big sky wholesale seeds

Big sky wholesale seeds

PO Box 852
2110 W Roosevelt Highway
Shelby, Montana 59474

(406) 434-5011

Welcome to Big Sky Wholesale Seeds, Inc.

Big Sky Wholesale Seeds, Inc. is located in Shelby, Montana. Our location is in the heart of a dry land grass seed production area. The seed is processed in our cleaning facility which separates the seed from the inert material. We blend various seeds together for many different uses and supply numerous seed companies across the United States with grass, legume, and cereal seed at the wholesale level. Our retail program supplies farmers and reclamation companies with seed for forest service projects, fire rehabilitation, and roadside seeding and reclamation use areas. We market a full line of dy land grasses, forage grasses, and legumes which are produced and cleaned in Northern and Southern Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan, and Montana. Big Sky Wholesale Seeds distributes a full-line of certified organic seeds. Big Sky Wholesale is a partner in the Montech Seed Group; in conjunction with the Montech Seed Group, Big Sky Wholesale Seeds is a leader in bringing the latest advancements of our breeding associates to the marketplace. Our products are tested at fully accredited seed laboratories in Montana and Alberta, assuring our customers receive top quality seed. With over a quarter century of helping people with their seed needs, we can add expertise to your next project. Whether this is with advice on a variety, or just what item would work the best in a certain area, our aim is not just to sell you seed, but to make it work for you!

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Big Sky Wholesale Seeds Inc

Big Sky Wholesale Seeds Inc

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