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5 picture-worthy cannabis strains with unique colors

Have you ever grabbed a nug that was so beautiful you didn’t even want to smoke it? If so, then you’re well aware of how aesthetically pleasing cannabis buds can be. Buds come in a wide variety of colors based on many factors: genetics, growth environment, pH level, climate, and much more.

Most produce green buds with orange and amber hairs, but there are a lot of standouts that produce wonderful red, pink, purple, and even blue coloring.

With thousands of strains, it would be impossible to rank every single one. But here are five that are guaranteed to have you whipping out portrait mode.

Forbidden Fruit

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Forbidden Fruit is a cross of Cherry Pie and Tangie that usually makes people feel relaxed, happy, and euphoric after smoking. It’s named after its tropical taste, kicking out notes of mango and passionfruit, but way before you’re enamored with its taste, you’ll be dazzled by its appearance.

Forbidden Fruit is the prettiest flower I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The nugs will seriously make you want to bite the plant out of some cute aggression shit. Color-wise, this perfect strain stands out with light green buds that stack on top of dark green leaves completely wrapped in orange hairs (emphasis on completely, because those orange stigma are EVERYWHERE).

Break apart the nugs and you’ll even see some slightly pink colors. All in all, one look at the Forbidden Fruit plant will make you want it as a coffee table centerpiece.

Some unusual colors can appear in cannabis: red, pink, purple, and even blue. Check out these unique, colorful strains at the top of our list. ]]>