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From etiquette and politics, to a grower’s guide and a marijuana-specific cookbook, here are some of our favorite books about weed

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In places like Seattle, Denver or Los Angeles, buying weed is as easy as walking into a store and browsing for buds. What was once relegated to sketchy transactions with a friends’ friends’ friend has become as easy and elegant as consulting a budtender.

With more and more states legalizing the casual consumption of marijuana, and more and more people consuming pot products for the first time, we decided to roundup some of the best books about weed we could find. These books cover everything from marijuana’s road to decriminalization to amazing recipes that also happen to include cannabis, and even a book of Action Bronson’s random, stoned musings on his favorite flower.

Here are eight of our favorite books on weed for the veteran and casual consumer, alike.

1. Grass Roots: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Marijuana in America

Courtesy of Amazon

In her debut book, historian Emily Dufton traces the history of Marijuana in America. Though it may seem like time to celebrate from those in the pro-pot camp, don’t spark up those celebratory pre-rolls just yet. Even though more states have legalized recreational use of marijuana, history suggests the war is far from over. According to Dufton’s research, a similar situation happened in the 1970s (pugnacious pro-pot protesters fought against prohibition), only for it all to come crashing down shortly thereafter. Grass Roots tells the tale of America’s roller coaster relationship with weed and comments on the wider state of US drug laws along the way.

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