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Lets Talk About Rust Fungus & What You Need To Know.

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Its extremely hard to get rid of once you got it most fungicides with help slow it down but not kill it completely. At this time the only way to cure a plant once Rust fungi has gotten hold is with Systemic fungicide which runs through the plants cells killing any fungi it comes into contact with, which also can be bad since it will kill helpful fungi as well. Any infected plant material should be burnt or put in a garbage bin outside of the home as composting and leaving it a normal garbage will just spread the infection more.

If you think you noticed Rust fungi act right away because the more time it has to establish the harder it is to get rid of!

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I recently decided to write this after I was hit a Rust fungi attack in my last grow. At first I thought it was a Mag/Cal as I experienced the same symptoms yellowing drooping leaves, browning at tips and edges etc. So I do what I normally do hit them with some Epsom salts/Egg shells which usually works like a charm to my surprise 2 days later they looked even worse so I gave them some Epsom again and samething. So I headed on over to Google and RIU of course trying to figure out what it was threads/links I could find suggested that it was just a Cal/Mag deficiency but I thought other-wise, so after browsing the net for 2 days I actually come across a forum about Rust fungi and boom thats what I had there was next to no information about. So I wrote this hoping it would provide easy/more information about the Rust fungi & Marijuana and open some more eyes, as I’ve seen self proclaimed experts mislead people saying its Cal/Mag deficiency, when its really Rust fungi.

What Is Rust Fungus? Rusts are plant diseases caused by pathogenic fungi of the order Pucciniales(previously also known as Uredinales). About 7800 species… ]]>