cali connection feminized seeds

Cali Connection

The Cali Connection was founded to provide the best genetics from California, USA. Some of the best breeders from SoCal and NorCal came together under the umbrella of the Cali Connection, eager to share their favourite genetics with the rest of the world. The team spent years breeding and growing before they were convinced they were able to provide top-quality genetics to growers of all types.

Chem Valley Kush (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Chem Valley Kush by Cali Connection is the result of crossing two of the most stinky varieties today – a ChemDawg clone and a San Fernando Valley OG Kush V.II. This green monster produces ultra potent weed with an almost overwhelming effect – this is no smoke for first-timers or novices and we are NOT kidding! Sativa dominant hybrid with a flowering time of 65-75 days.

Larry OG Kush (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Larry OG Kush by The Cali Connection is the result of crossing a male San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3 with a clone of the famous Larry and delivers fantastic yields of solid and sticky buds with an intense flavor of sour lemons with a dank and stinky touch. Buds, from banana shaped to a more rounded, triangular shaped and green, lemon and lime in color with orange-reddish pistils.

Pre 98 Bubba (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Pre 98 Bubba by The Cali Connection is Swerve’s successful attempt to press a legendary Indica dominant hybrid into seed form. We suspect he used his San Fernando Valley OG Kush to pollinate the Bubba, which was formerly only available as clones. The result is a blast from the past with a great coffee-kissed aroma and a hashy and musky flavor with a lingering hint of coffee.

Buddha Tahoe OG (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Buddha Tahoe OG by The Cali Connection is a carefully selected Pure Tahoe OG, perfectly tailored for indoor cultivation – it can be grown outdoors as well, but watch out for mold towards the end of the flowering time because of the high resin content. Buddha Tahoe OG has a flowering time of 60-65 days and yields 500-600g/m².

Purple Chem (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Purple Chem by The Cali Connection is the crossing of a legendary Indica dominant hybrid, Pre98 Bubba (reversed to a male), and the no less famous Chem 91 Skunk VA, the one and only verified cutting ChemDawg gave out. Propelled by those power-genes the plants produce high yields of 500-700g/m² and will take your heart by storm with their intoxicating aroma.

LA Affie (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized LA Affie by The Cali Connection is one of the darkest and most sought after plants of all. This almost black variety is a must have for any connoisseur of legendary weed out there. She is the mother of many champions and now you can grow this very hashy plant at home within a very short period of time. 55-60 days of flowering and high resin production, very Indica.

Girl Scout Cookies (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Girl Scout Cookies by Cali Connection is a slow to moderate grower, but these fortune cookies are one of the most sought-after varieties today. Everybody wants to taste those buds the West Coast rappers brag about. This is no counterfeit crap or clone, this is the original from the Bay Area of San Francisco. This Thin Mint phenotype flowers for 55–63 days. Want some Cookies?

Grape Kush (Cali Connection) feminized

Mixing the robust nature of Pre98 Bubba with the refreshing notes of Grape Romulan, Grape Kush from Cali Connection is a hybrid of quality and quantity. This feminized incarnation is a super quick grower with a flowering time of just 8 weeks. Predominantly sativa in nature (60%/40%), Grape Kush possesses the best of both worlds.

Louis XIII OG (Cali Connection) feminized

A hybrid of high flavour and aroma, louis XIII OG from Cali Connection manage to captivate your senses before, during and after you have finished smoking. This sweet feminized strain combines a cloned version of Louis XII OG Kush and Tahoe OG, creating a strain of depth and quality. After a short 9 week of flowering time Louis XIII OG is ready for the taking (or should that be toking).

Tiramisu (Cali Connection) feminized

From The Cali Connection’s Gold Line of strains, Tiramisu boasts a creamy, smooth flavour that lingers on the palate and an effect that lingers on the mind. Hybrid vigour is personified in this majestic plant.

Sugar Mill (Cali Connection) feminized

If you’re the kind of person who always has room for dessert, then make some space in your grow room for the illustrious Sugar Mill. She will fill the air with exotic aromas before providing a blast of minty freshness with every hit. A smooth blend of vanilla and citrus flavours heightens those moments when you fancy something sweet—just be prepared to pass her around.

Mint Milano (Cali Connection) feminized

There are not many cannabis strains with such a refined flavour as Cali Connection’s Mint Milano. With an exotic terpene profile that is incredibly fragrant, this girl is a top choice for cannabis connoisseurs and perfect if you want to make extracts. No less impressive is her awesomely well-rounded effect.

Italian Ice (Cali Connection) feminized

Mamma Mia, you are in for a treat! Cali Connection’s Italian Ice combines some of the most delicious cannabis genetics for a fruity and flavourful experience par excellence. Not only does she deliver top-notch flavour and a great high, she is also easy to grow, allowing you to get good results even with little growing experience.

Fruit Tree (Cali Connection) feminized

Fruit Tree by Cali Connection isn’t named as she is for nothing. This girl, as you can imagine, shines with an intriguingly sweet and floral flavour that will leave you wanting more. Made from only the best of the best of Californian genetics, she is also an excellent choice for extracts. A dream for cannabis connoisseurs!

Fruit Cup (Cali Connection) feminized

Fruit Cup by Cali Connection doesn’t exactly hide one of her dominating traits — just look at her name. Get ready for a wonderfully sweet and fruity flavour that makes smoking this lady pure joy. Made with the best Californian Cookies genetics, this girl will also give you a great high that is happy and relaxing. A superb smoke for any occasion and great when you share with friends!

Cherries Jubilee (Cali Connection) feminized

The experienced breeders at Cali Connection made their Cherries Jubilee with tried and proven classic cannabis genetics. This easy-growing and reliable high-yielder will tickle your palate with a wonderful multi-layered flavour profile. This beauty is very easy to clone and thanks to her high resin production is perfect if you want to make extracts.

Bellini (Cali Connection) feminized

As the name suggests, Bellini is about a sweet tasting high. From the breeders at Cali Connection she is a high class cannabis strain with some powerful parents. Bellini develops a solid structure, with mouthwatering qualities. She is sure to be a favourite for the sweet toothed.

78 (Cali Connection) feminized

For their distinguished Gold Line, Cali Connection presents one of the very best strains to be derived from the famed Cookies genetics. They combined the legendary Gelato 33 and Gelato 45, aptly naming their new creation 78. A true artisanal masterpiece of breeding that will dazzle you with her intensive flavours and an extremely pungent terpene profile.

Tahoe OG Kush (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Tahoe OG Kush by Cali Connection is the cream of the crop of the US West Coast marijuana genetics. When the Cali Connection crossed a superior grade OG Kush clone with a different OG Kush from outside the San Fernando Valley, they created a highly potent cannabis variety with a skyrocketing high, delivered with a blast of concentrated lemony diesel fragrance.

Deadhead OG (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Deadhead OG by Cali Connection is based on the legend of legends – the Original 91 ChemDawg. That one and only verified cutting ChemDawg gave out (also known as Skunk VA) was pollinated by a San Fernando Valley OG Kush F4 male and the result is a very fast growing mega yielder with ChemDawg aromas and flavors all the way. Frosty nuggets and kick-ass body and brain high.

Blackwater (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Blackwater by The Cali Connection is another masterpiece in cannabis breeding and contains the finest genes from California, USA. Once again they used their trusty male San Fernando Valley OG Kush to pollinate another California strain, Mendocino Purps. The result is a VERY dark purple plant, almost black when exposed to the correct temperatures. A sinister pleasure.

Original Sour Diesel (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Original Sour Diesel by The Cali Connection is a seriously resinous and very smelly variety with a great flavor and long lasting high. This strain is very stable and the plants are very similar to the Original Sour Diesel clone, they are branching great and are perfect for making clones. Expect a massive yield, so you better come up with an idea how support this dark beauty.

818 Headband (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized 818 Headband by The Cali Connection is also known as Sour OG and won the 1st place in the hybrid category at the 2010 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Michigan. Swerve took his male San Fernando Valley OG Kush IBL (inbred line) and pollinated his Original Sour Diesel with it. After 8-9 weeks of flowering it is time to bring in the harvest of up to 800g/m².

Alien OG (Cali Connection) feminized

Are you ready for getting alienated from reality? Alien OG is an incredibly potent blend of Tahoe OG (female) and Alien Kush (male) – with its THC level of up to 28% it is one of the highest tested marijuana strains of all times. Just one toke and your mind will take off like a flying saucer! This extraterrestrial weed is recommended to the seasoned die-hard pothead.

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