cataract kush review

Cataract kush review

One of my favorite strains ever! It treats a wide range of symptoms but the one I find it most helpful is insomnia. It doesn’t take much to consume in order to feel the effects be careful it creeps up on you. It usually has good levels of thc in the 20% area and cbd levels are sometimes decent. I’ve tried everything for sleep and I have a high tolerance to cannabis and sleeping medication so that says alot about Cataract Kush if it puts me to sleep. Thanks R. Greenleaf in Albuquerque NM for usually always stocking this strain and being consistent!

This strain I got but the Wonka oil version and it’s amazingI would give it six stars if I could it alleviates my anxiety and my depression while keeping me cheerful and joyous. good choice I had a lot to pick from but this one just stuck out to me because they are all 91% thc but I was elated to come to understand the high levels of cbd as well for my anxiety. I love this strain this is up there with “ill OG”. Btw blue dream sucks every time I’ve gotten it it’s weak unless it’s crossed with something to help it.

Cataract Kush is a hybrid medical marijuana strain which was created by crossing two of the most popular indica strains – OG Kush X LA Confidential. Hence, this is a full-on indica strain. Originally, this medical marijuana was developed by 'DNA Genetics'. This strain is featuring plenty of snowy… ]]>