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For thousands of years people have been looking for the best kinds of materials from which to make long-lasting, strong clothes. When this started, people wanted natural fabrics that didn’t need too much work put into them, but as the years went by people began making synthetic materials that gave much better results. A few years ago it was discovered that natural materials could produce high quality clothes, which is why nowadays you can find many more items of clothing made from hemp.

Hemp is the plant where our amazing marijuana is born, and it’s also one of the preferred materials by a lot of textile companies and brands; they find the perfect strain from which to get hemp fibers by investigating seeds.

This decision is usually made due to how much easier it is to work with hemp than other kinds of materials and it’s also much easier to mass-produce. Although clothes made out of hemp are light, they’re extremely resistant and hold up extremely well over time, which is why clothes that get a lot of use or fabric items that hold weight like backpacks are more likely to be made out of hemp.

Apart from clothes, hemp can be used to make a whole myriad of products; it can be used to substitute linen, making for a material which air can pass through easily, making it perfect for humid areas or areas with high temperatures. It can also be used to make suede products like pyjamas, towels or jackets which keep you warm but also dry due to hemp’s absorption qualities.

One of the most peculiar products made with hemp is hemp jeans; if woven correctly, hemp can create an extremely similar texture to jeans, which is much easier to make than traditional jeans.

Clothes and materials made with hemp have a series of unique characteristics:

  • Hemp doesn’t wear out, in fact it gets better after time; clothes made with hemp will become softer and more adjustable.
  • Hemp is antibacterial, just like the plants that it comes from.
  • Fire resistant. Hemp puts up with heat and fire better than other materials, taking much longer to actually catch fire, making it perfect for household materials like bed sheets.

Clothes made from hemp:

Finding products made with hemp is becoming an every-day occurrence now, and there are companies that specialize in using hemp for textile purposes. Some of the items of clothing you might find are:

  • Nike Cannabis Shoes: This famous sports brand has put a brand new pair of shoes on the market; they’re completely made out of hemp and marijuana themed, and you can get them for about 100 euros.
  • The Naturellement Chanvre brand sells all sorts of hemp products, like their amazing jeans that follow in Levi’s footsteps, as the first ever pair of Levi’s were made out of hemp.
  • Work shoes: Many shoes that workers in Spain use are still made out of hemp to this day due to their strength and resistance.
  • H&M Conscious: This amazing clothing brand often uses hemp in the clothes from their Conscious collection, in order to help the environment. The dresses and t-shirts released in 2016 are almost all made out of hemp.
  • Hermès: This French brand has been using hemp in its clothes since way back in 2008.
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Marijuana has a myriad of uses, and more recently (although it has been done for centuries) people are raving about clothes made out of marijuana.

Weed Apparel and Streetwear Brands for Stoners with Style

What is the fashion sense of a stoner?

If you were to ask someone to describe stoner fashion, their answers would probably have a lot in common. Most people would probably say things they’ve seen stoner characters wearing in movies or on TV: ill-fitting or baggy clothes, ridiculous patterns, cargo shorts (shudder), drug rugs, and, of course, anything with a pot leaf on it.

While this image does probably apply to some stoners out there, there are plenty of streetwear brands designed for weed enthusiasts of all fashion senses. If you haven’t heard of these brands already, you need to climb out from the rock you’ve been living under and continue reading.

Cure by West Coast Cure

If you live in California and enjoy premium top-shelf cannabis, you probably know West Coast Cure as one of the premiere cannabis labels in the industry. West Coast Cure’s signature golden three-point crown logo perfectly represents both the luxurious quality of its products and the belief that its products are the best of the best.

This combination is also the krux of its streetwear line, Cure by West Coast Cure , which has T-shirts, hoodies, lighters, fanny packs, and duffel bags adorned with variations on the brand name “CURE.” Cure by WCC is the elegant simplicity of the company’s marijuana brand seamlessly applied to rap-swag streetwear — a clean, minimalistic design with a bold AF, yet limited color palette.

Cookies SF

San Francisco Bay Area recording artist and entrepreneur Berner created Cookies SF with intent to combine streetwear, urban lifestyle, hip-hop, culture, and weed into one fashion line. After its official debut in Berner’s 2011 “ Yoko ” music video featuring Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Big Krit, Cookies SF quickly became a nationally recognized underground clothing line and a popular style choice of some of the biggest names in hip-hop, cannabis, and fashion.

The brand’s most popular clothing items include outerwear, hoodies, crewnecks, message t-shirts, caps, beanies, socks and belts. Cookies SF’s equally popular accessory line features smoke essentials including custom ashtrays, smell proof backpacks, and more.

Stoned Age

Stoned Age is the stoner fashion boutique geared toward the more stylish and more hip 20-something stoner who just walked straight out of an Urban Outfitters catalog . In its own words, Stoned Age is “high fashion for the post-youth stoner,” which is to say it’s mostly oversized T-shirts and long sleeves donning artfully faded graphics and post-ironic messages.

Stoned Age expertly walks the line between absurdity and art, and that’s what makes its clothes particularly appealing — it really doesn’t matter what the designs are supposed to mean, they just have to look cool. In this case, they do.


While streetwear-inspired stoner fashion is rapidly gaining popularity, it’s still not for everybody. If your style is more OG stoner than “post-youth stoner,” Grassroots California might be for you. It fuses streetwear with iconic counterculture fashion to create unique, eye-catching clothes for those who prefer a more classic look but still want their clothes to turn heads.

What really sets Grassroots apart is the truly off-the-wall graphics and patterns that adorn its T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and jackets. Its hat selection is serious, varied, and unlike any other headwear shopping experience you’ve ever had before. If your style is as loud as your weed, you’ll definitely love Grassroots.


For loud and proud weed lovers, StonerDays offers a variety of trippy T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, socks, and more. Its designs are loaded with pop culture references, colorful tie-dye, and, of course, weed leaves and nugs.

What sets this brand apart from other streetwear brands is that StonerDays consistently release new designs and seasonal items, including special collections for 4/20, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. If you’re shopping for a gift that any seasoned stoner will love, look no further. StonerDays also sells tons of dope extras: coffee mugs, posters, hemp greeting cards, and its top selling dab mats .

Stay Home Club

Though Stay Home Club doesn’t offer weed accessories or nug-covered hoodies, we still think it’s a pretty cool streetwear brand for stoners. The self-proclaimed “ lifestyle brand for people who have no life” sells comfy tees and crewnecks perfect for vegging out on the couch.

The Montreal-based company operates with just five employees and the help of contributing artists. Founder Olivia Mew designs a lot of items herself, including the company’s adorable logo featuring a girl staying home with four cats.

For stoners who like getting high and staying in (read: everyone), these clothes look good on the streets and on the couch. Plus, Stay Home Club sells trendy pins, patches, totes, prints, jewelry, and more. Plus, you’re supporting artists with each purchase.

Chiefton Supply Co.

We know that some stoners aren’t into anything boutique or wild patterns, so our suggestion to you is to check out Chiefton Supply Co. Based in Denver, Chiefton Supply prioritizes making clothes that are durable, functional, and comfortable using ecologically responsible textiles such as hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester.

The collection is very straightforward — T-shirts, hoodies, flannels, crewnecks, hats, and hiking accessories. Chiefton Supply makes sure that the clothes it produces meets the highest possible standards of quality, comfort, and functionality. Chiefton Supply is the no-bullshit, stoner-friendly clothing brand for those of us who just want some decent (and weed-friendly) everyday clothes built to last.

Wildflower Dyes

Tie-dye is apparently the newest and biggest trend to hit the fashion world in 2019. Now, it’s great that everyone is finally catching up, but we all know tie-dye has pretty much always been a stoner fashion staple. High-quality tie-dye is an art form, one which Wildflower Dyes has been masterfully producing since 2002. Wildflower has spent the last 17 years tie-dying everything — T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, bedding sets, bowties, socks, baby clothes, shower curtains, and even kimonos.

All these beautiful tie-dyed products come from the Wildflower Dyes studio in British Columbia, Canada, which is downright impressive for a small business. If you’re missing some tie-dye in your life, give Wildflower a look. We doubt you’ll be able to leave the Wildflower Dyes site without falling in love with one of its products.

The Higher Shop

Stoner fashion is all about repping all things weed, naturally, but no weed-friendly clothing company goes as completely all-out as The Higher Shop . They have so many weed-related products — parody t-shirts such as one with KFC’s Colonel Sanders on it with the letters THC instead of the company’s initials. The Higher Shop is seriously committed to making clothes that rep weed.

Sundae School

If you’re looking for upscale stoner attire that you might see in Vogue or buy at Barneys New York , Sundae School is the brand for you. Founders Dae Lim and Mia Park, joined by their common love of smoking weed, have ambitions that reach much further than fashion. Its website states, “ Our mission is to provide a center for higher education that inspires proper learning about recreational cannabis consumption and culture, to address the stereotypes and misinformation about the age-old herb.”

Weed Apparel and Streetwear Brands for Stoners with Style What is the fashion sense of a stoner? If you were to ask someone to describe stoner fashion, their answers would probably have a lot