automatic ak 47 cannabis

Royal AK Automatic

Autoflowering version of a potent well mixed strain

Originally a hybrid of Columbian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani, AK47 is classic strain of cannabis. This strain is known and loved by many for its heavy-hitting effects and good yields. Royal AK Automatic has been awarded with many awards over the years.

Now this potent strain has been upgraded to a full automatic, the Royal AK Automatic. We crossed the classic AK47 with our best autoflowering genetics. Much like the original, this autoflowering hybrid produces potent resin-covered buds, with a somewhat spicy yet sweet taste. The aroma is almost like musky, sweet incense.

Very similar effect to the Feminized variety

Royal AK Automatic’s high is happy and active, giving a nice up high balanced with a gentle body stone. Strong and smooth just like the original. The only real difference is that the Royal AK Automatic is easier to grow and can be harvested in just 11 to 12 weeks after planting the seed.

It will grow to a maximum height of around 80 to 100 cm, this allows Royal AK Automatic to be grown almost anywhere. This potent autoflowering strain gives great yields in the right conditions, producing up to 160 g per plant! Like all of our strains, the Royal AK Automatic seeds are feminized, making even easier to grow them.

Royal AK Automatic data sheet

Strain Type: Autoflowering
THC: 15%
CBD: Low
Yield Indoor : 275 – 350 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 110 – 160 gr/plant
Height Indoor: 60 – 70 cm
Height Outdoor: 70 – 100 cm
Flowering time: 6 – 8 weeks
Harvest Month: 11 – 12 weeks after sprouting
Genetic Background: AK 47 x Ruderalis
Type: Sativa 35% Indica 40% Ruderalis 25%
Effect: Happy and active
Climate: Cold
Flavor: Spices, Sour

Title : Strong enough
Comment : Nice plant, nice flower but a great sensation when i smoked the first time. i am not an expert grower but these seeds do almost everything by themselves. just water and light 🙂

Title : ottimo
Comment : ottima qualita’ tutti germinati spedizione velocissima consiglio di acquistare . grazie royal

Title : Smooth smoke & uplifting effects
Comment : Vigorous plants matured in just over 2 months using SOG. Yield was average but quality of product good with really smooth smoke and pleasant cerebral effect.

Title : Buono
Comment : Ottimo servizio di consegna, non ho ancora degustato ma le piante crescono forti e sane

Title : Ottimo prodotto
Comment : perfetta la spedizione, ottimo prodotto già germinato.

Title : Dany
Comment : Livraison rapide. Bonne croissance, en attente de floraison. Je recommande

Title : Soddisfacente
Comment : Ottimo strain. Facile e raccomandato per principianti.

Title : Pierre
Comment : Graines poussent très bien, à voir lors de la récolte.

Title : Desenvolvimento
Comment : Rápida a germinar, desenvolve pouco e é pequena.

Title : biggest bud
Comment : huge buds newer see like this

Title : Enjoyable strain
Comment : V nice, one of my first grow attempts, learned a lot since 🙂

Title : AK
Comment : Good seed germination

Title : Hoyt
Comment : Livraison rapide, reste à voir le rendement. Merci.

Title : Royal AK
Comment : Excellent delivery time. I set 3 seeds indoors in 12L pots and all germinated within 5 days. After 1week of growth all look strong and healthy.

Title : Mr
Comment : Top !

Royal AK Auto boasts a powerful stoned effect, great flavour, and fast flowering times. Find out more about this cannabis strain at Royal Queen Seeds.

AK-47 Seeds Automatic

AK-47 cannabis seeds (automatic)

  • Average height AK-47 cannabis seeds: 65 cm
  • Genetical composition: 50% Sativa/25% Indica/25% Ruderalis
  • Effect: Mellow but active high
  • Flavor: Lemon, Skunk
  • Average THC%: 19%
  • Average indoor yield: 550/m²
  • Flowering time (from seed): 60 days

Grow pattern of AK-47 auto cannabis seeds

The AK-47 auto plants will grow fast and tall in the beginning, focusing on vertical growth in the first few weeks after germinating. Right before flowers start to appear, the plants will produce a decent amount of side branches. After this period, the plants will mature really fast. You will the strongest of hybrid phenotypes in the offspring of these Ak-47 cannabis seeds. Growing like a sativa dominant in the beginning, and maturing fast like an indica dominant strain towards the end of its cycle.

Grow advice for AK-47 auto cannabis seeds

When growing this strain indoors, the grower could decrease the time needed to fully flower the plants by increasing the amount of light the plants receive per day. For instance, good results were obtained by letting the AK-47 cannabis plants grow under 20 hours of light per day. Make sure that the plants receive enough nutrients in this period. Another big advantage of this grow style is the limited height that the plants will grow to. So, increasing the amount of day light hours per day will help growers that have limited maximum height in their grow room.

Effect of AK-47 auto cannabis

Although the THC percentage of this AK-47 strain is identical to its non autoflowering ancestor, it is not as strong hitting as the original AK-47. The main reason for this is the slightly less favorable “cannabinoid to biomass ratio” that the plants that are grown from these AK-47 cannabis seeds will have in the final stages before harvest.

Automatic AK-47 cannabis seeds: This vigorous strain develops following a typical Indica pattern with a giant main cola and many strong side branches loaded with solid and compact conical buds.