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Reddit Is Going Crazy Over Canada Post’s “Scent-Blocking” Envelopes You Can Use To Mail Marijuana

You can mail weed more discretely than ever.

We all know now that Canada Post is the official carrier chosen by the SQDC and other provincial weed dispensaries to delivery precious marijauana packages across the province and country.

TL;DR You can purchase special bubble envelops now at Canada Post which are designed to “block scent,” and are ideal for sending weed gifts around the country. Legal weed, of course.

At the moment, however, Canada Post is experiencing an employee strike that’s starting in Victoria, Edmonton, Windsor, and Halifax.

According to the Canada Post union, the strike is going to last 24-hours in each location. And although the SQDC is still shipping out 30K + orders from the first day of legalization, Canada Post stated that the strikes should only cause “minor delays.”

That said, if you’re looking to ship some weed locally, Canada Post has some envelops that – although not new – appear to be designed specifically for marijuana.

Or other smelly items as this Reddit users suggest.

This Canada Post envelope claims to be “scent blocking” and caused quite a stir on Reddit. And we all know that in the context of legalization Canadians will definitely be taking advantage of this.

The big question Reddit readers are asking themselves is: is mailing weed even legal?

We all know marijuana is now legal in Canada, but it seems many Canadians are still blurry on the finer details of legalization. We’re all tip-toeing around trying not to break the law.

In the end, if the weed in your possession was purchased from an official distribution point like the SQDC, you shouldn’t get into any trouble if you stick to the 30g limit and don’t offer any to minors under 18, as this Reddit user responds:

So if you’re curious about the weed in B.C or Alberta, for example, why not hit up your across country friends for a little green sample swap. And don’t forget to use your certified Canada Post scent blocking envelope when shipping your “gift.”

You can mail weed more discretely than ever.