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Extremely low-budget grow | 40W | Delahaze |

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I wanted to give growing indoors a shot even though the circumstances admittedly aren’t really all that optimal. I should be pretty much set, but I have some critical questions left.

Most people really don’t seem to understand what growing with really pathetic equipment means so when searching for ghetto grows you’ll seldom find a truly conservative setup. Multiple moderately powerful CFL bulbs, HPS, nice grow cabinets with expensive odor control. These things DO NOT belong in my grow. Cheap means just that where I live. I’ve poached most of the stuff from around the house to make this as cost-effective as possible. Also, the seed was a freebie.

And with that out of the way, let’s begin by a small description of what’s going on.

I’ll be using a small cabinet with a sliding (up/down) front side. There is a small compartment on top of everything where I store nutrients and other equipment. It can also fit a TD-silent in-line fan with a carbon filter and some tubing in case I want to improve the grow box for future grows. Beneath that is the actual grow space.

Grow space dimensions
Height: 710 mm
Width: 370 mm
depth: 250 mm

The box in its current, non-perforated state should be adequately light-proof. Some spills here and there but nothing I see causing a hermie what with the presence of outside light: The lights will be off when it’s dark and I can avoid using artificial lights if need be.

I still have to drill a hole (about 75 mm) for the PC fan for exhaust and one or two smaller intake holes. I plan on having all the electricity plugged to a socket outside the cabinet. I’ll run the cords through from a notch on the side of the exhaust hole.

For lighting (this “may” sound idiotic) I’ll be using 4 dirt-cheap 10W grow LEDs I purchased from Ebay. Yes, for a total of 40W. I will use the same setup for the whole grow. They’ll be hanging from an E14 cord with an E27 adapter that is split into 4 sockets with yet another adapter. So yeah. :dunno:
To top it all off, the final lighting setup hasn’t even arrived yet, so I’ll go with a single 10W LED for the first 5 days.

For soil I’m using plain local gardening soil which doesn’t contain any perlite but is reportedly adequate as is. I was going to get the 30-40% of perlite in there but getting the stuff was going to be more trouble ($$$) than it’s worth.

And last but not least, the strain – Delahaze. Yes, it’s a photoperiod but I figured I’d sort of make it into an autoflower by doing 12/12 from seed. So why this strain?

  • It’s supposed to smell really nice. Pretty important to me since I don’t have control over odor.
  • I wanna grow a sativa strain.
  • Out of the beans I have, it’s supposedly the most suitable sativa strain for small space.
  • It was free.

Total costs

Hi everyone! I wanted to give growing indoors a shot even though the circumstances admittedly aren't really all that optimal. I should be pretty much set… ]]>