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CBD OG Kush (CBD Crew) feminized

CBD OG Kush puts a fresh spin on a hugely successful strain throughout the world. OG Kush, fabled for its strong THC content, builds on that reputation with higher levels of CBD, providing renewed freshness and clarity unusual for a Kush product. Strong yields combined with compact root growth make this feminised indica the perfect flower for indoor growers.

CBD OG Kush (CBD Crew) feminized
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CBD Crew – CBD OG Kush: Famous strain, enriched with CBD

CBD Crew has been relentless in their quest for providing a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD. With this latest strain of CBD OG Kush, that quest is one step closer to completion. OG Kush is an established and well-known strain renowned for its ability to provide that feeling of intense euphoria whilst still relaxed in nature. A quietly confident strain, the CBD content has been enriched to provide higher levels of CBD, producing a THC:CBD ratio of 1:2 to 1:5, making it a highly practical strain with less psychoactive attributes.

Being earthy and fruity in aroma, CBD OG Kush requires little room to grow, making it an exemplary choice for growers with a restriction on space or limited to an indoor growing area. Producing a vibrant and alluring flower, the increased CBD content instills users with a restored clarity, negating the disconcerting lethargy that high THC content in strains can bring.

CBD OG Kush has a flowering of roughly 10 weeks, with a yield between 500-600g/m². It makes this already popular strain an impressive choice for wanting a classic strain with a high CBD content.

CBD OG Kush is a feminized beauty that maintains the armoas of the original. Ideal for those who want to classic aromas of OG Kush, but with added CBD.