cannabis dryer

Growing Together.

Canncas designs and manufactures stainless steel drying and material handling solutions for cannabis producers. Canncas strives to always be adaptable and provide the best products to help their customers succeed and in a relatively new industry that is quickly establishing itself, Canncas has the foresight and ability to provide quality equipment and services that is right for you.

Unique Needs, Custom Solutions

With any industry, each product has unique needs and oftentimes in need custom solutions. Canncas has in-depth experience helping clients to create layouts and design floorplans depending on their productions rates and facility size.

By taking the time to understand the process and production goals Canncas can design, manufacture and fabricate a customized solution that is unique to each case.

Canncas offers commercial and industrial drying systems for cannabis producers with operations of any size. Learn More.