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I did ok on a few of there…

I did ok on a few of there strains. I’ve always got my order.. sometimes late..Germination @ 80 %.. There gg #4 and animals cookies preformed. There zkittles and pk was marginal. Always add stealth shipping and guaranteed delivery. its extra but dat is what it takes to secure product. not a opinion but a real tip. peace

Very bad !

I bought 3 feminized seeds for US $ 73.62. None have germinated. I have been cultivating for over 10 years. I know germination techniques very well and I have never had such a bad result! 0 germinated seeds after 15 days! I informed Canuk and they said there was nothing they could do. I lost 15 days and US $ 74. Thanks Canuk!

Another citizen from America scammed 160.00

I had to give these Canada -ucks a star to write to warn others.Dont wast your money cons warning to all of American citizens.True North seeds is using Canuk seeds to steal from the United States citizens.they are about to closed down.investigation going down soon.

Canuk seeds AKA True North Seeds

Canuk seeds AKA True North Seeds
You Can’t hide behind 2 names
Check out the other name before throwing money away.

Order will get seized. Stay Away

If you live internationally in the United States, avoid this seedbank. I have had two orders back to back seized. They close your tickets telling you to call them. Try calling and its hit or miss if the calls connect correctly. The line usually scrambles and sounds like an alien has come through the phone. I’ve hung up after 1hour plus of waiting for the call to be picked up. Today they picked up and quickly hung up after waiting 7 minutes. I have called countless number of times. Various times of the day monday-friday. Spoken to one person for the reship. Only successful call. I paid extra for shipping insurance and they obviously give you one reship then ignore you. On top of $10 shipping insurance and cost to ship.they wanted an extra $10-15 to remove breeder pack and then another $20 for a mug or tshirt. So if you dont cough up $40-50+ total shipping, CBP will seize your package cuz zero stealth is used if you dont pay for it. Stay away from this company. Keep my money you awful seedbank. Truenorth/canuk same company

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