area 41 strain

Area 41

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About this product

This cross of two classics is poised to take off. Lemon Fuel is ranked among the top versions OG Kush with cannabis enthusiasts all over The Golden State. This collaboration with Alien Labs brings trophies from all angles, and it’s a safe bet this one might bring home some hardware in the not-too-distant future.

About this brand


3 customer reviews

on August 14th, 2020

If comparing to the entire lineup, Area 41 would be lackluster, while being delicious it lacks potency that the rest of this drop definitely has.

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on March 29th, 2020

HughJazz420 couldn’t have said it better.. This strain will creep and KICK YOUR ASS. Do not play with this strain, lol! 😂 I’m so high right now, I feel sedated, very relaxed. Taste is amazing, smell is amazing.

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on December 1st, 2019

Picked up an eight of this last night, I usually go through them in 3 days, but man this one is going to last me. One bowl had me on cloud 11, it’s a huge and I mean huge creeper. At first you’ll feel a nice head buzz, but maybe 5-8 minutes in you’ll feel sedated, numb, just straight out stuck. I have nasty bulging disk on my back and nerve pain, oh man how I missed feeling good and this strain made me feel great. One of the best strains I’ve had and from what I read usually, their batches are 27% thc or higher, mine was 28.2%. BUY THIS STRAIN

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Area 41 by AlienLabs ]]>