blackberry fire strain

Blackberry fire strain

Blackberry Fire Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
THC: 23%

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Pain subsides fast. Feel it around the eyes within the first minute. Relaxed and docile. Way to end the day. Or just check out. Sweet diesel flavor. Earthy undertones with exhale. Dabbed as concentrate.

My Rx! Go-to for all my night time issues. PTSD nightmares as well as skeletal muscle pain, my depression lessens and I generally relax so that I can sleep. Highly recommended!

I’ve been smoking this cut for a while now and I remain impressed. It’s a great indica-heavy hybrid strain that doesn’t get overly cerebral on you– which is a big plus if you are prone to anxiety. It will definitely relax you and may very well put you to sleep once the effects set in and have time to run their course. The buds are dense, tight, and really sticky. They smell like a combo of diesel and berry flavor. If you like to break up your buds into little pieces before you smoke them, forget about using a grinder on this strain and go for a small pair of scissors and do it by hand. Smokes really smooth in either a hand pipe or a water pipe. Most people will find this to be a good smoke for nighttime or late evening when you’ve taken care of your shit for the day already. This is a high-potency strain so you don’t need to smoke all that much to get the effect you need.

I tried it for insomnia and it works. The high is notable for not being very cerebral compared to most other strains I have tried. It produces more of a body high and feelings of deep relaxation once the effects set in after 10 to 20 minutes. The batch I got my hands on pretty much looks and smells just like it is described on Dark Heart Nursery’s website, where it is grown. It’s like a stealth bomber; once the effects set in, you almost don’t realize you’re even high in the first place– and within an hour or less–lights out! Not a good strain if you want to be awake and feel high after smoking it. I deal with severe chronic insomnia and anxiety and many strains (especially sativas) make me feel even worse than not being high at all. This one does not spike my anxiety level much at all, which is important if you’re trying to go to sleep. The buds are highly resinous and extremely sticky when you break them apart. Smell is like blackberries and diesel fuel combined. Delectable! Insomniacs of America, try this cut out!

Blackberry Fire is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Blackberry Kush with the potent Fire Lady strain. This award-winning bud took home 2nd Place Overall at the 2017 HempCon Cup Awards thanks to its super potent 23%+ THC level and insanely delicious flavo…