baklava strain

Alien Labs’ Baklava Strain Takes Dessert Weed To Another Dimension

Action Bronson A.K.A Mr. Baklava has made a living off of smoking weed, enjoying culinary wonders all over the world and watching Ancient Aliens with his friends. All of his passions blend into beautiful rap lyrics that are carried into your earholes by Alchemist beats. This Baklava strain from Alien Labs is an idyllic ode to Action Bronson’s wonderful world of poetry and excess.

Alien Labs’ Baklava strain brings it every step of the way. From the time you crack the jar until it hits your lungs, this cannabis secretes decadence. From the sticky dull green flowers to the maple and mint aromas, this strain makes you feel like you’re starring in your own personal episode of Fuck That’s Delicious. Each bowl I burned through my bong was a sensual treat of sweet aromas like a bakery on Friday morning.

The heady high kept me intensely focused on the task at hand. This strain hit like a strong sativa strain but never steered me into paranoia land. It gave me a lot of mental energy and gently faded into the background. One of my favorite signs of a great strain is when the high doesn’t drop you off a cliff when as it wears off but rather slips out the back quietly like it was never there.

This Baklava strain from Alien Labs is an idyllic ode to Action Bronson's wonderful world of poetry. See how it stacked up during the West Coast Weed Tour.