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Cannabis Bong lighter triplejet

Briquet Bang Triple flamme

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Lighter torch in the form of a bang and decorated with a leaf of cannabis.

Thanks to its flame, triple jet, this lighter welding torch to light your cigarettes without difficulty even by a strong wind.

In its original form it also ensures a perfect grip and an easy-to-use.

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Lighter bang torch triple jet

This lighter is original in the form of bang is equipped with a flame triple offering a high power to turn on cigarettes, Blunts, cigars, or bang without any problem.

This lighter is equipped with a base plate like on a real bang which ensures a good stability and can therefore stand.

The lighter is black and transparent, which is quite convenient to view the niveu of remaining gas.

The flame is adjustable in intensity and the lighter is of course rechargeable. (charging and adjustable flame under the base of the lighter).

The shape of the lighter ensures a perfect grip and ease of use. We note also a lid on the top of the bang that comes to protect the lighter your lighter torch.

Characteristic of the lighter bang :

• Decorated with a leaf of cannabis

This lighter bang is also available in several colors: Orange, Blue, Pink or Black (without leaf of cannabis)

To extend the life of your lighter bang, we recommend our butane gas zero impurities Belflam or our butane gas Newport .

Lighter torch in the form of a bang and decorated with a leaf of cannabis, buy a lighter in the shape of a bang, grinder, leaf rolling, and cannabis seeds ]]>