auto magnum

Magnum Automatic

Getting the best balance of strength yield and flavour is often a tricky task, this outstanding strain does exactly that. The flavour is sweet and spicy with a pleasing fruity quality that doesn’t get to acidic or harsh. The yield when grown outdoor under the full Mediterranean sun can be truly vast, especially for an auto. This slightly sativa dominant cross finishes in a marginally longer than average 75-80 days, but the additional week or so pays off very handsomely with a very high THC level (18-20%) and an outstanding yield of 450-550gsm.

Magnum Automatic naturally branches thickly and evenly allowing for excellent light penetration which in-tern contributes to a bumper crop.

Even though it is quite and even three-way split of Sativa / Indica /Ruderalis, the shape tends to be a little more Indica whereas the high and its effects are definitely uplifting and exceedingly giggly like a Sativa. The initial headrush levels out without becoming too racy meaning that all in all this is a highly enjoyable cerebral buzz from start to finish.


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What a hectic grow! Despite all the drama she came through amazing, and she sure as hell put up with a lot. Poor girl was locked in the car 8 times for open houses, dealt with heatwaves and stupidly high humidity and all sorts, but never really had any issues. Some drooping leaves midway through, bit of N excess, but all issues sorted quickly and easily. First plant of the last 6 that had 0 mould issues. Really really impressive genetics.
Buds were really dense, so was actually quite an easy trim. Knocked out the whole plant with Mr Tonks in just over 4 hours. Nice and sticky.
Dried over 5 days after trimming then into the jars for the cure. Had a bit of a sample yesterday, seems like a really nice ‘up’ high! Will update the smoke report once I’ve had a proper go at the cured buds.
The Numbers:
11L Fabric Pot
Coco/Perlite 70/30 Blend (Nutrifield)
Harvested 76 days from sprout
99gm final dry weight

UPDATE: Smoke Report
So she hasn’t finished curing but the taste and smell is developing really nicely in the jars. Spicy, fruity, and sweet at the same time. Already quite smooth! Great ‘up’ high, energetic and euphoric. Fabulous wake n bake strain!! Good bag appeal too, the nugs were all good size with nice frost levels, and have a strong pleasant odour. 😀 Will be growing again!

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