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Mystical Agriculture; Chapter 2: “Infinite Resources”

How unbelievable from me! I teach you readers how to start but I didn’t teach you some crops. My biggest apologies, and where was I? Oh yeah! Hello everyone I’m Gabu and this is Mystical Agriculture. Today’s blog is about all the resources you want to be infinite by just waiting for plants to grow. You’re excited, don’t you? Let’s just begin

-Today’s blog of Mystical Agriculture and Agraddition have crafting recipes that need certain items here are the crafting recipes of the crafting components.

1- Air Agglomeratio:

•Empty Bottle, Dirt, Clay, and Gravel

2- Earth Agglomeratio:

•Grass, Dirt, Clay, and Gravel

3- Water Agglomeratio:

•Water bucket, dirt, Clay and Gravel

4- Fire Agglomeratio:

•Lava bucket, Clay, Dirt and Gravel

5- Nature Agglomeratio:

•Pumpkin (not carved), potato, cactus, and sugar cane.

6- Dye Agglomeratio:

•Any kind of dye that works like cyan, lime, pink and orange!

7- Nether Agglomeratio:

•Netherrack, Soul sand, Nether wart, and Nether brick block.

8- Coral Agglomeratio:

•Brain, Tube, Fire and Horn Coral Blocks

9- Prismarine Agglomeratio:

•2 Prismarine Crystals and 2 Prismarine Shards

10- End Agglomeratio:

•2 EndStone, Purpur block and Chorus Fruit

1- Prosperity Seed Base:

•4 Prosperity shards and seed

2- Soulium Seed Base:

•Prosperity Seed Base and 2 Soulium dust.

-Think the Agglomeratio dust as a component needed because is the principal essence of the crafting. Further, this blog you’ll see the Nether Essence (Which is used to craft any type of resource that comes from the nether, like netherrack or Nether Wart) in order to be crafted needs 4 Nether Agglomeratio! 😉

-There are 2 types of Base seeds; Prosperity Base seeds which are only use to craft crops that make only resources! While Soulium Base Seeds are for crops capable of growing living and dead mob drops!

-To vanilla Minecraft, there are only a few things that are infinite or renewable. These few are; Wood, Stone/Cobblestone, Iron (Zombie Drop), Gold (Zombie Pigmen and Drowned), Emeralds (Pillagers), Food (Any), Redstone and Glowstone (Witches) just to name a few! But with Mystical Agriculture and Agraddition or MA&A any, literally any resources both vanilla and modded Minecraft! You don’t believe me? Look by yourself:

PD: Following goes from left to right

1- Coral Seed/Crop:

•4 Prudentium and 4 Coral Agglomeratio

2- Emerald Seed/Crop:

•4 Supremium and 4 Emeralds

3- Water Seed/Crop:

•4 Inferium and 4 water Agglomeratio

4- Fire Seed/Crop:

•4 Inferium and 4 Fire Agglomeratio

5- Gold Seed/Crop:

•4 Imperium and 4 Gold ingots

6- Nether Quartz Seed/Crop:

•4 Tertium and 4 Quartz

•4 Prudentium and 4 nature Agglomeratio

8- Dragon Egg Seed/Crop:

•4 Insanium and 4 Dragon Scale

9- Glowstone Seed/Crop:

•4 Tertium and 4 Glowstone dust

10- Dye Seed/Crop:

•4 Prudentium and Dye Agglomeratio

11- Lapis Lazuli Seed/Crop:

•4 Imperium and 4 Lapis Lazuli

12- End Seed/Crop:

•4 Imperium and 4 End Agglomeratio

13- Obsidian Seed/Crop:

•4 Tertium and 4 Obsidian

14- Stone/Granite/Diorite/Andesite Seed/Crop:

• 4 Inferium and 4 any stone variant

15- Dirt Seed/Crop:

•4 Inferium and 4 Dirt

16- Experience Seed/Crop:

•4 Imperium and 4 Full Experiences Capsule

17- Nether Star Seed/Crop:

•4 Insanium and 4 Nether Star

18- Diamond Seed/Crop:

•4 Supremium and 4 Diamonds

19- Wood Sees/Crop:

•4 Inferium and 4 Any wood/Stripped log type

20- Nether Seed/Crop:

•4 Prudentium and 4 Nether Agglomeratio

21- Prismarine Seed/Crop:

•4 Tertium and 4 Prismarine Agglomeratio

22- Caol Seed/Crop:

•4 Prudentium and 4 Coal

23- Iron ingot Seed/Crop:

•4 Tertium and 4 Iron ingots

24- Ice Seed/Crop:

•4 Inferium and 4 Ice Blocks

25- Redstone Seed/Crop:

•4 Tertium and 4 Redstone

-Be reminded that this is 1.14+ many of the modded resources aren’t added YET. If you want to know the 1.12.2 (And previous) modded resources are the following with this list(I restate the vanilla resources):

•Stone, Dirt, Nature, Wood, Water, Ice, Fire, Dye, Nether, Coal, Iron, Nether Quartz, Glowstone, Redstone, Obsidian, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, End, Experience, Diamond, Emerald

•Zombie, Pig, Chicken, Cow, Sheep, Slime, Skeleton, Creeper, Spider, Rabbit, Guardian, Blaze, Ghast, Enderman, Wither Skeleton

-Ore Dictionary Resources:

•Rubber, Silicon, Sulfur, Aluminum, Copper, Saltpeter, Tin, Bronze, Zinc, Brass Silver, Lead, Graphite, Steel, Nickel, Constantan, Electrum, Invar, Mithril, Tungsten, Titanium, Uranium, Chrome, Platinum, Iridium (Ingot)

•Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot, Amber, Topaz, Malachite, Tanzanite

•Blizz, Blitz, Basalz, Signalum, Lumium, Enderium

•Aluminum Brass, Knightslime, Ardite, Cobalt, Manyullyn

•Grains of Infinity, Electrical Steel, Redstone Alloy, Conductive Iron, Soularium, Dark Steel, Pulsating Iron, Energetic Alloy, Vibrant Alloy, End Steel

•Mystical Flower, Manasteel, Elementium, Terrasteel

•Quicksilver, Thaumium, Void Metal

•Uranium 238, Iridium Ore

•Osmium, Glowstone Ingot, Refined Obsidian

•Aquarium, Cold-Iron, Star-Steel, Adamantine

•Marble, Limestone, Basalt

•Meteoric Iron, Desh

•Coralium, Abyssalnite, Dreadium

•Slimy Bone, Syrmorite, Octine, Valonite

•Thorium, Boron, Lithium, Magnesium

•Vinteum, Chimerite, Blue Topaz, Moonstone, Sunstone

•Aquamarine, Starmetal, Rock Crystal

-Biomes O’ Plenty:

-Applied Energistics 2:

•Sky Stone, Certus Quartz, Fluix

•Quartz Enriched Iron

-As you can see in the list, many mods are compatible with MA&A! Ore Dictionary stands for a similar modded resources, a copper ingot from Thermal Foundation that can craft a sword of copper can also be crafted with copper ingots form Immersive Engineering!

-In order to make Nether Star and Dragon Egg Crop to grow you need an additional block that must be placed one block under it (below the farmland. The Nether Star needs, “Nether Star Crux” and the Dragon Egg needs, “Dragon Egg Crux”.

>Nether Star Crux Dragon Egg Crux Example of use Music Disc Tools and Weapons

Attack Damage: 7

Attack Speed: 1.6

Attack Damage: 8

Attack Speed: 1.6

Attack Damage: 10

Attack Speed: 1.6

Attack Damage: 13

Attack Speed: 1.6

Attack Damage: 17

Attack Speed: 1.6

Attack Damage: 24

Attack Speed: 1.6

•Pickaxes from tier Inferium to Supremium can mine obsidian. Supremium and Imperium tools are basically the same as efficiency to work; they work as you can have an efficiency 5 enchantment.

•~How unbelievable from me! I teach you readers how to start but I didn’t teach you some crops. My