buddha kush strain

Buddha Kush OG (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Californian OG Kush x 98 Bubba Kush (reversed) come together in a mysterious mix to create Buddha Kush OG, a combo its creators are very proud of—and you will be too! Ready for harvest in 7–9 weeks, she produces bud of top-shelf quality that will have Kush lovers everywhere basking in utter relaxation.

Buddha Kush OG (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized
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Big Buddha Seeds – Buddha Kush OG: The Knockout Kush

Keen to give Kush lovers a taste of the finest, Big Buddha bred what they’ve dubbed “the ultimate Kush strain”. Years of extensive research and a whole lot of trial and error have brought about this wonderful Kush, aptly named Buddha Kush OG. Somewhat shrouded in mystery, the indica combines 98 Bubba Kush (reversed) with that of a mysterious Californian OG Kush—in true champion-like fashion, of course.

Proving herself to be something of a fast grower, Buddha Kush OG has a flowering time of only 7–9 weeks. Still, this is plenty of time for her to develop a respectable bounty of buds indoors and out. She has good production potential in both settings, but thrives outdoors. Come harvest, indoor plants will bear 100g/m²+ of gorgeous buds, while outdoor plants can deliver 750g/plant+.

Blessed with the genetics of a true champ, Buddha Kush OG does not cut corners. As soon as you catch a whiff of its pungent, piney aroma, you’ll be hooked! Smokers can expect an even more tantalising taste, which retains that classic OG Kush flavour of herbs and spice. Buddha Kush doesn’t stop there, serving up a high like no other. Super hard-hitting, it gets to work quickly, making your entire body feel completely relaxed. Aches and pains become a distant memory.

It is worth noting that this potent 100% indica strain does have the potential to cause “couch-lock”, so novices might want to take it a bit easy, or risk being KO’d in the first or second round. That being said, she is the perfect strain for an evening of relaxation, restful sleep, or just sharing with friends.

Buddha Kush OG is here to satisfy all Kush lovers with its 100% indica genetics. Click here to get the seeds to this mysterious OG. ]]>