black indica

Black Indica

Black Indica is almost pure indica cannabis strain that contains 80% indica and 20% sativa. Pure Kush and Afghan genetics were crossed to create it.

The plant develops a short chunky structure. It is easy to grow and suitable both for indoor and outdoor cultivations. The harvest comes after 8 weeks and brings decent yields under proper light, with right feeding and good growing conditions.The average crop reaches to 200-400 gr.

The smoke brings quite social effects and at the same time pleasant relaxation. The moderate THC of 13% makes the strain ideal for beginners. Black Indica can be used as medicine for insomnia and pains.


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This is Crop King’s Black Indica! Not my first time growing this strain, and this was a true make-or-break as I’ve had one pretty average to good result and one bad outdoor result (at not much fault of the strain). This iteration was a clone that I am forgetting if it was a monster cropped clone or not (from a flowering mother plant). It branches naturally from one stem like I would expect a monster crop. This growth pattern produced many tops which created small to medium sized crowns. I was concerned with flowering time but the buds did get dense and produced what I would consider a good yield of just quality bud – high standard on composting all fluff and shake.

Keeping the branches upright was a challenge over time but I did successfully tie the branches as a bouquet and to the frame of the tent for support.

Unfortunately this plant was a culprit in terms of crowding out other plants.

The smell and tastes during growing and vaping are similar, a sharp, pungent sour sort of dank. No trace of fuel. More like a sourish White Widow type vibe.

The effects are improved compared to my other two versions. The first trial may have just been overshadowed by similar strains, but the second trial was weak. This indica effect is a bit stronger, not concussive, but I had good trichome layering during harvest and these buds can relax you. Overall, I was really happy in this area.

I would say medium to potentially strong indica with an interesting taste that you either love or hate, a bit sour and dank. Easy to grow. This strain is not going to blow your mind but seems to be a respectable indica that has moved up in the world imo.

I grew this iteration of Crop King’s Black Indica from seed, in a peat pod outdoors. I grew Crop King’s Hash Plant alongside this plant in the same conditions and in the same way, and they are similar so it makes for a nice comparison.

First off, I planted after frost but when it was still getting slightly cold overnight and so this slowed both seedlings down. In particular, the low temperature swings effected Black Indica early on – new growth came out in a closed leaf mutation, with no site for additional growth. I’ve had this happen before, and you just top the mutant growth. It makes for an interesting grow because topping happened so early. I topped once again much later and so this plant turned into a giant “V” formation with two main bud sites at each top. By comparison, Hash Plant did not suffer from mutation. I rated this grow as “Hard” for this an other reasons detailed below.

Also to point out, Black Indica resisted pests more than Hash Plant in the two plant comparison. Rarely did I see much insect activity.

Black Indica had slightly less light, and maybe a slightly worse spot in the two plant comparison, and this reversed my expectation that Black Indica would grow more than Hash Plant.

The main storyline: if you follow this grow you would find out that I live next to an industrial mill which has a very strong floodlamp to light their storage yard. This light illuminates the entire rear of my garage minus the space shaded by the perimeter fence. I was concerned of light stress in flower all along and my plans were to top and train the plant to remain below the fence line. I have learned that outdoor grows are a bit harder to control, especially the timing of flower, so ultimately Black Indica stretched past the fence. At night the tops of the main crown bud was illuminated from a distance estimated at more than 50 yards. On rare nights the light was not on. I’m unclear if the horizontal light in the early stages, that is the indirect light, caused the plant to want to stretch further and ultimately into the light.

The result of this tale is a stressed hermaphrodite plant full of seeds. Very disappointing. I have to imagine this effected yield in terms of energies expended by the plant. I’m not sure if seed production effects taste directly, but there are so many seeds that its hard not to get part of a husk or other plant material into the bowl, and this taste stands out badly in the vape. Overall, the taste is bland, herby, very few hints of sour.

I would say potency is not heavily effected by seeds so this is good. Indirectly, the degradation of the bud may alter the power of the effects, but I can confirm THC contents are still fairly fine. This is clearly an indica, generally moderate strength.

This isn’t a fault of Crop King Seeds, other than perhaps being a tad weak starting out as a seedling. However, I can’t give a good rating based on the hassle of picking out seeds and the bad taste. 5/10

This strain turns out to be a pretty good, modern indica with an above average yield compared to other indicas (other Crop King indicas). Its stretch period was quite unexpected and it seemed to swell nicely. Black Indica also had no troubles taking nutrients.

This plant suffered severe light damage early on, and had quite an extended vegetative stage. Black Indica bounced back faster that other Crop King indicas in the same conditions.

Growing was an absolute pleasure as the sweet bud smell was intoxicating. The final product puts off a sweet/sour vibe, but ultimately the flavour isn’t overpowering or notable. The effects are certainly indica but isn’t concussive in strength, most would opt for a sativa in this case. Potency seems to be a trade off for yield for this indica.

I’d recommend growing Black Indica, but I will continue to experiment with Crop King varieties. (It should be noted I have another Black Indica grow that may change my rating).

Easy grow! Learned a lot – FoxFarm nutrients rock; manifolding in a small space (which I didn’t do) is a key to larger yields; also bigger pot = bigger yields. But, as I’m only gardening for personal use, I’m quite happy with the outcome – about 3 oz wet bud, and another 1 oz wet trim. Will definitely grow Crop King Black Indica again!

Final entry – Buds are drying nicely. Ended up with: BIG-1 9 grams; BIG-2 7 grams; BIG-3 8 grams plus another gram of assorted baby buds and a gram of pressed crystals. Not a lot, but plenty for me 🙂 Also got three distinct flavors, surprisingly BIG-2 tastes more fuel-ey than the other two, with BIG-3 remaining sweet and a bit fruity.

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