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BC Bud Depot is listed as “green/yellow” at the SeedFinder. This means we can recommend this seedbank at all. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder.

After some problems in the past this company seem to work probably again.

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guest Canada, September 2020

were generous on seed count on medium sized order of regular seed strains

guest Canada, August 2020

This is for all the people who are in the same position I was in. Ill clear things up. Don’t listen to every review. People are stupid. Someone could not know how to properly germinate or in general grow and will blame it on the seed company. I ordered a 12 pack of death scout. They arrived about a week after the order. Germinated 6 seeds using paper towel method and all 6 sprouted no issues. I have emailed and phoned bcbuddepot with quick responses and good conversations. I am pleased with this company and would recommend to anyone.

guest United States, June 2020

No problems, order arrived within 10 days. 100% Germination.
Found a few extra seeds another plus. I would buy from them again.

guest Canada, July 2019

Hi all. I do not recommend going with BC Bud Depot. I bought their BCBD God Bud and had germination issues immediately, then one became a runt and never really grew much, and the other on week 8 was a complete male although I had purchased feminized seeds. Tried to contact their customer service and left a voicemail with no answer. Also I know I was not at fault because its not like the seed went hermy on me, it was just a male without any female parts. Big waste of time and effort and money, and really did not turn out well. DO NOT BUY SCAM SEEDS, buy good genetics and avoid the mistake i made. 0/10 Would not ever buy again, and am returning my BCBD Girl Scout Cookies.

guest United States, May 2019

They are rude. I cancelled my order and they sent them anyway. Only 5 out of twelve deeds germinated. Poor quality, poor customer service Extremely arrogant. Shop elsewhere.

guest Canada, May 2019

unstable and hermaphrodite prone genetics
little to no stability or true breeding traits among the same strains, obviously work of a poor breeder

guest Moldova, April 2019

I ordered 3 orders. Hash Plant, The Big, and an outdoor mix. I didnt receive the mix at all but was given a refund. The Has Plant and The big I ordered 12 seeds each for $75 each. Only 4 of each even germinated. I asked for replacement seeds and have been ignored. No response to my e-mails. When I did get a response from them it was for the outdoor mix that I got a refund for. That was all.
I thought the seeds were weak and old. They were growing in a tray next to tomatoes and peppers that are growing fine, same soil, water, temperature, same light. 100% of the tomatoes and peppers grew, while only 30% of the seeds I ordered from BCBD grew.
The price of the seeds was high, only 1 extra seed in each order (not even enough to cover the failure rate), and the customer service was terrible. I was even told that they thought I was trying to scam them? I will not do business with them again. And the people from High Times should investigate them too because they run ads in that magazine. I think they are the worst seed bank on the internet. Use ILGM or MSNL instead. They will have fresh seeds, extra seeds, great prices, and excellent customer service.
Thank you for your site. Growers need this site.

guest United States, April 2019

Just horrible customer service. If you have a problem, maybe they will make an effort to fix the problem. But if you have more than one problem, they ignore your e-mails. I was even treated like I was trying to cheat them. I had one order not arrive and finally after several e-mails, got a refund, then, on another order, I had very low germination rates, complained, and got no response whatsoever. This place treats customers badly.

guest United States, April 2019

This review is about a second order I had with BCBD, separate FROM THE ORDER I REVIEWED here earlier.
Ordered 12 seeds Hash Plant, and 12 seeds The Big. The seeds got here fairly quick. However, when I planted them I got 50% germination with Hash Plant and 60% germ with The Big. All of the seedlings look very small and weak. I have been growing for at least 20 years and this is the worst germination rate I have gotten from anywhere. The seed company does not answer its e-mails. I requested a replacement, but nothing. Their customer service is ok until there is ANY problem, then they tell you to read their disclaimer and blow you off. DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH BC BUD DEPOT! You WILL regret it. Fraud, scammers, thieves, liars.

guest United States, March 2019

Well, right off my order was confiscated by customs, so beware. Then BCBD initiated refund, then they initiated a replacement, then they said I was getting a refund, I still have nothing at all and its been over a month. They have been confusing at best as to whether I was getting the product or refund in all the e-mails. I still dont know what is going on. Last year I had no problems with them, but this year they seem like they dont care about what me, and I got the feeling they were telling me I was trying to rip them off, when Im the one who is out the money with nothing to show for it. Do yourself a favor and stay away from BCBD. You might get your product seized, be given a run around, and have nothing to show for it in the end. Now go ahead and ignore me.

guest Germany, February 2019

Perfekte Kommunikation, sehr hilfsbereit

Coolbeans No info, February 2019

I ordered over $800 worth of seeds from BC Bud Depot and all of my seeds germinated. This is my 7th order with them. Delivery was speedy and the customers service was awesome. Looking forward to many more orders.

guest Chile, July 2018

Muchos llegaron machos y debil! Nunca mas!

guest Canada, June 2018

Purchased 12 Gods Gift Fem- only 7 popped ——–HAD HEMP STREAK VIRUS——–RUINED ENTIRE CROP

guest United States, May 2018

Ordered god bud fem. All of them turned male. So they sent me some Tuna god. Only 4 grew and only one was female. Called them and they sent me some Purps. I will see how this turns out but I will never go though them again. You pay extra money for the female and they send crap.

guest United States, July 2017

Ordered from The Attitude Seed Bank with no problems for a second time, but BC Bud Depots BC Blueberry seeds have Sunn-hemp mosaic virus. Google it and you will see normal growth with pale streaks and hooking. Luckily for me it did not, but this can spread to your other plants numerous ways. Shame on them for distributing a dangerous product to the public. Theres gotta be some liability with mailing virus tainted goods that can spread to other plant species all over the globe. Bad actors go away! I paid $94 for this junk.

guest United States, May 2017

All orders have been received very quickly and good quality all seeds cracked all grew well very satisfied will keep shopping with them last order was 20 C pack and they sent 27 all cracked just fine

guest United States, April 2017

These deuchebags are the worst. Customer service, “blah, blah, blah” ,always a different story. NOT once a clear, concise, answer. “Blah blah blah”, this is all they say

guest Switzerland, March 2017

Regulars instead of feminised !!
No answer, no excuse.
Never again !

guest United States, March 2017

Do not use this company. As anyone who grows outdoors knows timely delivery is paramount. No t only are my seeds late but I have been given a different arbitrary date each time I call. At this point Ive been given a new date which is to late to finish out given our short growing season. As for customer service they seem to be sampling the product, not that that is inherently a problem, however in this case you may be better served to go with a more legitimate operation. I did have a good order from them in the past but then had 2 orders in a row go completely horribly wrong. Also theyre visa machine gos down and they dont inform you that your order was kicked back until you call. good luck I order from Amsterdam now and havent had any issues.

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BC Bud Depot Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 98 user reviews. SeedFinder Info BC Bud Depot is listed as “green/yellow” at the SeedFinder. This

My experience with BC Bud Depot

Well-Known Member

I will cut to the chase. I got my seeds.

I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to the genetics in my garden and like to grow from seed obtained from reliable sources. After doing some research I decided that I wanted some of the BC Bud Depot strains, so on October 23, 2013 I placed the following order at the online shop of BC Bud Depot:

BC God Bud Feminized Winner 12 Seed Pack
Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Winner 12 Seed Pack
Cinderella 99 Feminized 12 Seed Pack

The total for the order came to $425. I printed out a copy of the order confirmation email that I got, folded it around $425 cash and sent it off to BC Bud Depot via USPS Registered Mail. Registered mail takes longer to move than regular mail so it took about a week for BC Bud Depot to receive my payment. I think they received it on October 30[SUP]th[/SUP], but no later than October 31st.

I noticed that on the BC Bud Depot website the status of my order had changed from “Open” to “Processing”, and there it stayed for weeks. After a few weeks, I called and spoke to a gentleman, (who sounded like he had been sampling some of their product) who reassured me that my order would be shipped within a few days. Sure enough, my order status changed to “Shipped” and after a few days I began to look for my seeds in the daily mail. Nothing. After about 10 days I called again and spoke to a woman who told me that my order had been shipped just a few days before and that it usually takes two weeks to receive an order in the US. I asked her about the previous shipping date and she told me that she could only see info on the current shipping date.

December 9th, two weeks from the last shipping date, I got my seeds.

As you can see from the picture above, my order came in a plain white envelop with just the address of BC Bud Depot as the return. The seeds came wrapped in two sheets of plain white paper, in the plastic container shown above. There are little square plastic tubes where the seeds are placed and q-tips that had been cut in half were stuffed in to the ends to keep the seed safe and snug during transport.

Getting the seeds out was a fiasco! I pulled the first q-tip out of the Cinderella 99 section and no seeds. I had to violently shake the container to get the first few seeds out, but the rest were stuck. I started banging the container on the counter to get the seeds out. I then realized that I was banging the ends of the other q-tips into the other seeds packaged in the same plastic container. Afraid that I was crushing the other seeds, I panicked and pulled one of the other q-tips out only to have 6 God Bud seeds fall out and mix in with my Cinderella 99 seeds.

Well the good news is that BC Bud Depot sent an extra seed for each strain, so I got 13 seeds each for a total of 39 seeds. The bad news is that the packaging was so poorly conceived, that I now have 19 seeds that I can not tell if they are God Bud or Cinderella 99. I believe that the strains are distinct enough that I will be able to sort them out in a grow. I hope.

In the end, BC Bud Depot did deliver the seeds. The process took about 6 weeks from the time I ordered to the time I received my seeds. I spoke with someone at BC Bud Depot twice. They always answered their phone and were polite to me both times I spoke with them. The shipping materials were good at protecting the seeds but not really very stealthy like some other vendors that I have used. I do not care for their packaging, it seems to keeps the seeds safe during transit, but is very difficult to deal with when you are trying to get the seeds out. All in all, they did deliver but were very slow. If the genetics are as good as advertized then I guess it will have been worth it. We shall see.

I will cut to the chase… I got my seeds. The story: I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to the genetics in my garden and like to grow from… ]]>