auto watering system for cannabis

Auto Watering System Indoors ?


does anyone have a good system to auto water plants ?

I’m looking for tutorials and pictures. Been looking online to find some information.

I’m growing in a tent and I’m using coco anywhere from 4-6 plants at a time


Community roots is not a real good Idea and if you mix the strains in the wrong way you will learn about root wars.
Plants are very protective especially a weed not just cannabis . If one gets sick you loose the plants whose roots touch sick plant and the finish weed taste bad if you have a root conflict.

I would like you to think of this you got 4 plants most wonderful and the 5th looks like green death what do you do cut it the roots die and poison the lot if you try to feed individually the others are effected. If you pull it out all the roots are effected.

Now if all the plants are the same strain then you have less of a problem. If they are clones of the same plant you got a winner there roots know each other.

Yes I do drugs and yes I have done mat grows done right is great and wrong well is all for one and one for all.

I had a flow no pump system and used gravity feed would run with a home irrigation timer goes on the water facet.

It is hard to keep the media from building up nutrient’s and they turn to salts and when you have a problem you flush and you get a big surge of dissolved salts. I learned to just let drain go to garden and use new stuff every day with that few plants is easy for 100 you would need a water truck.

I ended up cutting the top of my tent so the light was level with the roof you will need the room. Also it helps the heat doesn’t go to the tent but the room instead.

Coco has two kinks never use it right out of the bag loose it up and then use some of your Nutrient water 25% and rinse the new coco then let drain into something and check the ph coco is not dirt and this works with coco. The reason for this is a guy at a factory somewhere droped cold drink into a bag I bought if it happens to you you will rinse for ever. Coco doesn’t hold much Nutrient it drains away with the water. When the PH is right use it but wait 24 hrs and retest.

The other kink is do not leave the pots sitting in water you must have a good drain system. Coco and roots under water is a good way to spend a lot of time chasseing your tail and not able to fix the problem.

If you have a problem someone else had it before you there are few 1st timers here. Search the problem you will be surprised how many others have made that same mistake. Me included I did how ever read seamaiden use the “I have never seen that before” so it dose happen.

does anyone have a good system to auto water plants ? I'm looking for tutorials and pictures. Been looking online to find some information. I'm growing… ]]>