can you get high from smelling weed

Can Second-Hand Pot Smoke Really Get You High?

Since California went “green” for weed sometimes it feels like you only have to walk down the street for someone else’s Green Day cloud to waft into your lungs. And then the thought occurs – oh — I inhaled that, will it affect me? And why am I feeling hungry? And ohhhhhhh, will this mean I’ll fail a drug test at work?

Well, in this Virtually Rick we examine these thoughts and try not to harsh your mellow at the same time…man!

California is the biggest legal marijuana marketplace in the world, with around $3.1 billion generated from sales this year and rather shockingly nearly $9 billion made from illegal sales of the drug. All of which explains why you’re more likely to smell it more often in the air, even though it’s illegal to smoke it in public places.

So then, if you’re more likely to get a whiff of Mary-Jane does that mean you’re more at risk to its powers? Well studies aimed to find out, including one where a group smoked pot around non-users in an unventilated room for an hour as well as cracking out some chronic in a room with really great HVAC in front of another group of non-partakers.

The result? In the unventilated room you guessed it — there were detectable levels of cannabis in blood and urine that mildly impaired performance of the non-tokers — so no operating heavy machinery for you lot!

And the well ventilated room? Microscopic impact! Basically, “nope from the dope.”

So believing you have a contact high is more likely to be psychological than pharmacological.

So the next time you smell reefer, it won’t mean that pot will go to your head. So don’t get stuck in the weeds worrying about the grass unless you’re jammed inside a tiny box with people blazing some skunk. Then, well, you should probably not go to work for a while, wear some brightly colored shirts and see if you can write some really great music.

That is, of course, if you can figure out how to get out of your house!

Rick Adams has the 4-1-1 as to whether we should worry ourselves about a second-hand 4-2-0. ]]>