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How to grow bigger buds on cannabis plants

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I’m pretty sure every grower has asked themselves at least once if there’s a way to grow bigger buds on your cannabis plants, and it’s also one of the most common questions we receive at our stores. Today, we’re going to give an extensive answer to this burning question.

There are products known as, among other names, Bloom Boosters, which contain high amounts of PK, giving your plants the perfect amount of potassium and phosphorus that they need during the flowering period.

There are two different type of PK products on the market right now; mineral and organic. Mineral products contain, as you’d expect, mineral salts, whereas organic products are only made out of natural ingredients and contain strictly necessary nutrients.

Using products in order to fatten buds alongside flowering stimulants allows you to increase the size of your plants’ flowers incredibly, which therefore increases the amount of yield you can harvest. Thanks to the potassium and phosphorus, your plants’ buds will also grow much thicker and denser.

We’re going to go through a list of some of the best mineral products for fattening buds, as well as how to grow bigger buds using organic products, discussing how to use them, how they work and what their ingredients are.

Grow Bigger Buds with Chemical Fertilizers

Super Bloom

Super Bloom is a product used to grow bigger buds that guarantees an absolute explosion in your flowers. It’s used towards the end of the flowering period in order to double the size of your plants’ cell walls, which in turn increases the size of their buds.

How to use Super Bloom

This product is incredibly concentrated, so you should only ever use a maximum of around 1ml per liter of water. You should start using it at the start of the fattening period, which is around three-four weeks in; make sure to use Super Bloom every second time you water. The manufacturer recommends using it alongside other base nutrients and flowering stimulants in order to obtain the best possible results. You should stop using it around 15 days before harvesting in order to get any leftover chemicals out of your plants’ systems.

  • Use 0.5-1ml/L of water alongside your usual flowering base fertilizer during the fattening period, from the 3 rd /4 th flowering week onwards.
  • NPK 0-14-15 (p/v 21p/22k)
  • Potassium oxide (k29) 15%
  • Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5) 14%
  • Algae extract 0.02%
  • Texturizing materials 0.01%

Big Boom PK 52-34

Big Boom PK 52-34 is one of the best PK boosters out there. It contains incredibly high amounts of phosphorus and potassium. It’s 52% P and 34% K. This allows cannabis growers to double the size of their flowers easily.

How to use Big Boom:

This product can be used in three different ways, depending on how experienced you are. The manufacturer recommends increasing the dose depending on how much experience you have growing. This is because larger doses require you to measure the pH and EC levels in your water, which can be complicated.

Beginners should start off with a small 0.3g dose per 10L of water from the third flowering week onwards.
Professionals should start using around 0.2g per 10L of water from the second flowering week, while keep an eye on the pH.
Those that consider themselves to be expert growers should start using 0.5g per 10L from the second flowering week onwards. You’ll be able to make the most out of Big Boom while keeping an eye on your pH and EC. You can even use some Co2 if you have years of experience under your belt.

1. Beginner:

Start using from the third flowering week onwards.

  • 3 rd week: 0.3g/10L
  • 4 th week: 0.8g/10L
  • 5 th week: 1.3g/10L
  • 6 th week: 1.8g/10L
  • 7 th week: 2.3g/10L

2. Professional:

Start using from the second flowering week onwards.

  • 2 nd week 0.2g/10L
  • 3 rd week: 0.5g/10L
  • 4 th week: 1g/10L
  • 5 th week: 1.5g/10L
  • 6 th week: 2g/10L
  • 7 th week: 2.5g/10L

3. Expert:

Start using from the second flowering week onwards.

  • 2 nd week: 0.5g/10L
  • 3 rd week: 1g/10L
  • 4 th week: 1.5g/10L
  • 5 th week: 2g/10L
  • 6 th week: 2.5g/10L
  • 7 th week: 3g/10L
  • 52% dissolvable phosphorus
  • 34% dissolvable potassium

Candy Boom by Boom Nutrients

Candy Boom by Boom Nutrients is one of the latest products that has acquired, and it’s capable of increasing, aroma, flavor and yield from your cannabis plants.

This fertilizer contains sugar beet extract, as well as extracts from natural plants. Of course, it contains potassium and nitrogen, which are easily absorbed by cannabis plants, making for much larger flowers towards the end of the flowering period.

How to use Candy Boom

You’ll need to use this product once a week, making sure to space out the doses with just water. During the third flowering week use 2ml per liter of water, increasing the dose to 5ml during the fifth week.

Candy Boom can be used during the growth period, as long as you use micro-organism products every 15 days. During the growth period use the smaller dose.

For those cannabis growers that are looking for faster results or if their plants are stressed out, Candy Boom can also be used via spraying.

Remember to shake well before use.

  • Use 2ml/L during the 3 rd flowering week.
  • Use 5ml/L during the 5 th flowering week.
  • Nitrogen: 2.7%
  • Potassium oxide: 5.8%
  • Organic material: 34.7%
  • C/N (Organic C & Organic N): 8.1%

Green Sensation by Plagron

Plagron is a Dutch fertilizer brand, and their version of PK is called Green Sensation. This additive is used to produce much more intense flavors and heftier flowers. This product is made from natural extracts that are used in gardening to increase the size of flowers; you’ll notice them getting bigger by the day.

How to use Green Sensation:

In order to use Green Sensation to grow bigger buds, you’ll need to add 1ml per liter of water alongside your flowering base fertilizer from the 4-5 th flowering week onwards. The manufacturer recommends using this product until 15 days before harvesting.

When growing in soil, the manufacturer recommends alternating Green Sensation with just water. For Coco and Hydro set-ups, you’ll need to use 1ml/L, increasing the EC to the right level with the rest of the nutrients you usually use.

  • NPK 0-9-10
  • 9% phosphorus
  • 10% potassium

Phosphorus Plus by Hesi

This mineral fertilizer brand, Hesi, has created Phosphorus Plus, a product designed to grow bigger buds and obtain amazingly thick flowers from your cannabis plants. It gives your plants an extra dose of phosphorus and potassium during the end of the flowering period. This additive should be used alongside Hesi’s flowering complex, which is a complete flowering base that contains the perfect amount of macro and micro-nutrients for cannabis plants.

How to use Phosphorus Plus

In order to use Phosphorus Plus successfully, you’ll need to add 2.5ml per liter of water alongside Hesi’s Flowering Complex during the last stage of the flowering period. The manufacturer also recommends using it alongside SuperVit and Boost by Hesi.

  • Add 2.5ml per liter of water alongside Flowering Complex
  • 7.2% phosphorus
  • 5.1% potassium

Bloombastic by Atami

Bloombastic by Atami is one of the most sought-after bud fatteners on the market thanks to its unique combination of hydrates, sugars and high PK, which gives plants an intense flowering period and an increase in resin and THC. You’ll be able to see visible results after just two doses.

How to use Bloombastic

In order to use it correctly, add from 0.5 to 1ml per liter of water from the fourth flowering week onwards until the end of the process. The manufacturer recommends not going over the recommended dose, and using it twice a week at most.

  • Add 0.5-1ml per liter of water during the second flowering period from the 4 th week until the last week.
  • NPK: 0-14-15
  • Phosphorus pentoxide (P2o5): 14.00%
  • Potassium oxide (K20): 14.50%
  • Iron (Fe): 0.950%

Monster Bloom by Grotek

Monster Bloom has a 50/30 PK, giving your plants plenty of necessary nutrients for their last flowering stage. This product is perfect for fattening buds, and you can use it alongside Heavy Bud Pro in order to increase the weight of your flowers, making them much denser and more compact. This makes it one of the best choices when it comes to bud fattening in cannabis plants.

How to use Monster Bloom:
  • Add 0.3ml once a week per liter of water during your plants’ bud-fattening period. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend going over the recommended dose, as you may over-feed your plant.
  • Add 0.3g/L during the fattening period from the 4th/5th week onwards.
  • 50% phosphorus
  • 30% potassium

Shooting Powder by House & Garden

Shooting Powder is a flowering stimulant and an incredibly potent fattener for cannabis plants. This powdered product can be used on all types of grows by simply adding it to your water towards the end of the flowering period.

How to use Shooting Powder:

This product is used once a week, on healthy plants – once during the three flowering weeks before you flush your plants’ roots. The manufacturer recommends not going over the recommended dose, and keeping an eye on your pH and EC. They also make a point to state that you shouldn’t mix this product with any other PK products.

  • First dose: 0.65-0.70g/L of water
  • Second dose: 1.2-1.3g/L of water
  • Third dose: 1.2-1.3g/L of water
  • Phosphorus: 39%
  • Potassium: 25%
  • Co2

PK Warrior 9/18 by Shogun Fertilisers

Shogun Fertilisers has a specific 9/18 PK product used to fatten buds. It’s compatible with all types of grow systems. You’ll be giving your plants a perfectly balanced amount of phosphorus and potassium, as well as increasing sugar yield, improving photosynthesis and increasing nutrient absorption.

How to use PK Warrior 9/18:

Use 0.5-1ml per liter of water from the fourth flowering week until the second last week, before flushing your roots.

Use 0.5-1ml per liter of water from the 4 th flowering week. Stop to flush the roots.

  • Plant extracts
  • SmartZen technology
  • Nitrogen: 0%
  • Phosphorus 9%
  • Potassium 18%

Grow Bigger Buds with Natural Fertilizers also stocks a wide range of natural, organic products used to grow bigger buds. Many growers prefer to find natural ways to increase resin quantity and flower thickness.

Bio PK 5-8 by Bio Tabs.NL

Bio PK 5-8 by Bio tabs.NL is a Dutch fertilizer that contains organic ingredients and can be used to increase root size, as well as flower size thanks to its 5-8 pk. You’ll increase your plants’ flavor and aroma too, thanks to its organic composition.

How to use Bio PK 5-8 by Bio Tabs.NL

You’ll need to use this product from the third flowering week onwards, once your plants begin to grow their flowers, until two weeks before harvesting. Start out using 1ml/L of water, which you can increase to 3ml slowly as the weeks go on. We recommend shaking the bottle well before adding to your water.

  • Add 1-3ml per liter of water from the 3 rd flowering week until 1-2 weeks before harvesting.
  • Nitrogen 2%
  • Phosphorus 5%
  • Potassium 8%

Powdered Guano by Guanokalong

This powdered guano is an acclaimed 100% organic fertilizer. This natural bud fattener us made using bat guano, which is perfect for fattening up flowers during the flowering period, giving them all of the phosphorus and potassium that they need.

How to use Powdered Guano:

When growing indoors you’ll need to mix your powdered Guano with your substrate before you even star growing. This is a slow-release fertilizer, and it will begin to take effect during the flowering period when done this way. Also, this avoids any extra root damage.

On the other hand, outdoors you’ll need to sprinkle 100g of Guanokalong Gano around your plants’ trunk so that when you water it, it goes down into the substrate. You’ll need to repeat this process every two months, approximately.

  • Pot: Mix 50g per 7L of substrate before you start growing.
  • Ground: Sprinkle 100g over the substrate and around the trunk every two months.
  • NPKCa 1-10-1-15
  • 100% natural bat guano

Organic PK Booster by BAC

BAC’s Organic PK Booster is a natural fertilizer used to fatten your cannabis plants’ flowers thanks to its extra potassium and phosphorus content. It’s used during the fattening period and contains 100% organic nutrients. This fattening product can easily help you to grow bigger buds.

How to use Organic PK Booster:

You’ll need to start using Organic PK Booster as soon as your plants start showing their first flowers. Add 1-3ml per liter of water from the fourth flowering week until 10 days before you plan on harvesting. You’ll need to use it alongside a base flowering fertilizer and a flowering stimulant. The manufacturer recommend keeping a close eye on your plants’ EC in order to avoid accidental over-feeding.

  • Use 1-3ml/L of water, starting during the 4 th flowering week until the end. Gradually increase the dose from 1-3ml towards the end.
  • Alfalfa food.
  • Sugar molasses.
  • Kalivinasse.
  • Organic thinner
  • Stone meal
  • Balanced amount of trace elements

Bio Bloom by BioBizz:

Bio Boom by BioBizz is a 100% organic product made using natural ingredients that are perfect for the flowering period in cannabis plants. It’s used with Bio Grow in order to obtain amazing results, according to the manufacturers grow chart.

Bio Bizz recommend using it alongside Bio Heaven in order to increase microbial life and root strength in your plants, alongside Top Max.

How to use Bio Bloom:

Start by adding 1ml of Bio Bloom per liter of water at the start of the flowering period. Increase the doses from 1ml to 4ml gradually during the last few flowering weeks.

  • Use 2-4ml per liter of water from the start of the flowering period until harvest.
  • NPK 2-7-4
  • Nitrogen 1.9%
  • Ammonium 0.48%
  • Nitrate 1.15%
  • Phosphorus 6.9%
  • Potassium 4.1%

Top Bud by Top Crop

Top Crop is a Spanish brand that deals in only 100% organic fertilizers. Their PK specific product, Top Bud , is designed to be used during the flowering period. This fattening product can be used to increase yield and the size of your flowers thanks to its NPK, as it hardly contains any nitrates and it contains plenty of potassium and phosphorus, as well as plenty of essential amino-acids.

How to use Top Bud:

Top Crop recommends using doses between 0.5-1ml of Top Bud per liter of water once a week. You’ll need to start using it from the fourth flowering week onwards, combining it with other fertilizers until week 7.

We highly recommend shaking the product well and then shaking your nutrient solution in order to ensure that it mixes well.

  • Add 0.5-1ml from the 4 th flowering week onwards.

Have you ever wondered how to grow bigger buds on your cannabis plants? Keep reading our estensive post about cannabis PK boosters & increasing yield.