caesar strain

Caesar strain

Tried some today for the first time. Took a a big rip off the pipe and within 2-3 minutes I’m chillin’ with a great between the eyes high and it’s starting to ease into the body. This is a great buzz and if I took another hit, I’d probably be locked into the couch for a while.

Nice. I have all those symptoms especially tinnitus, I’m skeptical 🤨 But Cresco LLR are excellent cartridges

First, the flavor is amazing. It’s almost a chocolate mint, (mine was a vape pen.) Second, damn the high comes on fast, within 20 seconds of the hit. Neuropathy, back, and arthritis pain melted away. This strain is ridiculous. New fave.

Hands down Julius ceaser is my favorite strainby a large margin. Great to smoke!! Excellent high. I make butter from my trim off of jc .this makes the best tasting, most powerful happy high ever! Julius ceaser is awesome. If u love weed try your soon to be in your top three (bet)strains you ever have. Guaranteed!!

Julius Caesar is a strain produced by the Cali Connection and is produced by crossing SFV OG Kush with SoCal Master Kush. The plant has an average yield and has a flowering period of around eight to ten weeks. It produces dense buds covered with orange colored hairs and frosty trichomes. Julius C…