blue fantasy strain

Blue fantasy strain

Asian Fantasy is excellent for daytime pain relief. and I should plant my seeds for next season.. but working with a new Strain here in California. Still in Veg . Cookies n Queen..Super Schtinky too.. a Heavy Trichome Genetics incredible “ strain( male) Master Cookies ( Forum Cookies x Space Dood) x Master Splinter has crossed with Brothers Grimm “ Queen of Soul” thus the newbie . I want to keep the Asian Fantasy 100% sativa. and the Garden might have to wait for the right time to plant the seeds of Asian Fantasy that I pulled from buds myself! Free The Seed.

Was so excited when i saw these Sativa buds as they were dense with tons of fine & droplet trichomes. The smell to me of the buds were fruity & the taste was fruity with pine. The Sativa high was fine but, it was nothing special. Barewoods Bare Farms grew what i smoked & their Buds are not cheap. It is said to be a rare bud so, i’m glad i got to try it and now i am moving on 🙂

If you’ve seen this on literally every “Top 5 Strains For Sex”-list out there, you’re not alone. I tried this strain out, and, uh, perhaps it’s for the ladies? Strong (mine was lab tested at 24%THC), kind of psychedelic high (yes, somewhat fun), but, er, let’s just say that it “relaxed” my junk a little too much. Ahem. The man who smokes this will have fun, but if his intention is some lovin’ I’d call this a major must-avoid. On the other hand, it strongly enabled a kick ass conversation and cuddling session with my very understanding partner. If you’re a dude looking for an herb that is more, er, “invigorating”, look to something like Skywalker OG instead.

Asian Fantasy is a 100% pure sativa strain that is often praised as "The Holy Grail" of cannabis with a THC level ranging from 17-24% on average. The genetic of this strain are unknown, although legend states that it is known to only one person who refuses to share the secret and was lost when th… ]]>