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Learn More About Some Of The Strains We’ve Cultivated In The Past

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Previously Cultivated Strains

Sour Amnesia

Sour Amnesia crosses the famous sour diesel strain with the amnesia strain to create a potent sativa that induces a cerebral high with symptom relief of bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, nausea and stress. The taste resembles its name very closely bringing on a sharp sour earthy taste with a hint of citrusy diesel that is released upon exhale. Feel the immediate blissful effect followed by a calm relaxed demeanor and try Sour Amnesia today

Ghost Train Haze

After all, Ghost Train Haze was named the most potent strain on earth by High Times magazine in 2012.

Strawberry Widow

A very uplifting, creative experience; this strain will have you feeling motivated in no time. With an 80/20 sativa dominant split, there is no doubt you day will turn around while you laugh with your friends and smile at nothing. Ready to turn that frown upside down? Try the Strawberry Widow, and get your day right.

Afghan Cow

Afghan Cow is a sativa-based hybrid and is a rare find in today’s market! Although it is a rare find in an average market, however, it is highly sought after for its extremely unique flavor and intense high. Enjoy the flavorful notes of grapes and berries with a creamy and buttery exhale. The smell is earthy and does not give the full aroma until broken apart.

You will find yourself uplifted and with your mind experiencing a cerebral punch. Feel a sense of clear-headed energy that leaves you feeling focused and full of energy, ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

Afghan Cow is not for the novice user, a slight puff too much and you may induce paranoia, anxiety, or possible headaches due to its elevated potency. At the right dose, you will find this strain will help with depression, glaucoma, and stress.

Marion Berry Kush

A hybrid by nature with deep Indica roots, Marion Berry Kush calms the body leaving the mind focused and ready to engage in conversation. The intense berry flavors resonate on the tongue after exhale and will have you wanting to share with friends in no time. Enjoy a toke of Marion Berry and don’t be afraid to come back for some more while you enjoy one of your new favorite strains.

Doggy Blues

Our Doggy Blues strain may be new to the line, but man does it pack a punch. A very potent strain that leaves you relaxed, and potentially couch locked, you will quickly melt all the stress away from your day. Forget about the worry and anxiety, and enjoy the afterhours with this complex aroma and flavor full of blueberry and apricot pie.

Although you may feel an increasing body relaxation, don’t worry, you will still remain cerebrally active with a sense of euphoric glee. Enjoy Doggy Blues if you suffer from insomnia, appetite loss or chronic pain. Try it today and see what wonders Doggy Blues can do for you.


This iconic meld of juicy sweet and a sharp citrus is the delectable yield of a crossbreed between Tangie, Lemon Skunk, and Tangerine Dream. Handcrafted with a working medicinal patient’s needs in mind, it’s powerful enough to relax muscles, yet contains a buoying high that encourages mental clarity. In the nightmare of a convoluted modern industry, enjoy a break with our Clementine.

Bubble Gum

Taking a puff of our bubble gum will bring you back to your childhood. Just like popping a fresh piece of Bazooka Joe, this sweet flavor will bring you to pure bliss. This cartridge will immediately lift your spirits and help you enjoy social activities. Enjoy this evenly pure high with a simple puff today!

Wedding Cake

Try our Wedding Cake Cartridge and enjoy the focus you will have. With an initial sweetness upon the inhale, let go and exhale to a nice tangy earthy flavor sending your mind into a laser focus and intent. No need to worry about falling asleep with this strain, enjoy a puff and feel relaxed while you work or socialize.

Paris OG

This strain will leave you calm and relaxed at the end of a busy day. The blend of sweet and fruity notes will leave your senses in a space to relax and enjoy your evening. Paris OG has secured itself a great reputation in the cannabis community. Try it today.

Honey Rose

Exactly what you expect, this cartridge hits your taste buds instantly with a nice honey flavor upon the first draw and leaves your palate with a distinct floral rose taste. Uplifting and thought provoking, this cartridge will also level off to a nice full body effect. Enjoy any time of day and find out what the buzz is all about.

Key Lime Pie

Take a puff and feel the euphoria that this key lime pie cartridge creates. With an all-day type feel and a taste unparalleled use this cartridge any time of day to help with focus and calm. Feel the stress of your day melt away with a blissful toke that bring on a strong key lime tart followed by a graham cracker crust exhale. Try it today and find out why it is quickly becoming one of the most popular cartridges

Blueberry Pie

Enjoy the blueberry pie cart as a dessert or when you get home from work and feel the relaxation and calm brought on by the intense feeling of relaxation. Your body and mind will slow down as you enjoy peace and relaxation after a hard day’s work. This strong blueberry flavor encapsulates you while you have a distraction free moment of heaven.

Passion Fruit

What else can we say? Passion fruit is one of the best summer flavors to indulge while enjoying a toke any time of day. This cartridge brings on a euphoric feeling with overall sense of mood uplifting. Need an attitude adjustment? You are one puff away from entering your happy place. Try Passion Fruit today and see what all the fuss is about.


This potent indica-based hybrid created by crossing strawberry bubblegum and banana kush will send you to a place of relaxation as quickly as you inhale your medicine. A soft banana and strawberry flavor will help you feel calm and focused, although processing speeds may slow down. Other desired symptom reliefs this strain helps alleviate include Crohn’s disease, fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, PTSD, and stress. Start living a better quality of life now with one puff of Strawnana.


Welcome to the cartridge that changes it all. With a crisp watermelon taste and an ability to feel euphoric all day, this cartridge is our #1 best summer seller and feels like a cold beer on a hot beach day. Use with friends, or during a social gathering and feel free from social awkwardness. The engaging cartridge will make you the center of attention in no time.

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