheese Farm in Volendam, Zaanse Schans and Katwoude (20 minutes drive from Amsterdam) – Unlike De Kaagse Boer, Henri Willig is crowded by tourists. In the center of Amsterdam you will find the shops and there are three cheese farms (Hoeves) in the neighborhood of Amsterdam. Each of the farms has its own unique identity. This makes a visit to the cheese farm eminently suitable for combination trips. Parking on the grounds is free of charge at the Alida Hoeve and Jacobs Hoeve and there’s no entrance fee in all three Hoeves.
Address Cheese Farms Henri Willig
  • Jacobs Hoeve
  • Alida Hoeve
  • Catharina Hoeve

Cheese Markets near Amsterdam

Visiting a cheese market is highly recommended. The three most popular cheese markets are those of Alkmaar, Edam and Gouda. The cheese markets are only given in the summer months on a specific day in the week. I have listed all the information for the popular cheese markets.

  • Alkmaar Cheese Market (Friday mornings)
  • Edam Cheese Market (Wednesday mornings)
  • Gouda Cheese Market (Thursday mornings)

Other farms near Amsterdam

The Netherlands is not only famous for it’s cheese. There are more products made in The Netherlands. Of course the tulips and other flowers but als fruit.

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