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The Best Way to Smoke Weed – The Conscious Smoker

Cannabis is a wonderful and powerful plant but when it comes to getting smoke in your system what’s the best way to smoke weed?

Many weed lovers have different methods they prefer while others have their main go-to way to consume marijuana.

Whether you’re the type of weedy that loves that instant rush or you’re the type that would rather smoke slowly, take your time with the weed and enjoy your sesh, there’s a method for you.

So, the question remains, what is the best way to smoke weed? Is getting high with less your concern? Do you want to save on marijuana? Is discretion your prioprity? More importantly is health for your lungs a concern?

Let’s explore what the best ways to smoke weed are as of 2021.

What is The Best Way to Smoke Weed?

First, take into consideration what type of person you are and what you’ve got planned for the day, it will help determine which method or methods of smoking bud is best for you and the given situation.

Let’s say that you are new to smoking pot, and you haven’t tried the multiple ways to stay lit. You really aren’t sure which one you like. The only way to figure it out is to try different options.

Let’s explore all the different ways to smoke marijuana. Each have their pros and cons. Don’t worry you don’t have to read the entire list, scan through to see which smoking device appeals to you.

As pro-smokers we strongly feel there is no one best device to smoke marijuana. This is a personal preference and you may just want to see which device best fits your priorities when smoking weed.

If discretion is key then you may want to go for a one hitter. If getting high as possible off very little is your goal then steer towards the gravity bongs and dabs. If you are a traditional smoker and love the nostalgia then you may be an avid blunt smoker. There is no wrong way!

But just remember no matter which way you choose the best way to smoke weed as of 2021 is by being a health conscious cannabis smoker. Remember to use a Mooselab MouthPeace which is the only triple carbon filter that removes harmful resin and tar that would otherwise enter your lungs through any of the methods of smoking below.

You can use a Mooselabs MouthPeace bong filter or for any larger device like dab rigs, gravity bongs, and bubblers. When you need to filter out harmful contaminates from blunts or joints make sure to use a Mooselabs Mini the best blunt filter trust by the cannabis industry and the absolute healthiest way to smoke weed.

Now go ahead and scan through our list to decide which is the best smoking device that fits your needs and priorities.

  • One Hitter (Discreet, save money on bud, smaller hits)
  • Glass Pipe (discreet, stronger hits, shotgun hole for enhanced hits)
  • Weed Vape Pen (discreet, no smoke or resin, smoke on the go)
  • Joint (save on bud, traditional feel, paper taste enhance smoke)
  • Blunt (stronger pull than joints, stronger taste from paper, can share)
  • Bubbler (Great smooth pulls, stronger than blunts, stronger high)
  • Bong (Get high off less weed, strong high, smoother than blunts)
  • Gravity Bong (much stronger than bong hits, save on bud, not discreet)
  • Baked Goods (very discreet, slower to get high, much stronger high)
  • Dabbing(strongest high, get high off very little, not discreet)

One hitter- If you want the quick hit that is discreet in public but also very effective, choose a one-hitter. Many one-hitter dugouts look like cigarettes from a distance or are small enough to be hidden by your hand while smoking. Much more acceptable in public than walking around town with a giant bong.

Glass Pipe- This is a great starter method for the best way to smoke weed if you’re new to the game. Glass pipes are typically really enjoyable to look at so it’s fun to pick out some nice new glass for yourself. Without the hassle of setting a bong up, smoking out of glass pipe is easy and enjoyable.

Weed Vape Pen-Loved by many. Weed vape pens are one of the best ways to smoke weed, in conjunction with other methods. You’re not going to get completely lit smoking a weed vape pen. It’s good for keeping the high rolling throughout the day and doesn’t smell much so you don’t have to worry about reeking of marijuana.

Joint- For the weed lover looking to enjoy a small amount of weed, quickly and efficiently, rolling a joint is going to be the best option for you. The nice thing about a joint is that it can be rolled as large or small as needed and can be disposed of when finished. Great for outdoor smoking, especially while walking, hiking, golfing, or just hanging out outside. Smell factor makes it less ideal for indoor smoking.

Blunt- The best way to smoke weed for a social smoker, is a blunt. Think of a joint like a cigarette and a blunt like a cigar. Joints are typically for personal use but blunts can be enjoyed by many at once. Keep this method in rotation when chilling with the fam. Blunts, like joints, are best enjoyed outdoors, unless you don’t mind your whole house stinking like weed and tobacco for days after.

Bubbler- If you want to know the best way to smoke weed for the quick fix, a bubbler is right for you. It is similar to a bong, just smaller in size so you don’t get too smacked or lit off one hit. A trick to ash your bubbler, if you’re outside, just blow at the ash and it should fly out. If you are inside, cover the carb and flip it over. You won’t lose any water out of the bowl and then you can use a paper clip to clear it out.

Bong-Ole Faithful. Our preferred consumption method. The lighting of the bowl, the slow steady burn, then the rush of bubbles as you pull the bowl and receive your toke. It’s magical. But only for the experienced smoker. It won’t wreck your day like a gravity bong, but it will definitely get you high, quickly. Bongs are great because they filter the smoke through water and ice to deliver a cool, smooth hit.

Gravity Bong- Whew. Ok. You ready for a good time? If you have absolutely nothing to do for the day and you want to just kind of exist for about 8 hours straight, a gravity bong is the best way to smoke weed for you. Just be prepared to talk yourself out of thinking you can’t breathe. Good times, nonetheless.

Baked Goods- Two-in-one. Baked goods are typically sweets made with cannabis butter. A lot of THC goes into baked goods. The method takes longer to get into your system since it’s gotta digest, first. But the high lasts for hours. So, like a gravity bong, enjoy baked goods when you don’t have much to do. Be aware, it can take a LONG time for the effects to kick in. Go slowly.

Dabbing-Dabbing is the term used for smoking pure THC extract wax. It’s also a dance move but let’s not go there. Once you’ve become a pro weed smoker, this method will most likely become the best way to consume weed, for you. Since you’re smoking straight THC concentrate wax, . You use a dab rig, which looks like a bong but instead of packing the bowl with flower, you use a dab tool called a dabber to scrape some wax on to the tip. Then, using a blowtorch or electric nail, heat the nail (the dab rig version of the bong bowl), let it cool briefly, then put the wax on to the hot nail. It can be intimidating the first few times so we recommend not trying this alone.

All of these ways to smoke weed can become your favorite and can each be used at different times for different effects. Whether you gotta lot going on and you just want to keep a good high, or you’re just at home with nothing to do but take some dabs, you’ll determine which method is the best way to smoke weed.

What is the Best Way to Smoke Marijuana

It’s important to keep health in mind at all times. While packing a bowl, and otherwise. No matter which method you pick just make sure to be a conscious smoker. Sharing smoking devices can spread more germs and that’s not something we want as of 2021.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a high but you want to make sure if you do to take care of your lungs!

The resin build-up in your bong contains toxins and bacteria that are harmful to your lungs and the only way to stop this is by using a triple carbon filter. Mooselabs is the only to offer this and as a conscious smoker using a MouthPeace is truly the best way to smoke marijuana no matter what smoking tool you choose.

The cleanest way to smoke weed is to use a MouthPeace. MouthPeace has triple-layered carbon Filters that will sanitize your smoke/vapor and enhance the flavor by reducing resins, contaminants, and tar; all without blocking your intake or reducing airflow. Genius!

When it comes to the best way to smoke weed, Moose Labs offers different variations for their MouthPeace so you can smoke healthy no matter which method you choose.

What is the best way to smoke weed so it doesn’t make me cough?

If you’ve been told the best way to smoke weed is to inhale and hold the smoke in, chances are you’re going to have a coughing fit.

So, let’s get at it, what is the best way to smoke weed so it doesn’t make me cough?

The proper way to inhale weed is to draw the weed smoke into your mouth and then to your lungs. But there’s no need to hold the smoke in for longer than a couple of seconds. Once THC touches your lungs from inhaling, you’ve consumed marijuana smoke the right way and you can release.

You’ll be pleased to find you’re perfectly high and you’re not coughing your socks off.


The best way to smoke weed is going to depend on you, what you have going on that day, whether you’re smoking pot socially, or alone, and what method is readily available to you.

Remember to keep your throat and lungs in mind and use MouthPeace when you’re smoking socially and especially if you’re sharing bongs.

If you're looking to find the best way to smoke weed, look no further. In this article, you will learn about the different options of smoking weed and decide for yourself which is best for you.