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Best place to buy tea seeds?

Best place to buy tea seeds?

by djtanng » Oct 18th, ’15, 13:49

I’m looking for tea seed vendors that have information on the plants they came from, like variety, region, climate, etc.

I want to start planting tea seeds at home until I find a good variety that can survive very cold winters in Virginia on their own. This may take years and lots of seeds and patience.

I bought 4 pre-grown Chinese tea plants about a year and 6 months ago and the winter killed 1, crippled 2, and 1 fully recovered. I think they came from South Carolina and were all the same clone. I think their placements in my yard helped determined their winter survival rate. I will cover them with bags this winter as suggested by many people I’ve talked to.

I’ve just been so interested in growing tea plants this past few years, that I’m determined to find varieties that will grow in Virginia without having to worry about winter killing them.

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