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Tiny plastic particles from clothing, tires clogging oceans: report

This file photo shows microplastic particles swirling around in the ocean. (EXTREME-PHOTOGRAPHER /

Invisible particles washed off products like synthetic clothing and car tires account for up to a third of the plastic polluting oceans, impacting eco-systems and human health, a top conservationist body warned Wednesday.

Unlike the shocking images of country-sized garbage patches floating in the oceans, the microplastic particles that wash off textiles and roadways leave the waterways looking pristine.

But they constitute a significant part of the “plastic soup” clogging our waters — accounting for between 15 and 31 percent of the estimated 9.5 million tonnes of plastic released into the oceans each year, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

In its report “Primary Microplastics in the Oceans”, IUCN found that in many developed countries in North America and Europe, which have effective waste management, tiny plastic particles are in fact a bigger source of marine plastic pollution than plastic waste.

In addition to car tires and synthetic textiles, such particles stem from everything from marine coatings and road markings, to city dust and the microbeads in cosmetics.

“Plastic waste is not all there is to ocean plastics,” IUCN chief Inger Andersen said in a statement, insisting that “we must look far beyond waste management if we are to address ocean pollution in its entirety.”

“Our daily activities, such as washing clothes and driving, significantly contribute to the pollution choking our oceans, with potentially disastrous effects on the rich diversity of life within them, and on human health,” she warned.

‘Considerable impact’

While microplastics are hard to spot, they can seriously harm marine wildlife and as they enter the global food and water supplies they are believed to pose a significant risk to human health.

Karl Gustaf Lundin, who heads IUCN’s Global Marine and Polar Programme, acknowledged that few studies have been done so far on the impact of tiny plastic particles on human health.

But he pointed out to AFP that such particles are small enough to actually move through our membranes, “so we have to assume that there probably will be considerable impact.”

IUCN is calling on the makers of tires and clothing especially to shift their production methods and make products that pollute less.

Lundin pointed out that tire makers could for instance revert back to using mainly rubber, while textile makers could stop using plastic coatings on clothes.

Washing machine makers could also install filters that could catch micro and even nano plastic particles, he said.

Such steps are vital to limit the damage, he said, warning that the situation is particularly worrying in the Arctic — the biggest source of sea food in Europe and North America.

“It seems the microplastic is freezing into the sea ice, and since you actually lower the melting point of ice when you have small particles in it, you have a quicker disappearance of sea ice,” he said.

Lundin pointed out that when the ice melts, it releases plankton that attracts fish, allowing the plastic particles to “go straight into our food chain.”

Invisible particles washed off products like synthetic clothing and car tires account for up to a third of the plastic polluting oceans, impacting eco-systems and human health, a top conservationist body warned Wednesday.

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BUYER’S BEWARE. Tony Divino is the absolute worst dealership there is, I am actually surprised they are still in business. Their service department . and the customer service, OR LACK THEREOF, is absolutely ridiculous. They have made MULTIPLE errors with our vehicles, but today was the final straw. My husband bought their oil change package, so we scheduled an appointment at 7:00am, and dropped the vehicle off the night before and left the keys in the dropbox so they would have them bright and early. We show up at 7:45 to pick up our vehicle, and it had not been touched. We go in to see what is going on, and we are immediately asked who are we working with. We aren’t working with anyone, scheduled online and keys are in the drop box, “Oh, has anyone checked the drop box?” And we are treated like we did something wrong. What in the world. Don’t they have a list of their appointments. Then when I am mad and I say, “When I have an appointment at 7am, I xxxx well expect it to be in at 7am!” This little man in the Service Dept goes off because I said “xxxx”. YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE JOKE. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. They could have cared less that they messed up, no apology. NOTHING. I will absolutely go to any other Toyota Dealership, never again to Tony Divino. Sorry for the rant, I just don’t want anyone else to have to go through this!

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