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Frequently Asked Questions

We invented the original aeration bag 30 years ago and have seen it all.

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Below are some of the most commonly asked questions aboutgrowing with the Smart Pot.

The smart pot is a container. In that way it works like any other container. You put good soil in along with your seed or plant and feed and water. The benefits of the Smart Pot are the aeration, water drainage and heat release. These three benefits will help you get a bigger better plant than what you have gotten in the past with the same size plastic or other container.

That’s all going to depend on what and how much you’re looking to grow. We cover that answer more in-depth here: How much ix do I need?

Air pruning occurs when a root comes in contact with the air on the side of a Smart Pot. The root tip stops growing and instead begins growing smaller side-roots. This fibrous root structure takes in more moisture and nutrients.
This is the opposite of what happens in a plastic container where a few thick roots circles the pot until it constricts itself.
Air-pruning produces a stronger, healthier root system resulting in healthier plants.

Absolutely. Our bags are incredibly durable and can be washed and reused over and over. We have customers who are still using their original bags purchased almost a decade ago.

After using dump out the soil and let the bag dry. After a few days of being dry, the dust and small roots will easily brush off. For most people, this is good enough. At this point the Smart Pot folds easily for storage. However, a lot of our customers will wash the bags in OxyClean or peroxide to sterilize. They use a washing machine or dip the bag in a tub. Do not put the Bags in a dryer.

Most likely what you are seeing is salt and minerals that build up over time from the nutrients and/or water being used in the Smart Pots. Salt and minerals can cause a ‘mildew’ appearance to your Smart Pot but it’s nothing to be concerned about. You can lightly scrub the sides of the Smart Pot while they are being used if you want to break up the salt and mineral build up.

We have many customers who will wash their Smart Pots after the growing season to get rid of the salt and mineral build up. Washing Smart Pots will increase the longevity of the pot itself but over time it will always make the fabric feel less ridged. So it’s completely up to the customer.

The colors are for your preference. There is no difference. Tan pots may be slightly cooler under intense sun exposure. But that fact has not been thoroughly studied.

Yes, you can use the Smart Pot and grow organic. The Smart Pot is made of inert, porous, geo-textile fabric. As opposed to a few of our competitor containers, we are BPA-free. There is no meaningful chemical exchange with the surrounding environment. Many of our customers grow vegetables and other edibles in the Smart Pot.

Unlike a plastic pot, the fabric will not crack or break from frost or when dropped. Heat release gives you better control of slow release fertilizer. A fibrous root structure has fewer problems in cold or warm weather.

Gardeners are using virtually every potting mix in the Smart Pot. Because the Smart Pot aerates, heavier mixes can be used. Obviously, Smart Pots filled with lighter mixes that are less water retentive may need to be watered more often.

One of the most common questions we are asked is “What size Smart Pot should I use” to grow my tomatoes, or azaleas, sunflowers or basil? There are a number of factors to consider. Click here for a step by step guide to selecting your size .

Our products are made in the USA and the quality is unmatched. Some of the competitors are so thin that the bag will rip on you in a very short time. Others are so thick that they do not air prune so you don’t get the best roots. If it is too thick, it also won’t drain well which causes root rot that can destroy your plant.
The Smart Pot is the original fabric pot and we have innovated the design specifically to maximize the development of a healthy root system. Our fabric not only lasts longer – it drains, air prunes, and release heat better.
Our fabric has been independently tested and is BPA free. We tested 4 of our leading competitors and found 3 of them had BPA present. The smart pot is also the fabric container that the leaders in the industry want to work with. There’s a reason they want to work with us and not a cheap copy.

Most of our competitors manufacture their products overseas. Our products are Made in the USA. This allows us to maintain high quality standards, which ends up being less expensive because you have to replace the cheaper bags as they fall apart. Meanwhile, your Smart Pots will last longer than you could imagine. One of our customers is still using their original bags 8 years later.

Smart Pots are not designed to be composted nor do they biodegrade. The fabric can be recycled in the same way clothing is recycled but there are many ways to repurpose our pots.

Here are a few ideas for you;

  • Use the fabric as a weed blocker on the ground.
  • Cut the fabric in circles to place around potted plants to prevent unwanted weeds from growing. You can sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth or Sluggo Plus on the fabric to control pests naturally.
  • Save water by cutting the fabric and placing around plants. This will reduce the amount of evaporation on the soil surface and keep the root zone cooler.
  • Since our fabric is BPA & Lead Free, you don’t have to worry about heavy metals leaching into the soil.

Here are answers to questions that most retailers are asking.

The reason growers ask for the Smart Pot over any other brand is because our quality is unmatched. Smart Pots is the leader and innovator in aeration bags and our customers know it. Smart Pots invented the category of fabric aeration containers and we actively promote the idea. Everyone else just sells a product. Smart Pot is made in the USA so we have control over consistency and quality. Unlike the overseas manufacturing that our competitors use to cut costs. And our products are BPA-free, with no risk of chemical leaching into the soil and plants. That’s why organic growers prefer Smart Pots.

We’ve made most of this info easily available for download in the resource section of our contact us page. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us.

Of course! That’s what we recommend. Find a distributor in your area by clicking here .

No. We do not have specials or deals. If you are looking for a deal, contact one of our distributors, they are more likely to offer a better price. Also if you are invited to their shows, the distributor may have really good deals there. To see a list of upcoming events .

Our Smart Pots are a carried by retailers big and small. Popular name brand chain stores carry it because it is a must have for our customers. Talk to one of our reps and they’ll show you retailers in your area who have already seen the benefits of stocking Smart Pots.

Absolutely. When your customers first buy a Smart Pot, they’ll naturally want to fill it with soil, plants, fertilizers, and more. But it’s the performance of the Smart Pot that keeps them coming back every season.

Smart Pot is here to answer your frequently asked questions about our fabric plant containers. Find the right Smart Pot sizes online for your plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit.