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Cascade Connie (Western Cultured) feminized

Cascade Connie was brought into this world to bring laughter and joy to cannabis enthusiasts—and anyone else who wishes to have a good time. This variety harnesses amazing genetics from certified celebrity parent strains, exuding refreshing scents, revitalising highs, and vigorous growth.

Cascade Connie (Western Cultured) feminized
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Western Cultured – Cascade Connie: Cannabis And Laughter

Cascade Connie is a super fresh strain developed by Western Cultured, a seed bank specialising in cannabis strains treasured in the Pacific Northwest. This variety was developed by hybridising LA Confidential with G13, two strains known and respected by any cannabis connoisseur worth their salt. They’re both indica-dominant varieties that have gained legendary status for their powerful and unique effects. Therefore, Cascade Connie is a perfect treat for indica enthusiasts.

Upon consuming Cascade Connie buds, the grape and woodsy aromas become immediately apparent. The buds have a uniquely crisp, earthy essence that is greatly appreciated by consumers. Once her effects kick in, creative and joyful sensations arise, making her the perfect strain to enjoy when working on projects on one’s day off. It’s a great strain for dancers, artists, and stoner a cappella groups. Relaxing effects also creep in after a while, cooling down the overworked creative mind.

Cascade Connie ensures that the growing experience is one to look back fondly upon. This variety develops beautiful buds that become covered with a blanket of shiny crystals and visually appealing hues. For optimal results, temperatures should be maintained at around 25°C, with relative humidity around 50–60%. Keep in mind that the buds can become quite dense, so humidity and air circulation need to be kept in check to prevent mould and rot.

Cascade Connie sends users on a bracing indica-dominant ride. Filled with joy and a great cannabinoid profile, this variety is ready for your garden.