Can You Grow Good Weed From Reggie Seeds

Reggie is a nickname given to super low quality weed. It is considered the worst of the worst because of the way it looks, tastes, and feels. If I buy seeds from a dispensary, is the weed that I grow going to be stronger than any normal seed that I find when I buy it on the street, or is …

Cannabis 101: Reggie Weed And Why You Should Stay Away From It

If you’re going to smoke weed, it should be good weed. Otherwise, you’re doing your body a disservice. When it comes to the levels of quality in weed, one of the biggest disservices you can do to yourself is smoking reggie. Here’s a few reasons why, and more importantly, how to recognize reggie weed so you don’t buy it.

What is reggie weed?

Reggie is a nickname given to super low quality weed. It is considered the worst of the worst because of the way it looks, tastes, and feels.

However, many consumers start out consuming reggie weed without knowing any better. Or if they choose to smoke reggie, it’s usually a budget-dependent decision. Rarely is it by personal preference, though there are some people out there who prefer the experience of smoking reggie to the experience of smoking high quality, top shelf, dank weed. That’s because for some people, top shelf weed these days is way too potent.

Reggie weed is also called garbage, Bobby Brown, and Reggie Bush, to name a few of its monikers. It was named as a shortened version of “regular weed.”

Why is reggie weed bad?

Reggie weed is bad because it’s bad weed. It’s that simple.

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It is the result of extremely poor growing practices. It is predominantly grown outdoors, but that does not mean that it is automatically bad. There are plenty of outdoor-grown cannabis farms that produce absolute heat, especially in West Coast states like California, Oregon, and Washington.

However, those plants are usually grown with an extreme attention to detail that allows cultivators to truly maximize their potential. Reggie isn’t.

Reggie is usually the result of someone throwing some cannabis seeds in the ground and allowing nature to take its course until a batch of unsatisfactory bud sprouts.

In addition to being the result of poor growing practices, reggie weed is bad because the effects do not feel good. If you consume cannabis for literally any other reason than just getting high, especially if you’re a medical cannabis consumer, then reggie is not the quality of cannabis that will help you feel the wellness benefits you crave.

What does reggie weed look and feel like?

Reggie is usually brown and ugly. It is packed with stems and seeds, and often comes in brick form. That’s why it’s also referred to as brick weed.

On the touch, Reggie is usually dry, flat, and flaky. Sometimes it’s incredibly compact and so stuck together that you can’t even grind it, you can only pull it apart like a bad weed version of Laffy Taffy.

Luckily, you don’t see too much reggie on the shelves of dispensaries. But in the streets, you can definitely still find it, especially in areas where cannabis has yet to be legalized.

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What does reggie weed smell and taste like weed?

Reggie weed’s terpene profile is absolutely nonexistent. It does not have a pleasant aroma; it does not scream from the jar; it does not make you wonder how a plant could smell like oranges, or gas, or berries.

On the taste side of things, reggie smoke is extremely harsh with a very hay-like flavor that will make you want to throw however much of the weed you bought into the trash.

Or at least that was my experience last time I smoked reggie.

What are the reggie weed effects and experience?

Smoke a joint of Reggie and you’ll hear a lot of popping from all the seeds and stems in it.

On the effects side of it, Reggie will get you high. That’s because anything with THC in it will get you high. However, is it a pleasurable high? That’s the most important part of the smoking experience.

With Reggie, the answer is a big fat negative. Instead of pleasure, you’ll feel a dirty type of high that will have you bogged down and sleepy. Smoke a lot of reggie and chances are you’ll also get a headache from how poor quality it is.

How is reggie different from top shelf weed?

Reggie differs from dank weed in every way possible, outside of them both being considered cannabis.

For one, the look is tremendously different. Reggie is ugly and dark and looks like it’s decaying. Top shelf cannabis has bright vibrant colors that make the plant pop in bag appeal.

For two, dank weed is extremely loud with its smell. You can crack the jar of some dank and fill the room with terpenes. Reggie smells like dirt, and smokes just like the same.

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Lastly, the smoking experience with dank greatly differs from top shelf cannabis. As mentioned above, Reggie will feel like trash and probably make your body hate you. Dank is potent, it is clean, and will have you coming back for me when you’re done.

So if you’re reading this article because you’re considering buying some reggie to save money, don’t. Instead, purchase a mid-tier product from a reputable dispensary. Your body will thank you.

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Can reggie seeds be strong as dispensary seeds?

If I buy seeds from a dispensary, is the weed that I grow going to be stronger than any normal seed that I find when I buy it on the street, or is it all in how you grow the seed?

Genetics play a huge role

So basically, I can have them, grow them, and I’ll have good weed? I cousin seems to think that you can make nay seed great weed. Why asked him: Why would they have different strains? Bs seeds will produce bs weed is what I told him.

Genetics, experience,luck and skill play massive rolls in how planta will turn out. Me and you couls grow the same strain, even a clone from the same plant and get massively different effects based on how it grows and dries. To answer you question, yes they can be as strong as dispensary weed if everything lines up well