an big bud

An big bud

Advanced Nutrients’ Big Bud supplies a simple answer: naturally it all comes down to the right balance between phosphorus and potassium. However, the phosphorus and potassium used are no less important in themselves. Here, Advanced Nutrients relies mainly on a selection of high-quality L-type amino acids. Primarily because of these amino acids, Big Bud Liquid is considerably superior to other bloom boosters. They stimulate the production of proteins and terpenes in your blooms, as well as phenols and alkaloids. Your blooms will be considerably heavier and more compact and have markedly more pungent aromas and flavours.

Larger blooms thanks to more oxygen and improved metabolism

Moreover, Advanced Nutrients contains ascorbic and citric acids. These acids ensure improved oxygen supply for your plants and an overall optimisation of metabolism. Important nutrients are transported more efficiently from the roots to all the other parts of the plant, making it easier to transform sugar into energy. Moreover, the easily assimilated ascorbic acid boosts the photosynthetic activity of your plants.

All ingredients in the optimum ratio

The star features of Big Bud Liquid are the right mixture of all ingredients and the ease of application in day to day use. All 20 L-type amino acids, as well as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, are supplied in the perfect dosage so that they can unleash their maximum effect.

More blooms, larger blooms, more intense aromas, more powerful flavours! Advanced Nutrients guarantees all of the above when you use Big Bud Liquid.

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