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CDA Clinics provides medical cannabis consultations to eligible patients in Perth & Western Australia. Book a Telehealth appointment today. CBD oil is a safe alternative treatment option to combat various health conditions and illnesses. Discover the benefits of CBD oil in Perth at Cannatrek!


Apply for Medical Cannabis Consultations in Perth and Western Australia

Looking to find out more about medicinal cannabis consultations, therapies, holistic services and plant-based products in Perth and Western Australia?

Patients located in Perth and Western Australia who are suffering from chronic pain or a chronic condition may find benefits from alternative therapies such as medical cannabis and CBD oil. If you would like to discuss your eligibility for these treatments, you can register with CDA Clinics.

If you are from WA, you can use the Telehealth service to arrange a virtual consultation with one of our experienced doctors or nurses. The Telehealth system is private and allows you to speak with a professional from the comfort of your own home. Your initial consultation provides our medical cannabis doctors with the opportunity to assess your condition and suggest the best natural treatment option for you.

If you’re looking to explore CDA Clinic’s plant-based treatment options and services in Perth and Western Australia, Telehealth could be a convenient option for you.

Start the process by registering with CDA Clinics


Register as a patient, upload the required documents and receive an information pack. As soon as we received the required documents, we can book you in for a consultation.


Once we’ve received your referral, health summary and a signed CDA consent form, you can book in for a Telehealth consultation to explore treatment options.


If approved via one of the TGA Special Access Schemes, the doctor will write a prescription for the appropriate cannabis medication. If you choose to go with a CDA preferred pharmacy, you can have the medication securely shipped to your door.

Why Choose CDA Clinics?

  • CDA Clinics is one of Australia’s most experienced medical cannabis consultation service, having provided over 20,000 patient consultations to date.
  • Our experienced doctors and nurses are highly trained and experienced in prescribing medicinal cannabis therapies and plant-based medicines to patients across Australia.
  • By choosing CDA Clinics, you are guaranteed quality service and attentive care. CDA provides thorough consultations and supports eligible patients in following the legal pathways for medicinal cannabis therapies . If you’re deemed eligible for a medical cannabis prescription, you will receive a personalised treatment plan detailing which plant-based medicine (such as CBD oil, THC flower, THC oil, cannabis crystal isolate etc.) may be best suited to manage your condition.
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According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, medicinal cannabis therapies can only be prescribed by an Australian-registered medical practitioner and must be accessed through special federal and state pathways. For more information on medical cannabis consultations in Australia, visit the TGA’s website here.

Australia’s most trusted Medical Cannabis Consultants, having provided over 20,000 patient consultations
Affordable chronic disease assessment with alternative treatment options
Largest range of plant-based regulated medical products, securely shipped to your door

* Please refer to our T&Cs


Once registered, an information pack will be sent containing everything you need to know.

What’s Telehealth?

Telehealth permits patients across Australia to have private, one-to-one consultations with healthcare professionals via phone or video call. This means, no matter where you are located in WA, you can discuss plant-based treatment options, such as medical cannabis, with a CDA doctor or nurse.

Over the course of your Telehealth consult, a medical cannabis doctor will assess your condition and eligibility to find the most suitable plant-based therapy for your needs. We will develop customised treatment goals and create a plan to ensure we can monitor the benefits and possible side effects of different medical cannabis therapies.

To access Telehealth services in Western Australia, you’ll have to go through the same route as any other patient. Once you’ve registered as a patient, you can select Telehealth as your preference and follow the process to book a consultation. After your consultation and when your case has been approved, one of our doctors will write a script and send it to the pharmacy for dispensing.

Standard Consultation
  • Assessment
  • Telehealth consultation
  • Customised health management plan
  • Chronic disease assessment and perscribed treatment
  • Follow-up consultations $59

How do I fill a plant-based prescription?

Our doctors will provide you with a prescription for a plant-based treatment option that is most suitable for you, such as medical cannabis, once we have received TGA approval.

Don’t let the symptoms of your chronic condition go untreated. CDA Clinics is committed to providing patients in Perth and WA legal pathways to herbal therapies. Once approved, we’ll send your script securely to the pharmacy and have them send your plant-based products straight to your door if you choose.

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Deb is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, a founding member of the Australian chapter of The Society of Cannabis Clinicians, a member and contributor to The Cannabis Nurse network and a member of the Australian Medical Cannabis association

With a passion for helping people manage their conditions naturally with minimal side effects, Danielle’s mission is to help people feel comfortable and confident using plant-based treatments to live a happy and healthy life.

Dr. Michelle McWann has experience working abroad and within Australia. She understands the utility of alternative herbal-based medications in the treatment of chronic conditions.

Experienced in cannabinoid therapies

CDA Clinics is Australia’s first dedicated medical cannabis consultation clinic with a team of trained doctors and nurses. We provide eligible patients with a viable pathway to alternative and natural treatments. Our holistic health services range from chronic pain assessments, and medical cannabis and CBD oil therapies, to DVA health services, herbal medicine and more.

Medical cannabis therapies in Perth

With CDA Clinic’s Telehealth consultations, residents in Perth and Western Australia can explore medical cannabis therapies or plant-based medicine with their doctor. If you’re living in Western Australia and seeking alternative treatments for a chronic condition, CDA Clinics can help you get the care you need. Contact us today to book a consultation with one of our experts.

CBD Oil Perth

CBD oil is effectively used in various formulations. It is most commonly produced as an oil for ingesting. CBD can be administered as liquid, gel capsules, through topical application, via inhalation, and with sublingual tinctures.

CBD needs to be prescribed by a medical practitioner before it can be purchased at a pharmacy. Treatment options in Perth are limited, so it’s important to connect with a pharmacy or authorised dispensary (such as Cannatrek) that is committed to fair and equitable distribution of cannabis oil and other medical marijuana products.

What are the benefits of CBD oil in Western Australia?

CBD oil is a new medicine on the Australian market. It is somewhat controversial, as CBD (cannabidiol) is found in the marijuana plant. However, CBD doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound found in marijuana known to cause a psychotropic ‘high’ effect.

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CBD oil is safe to use, and it is very uncommon for patients to suffer any concerning side effects. The health benefits of CBD are becoming well known, and clinical trials are ongoing to evaluate the efficacy of CBD oil in treating even more medical conditions. CBD oil is legal in Perth with a doctor’s prescription, and some products may be accessible via the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

What conditions is CBD used to help treat?

If you qualify for medically approved CBD oil, Cannatrek can provide an initial consultation and referral to a medical practitioner in your area who is favourable to the distribution of high quality medicinal cannabis products. Here are just some of the potential health benefits and uses of CBD oil.

Pain: Chronic pain is a common condition associated with many illnesses and conditions. In some cases chronic pain has no obvious origin. CBD oil shows promise in assisting the management of chronic pain.

Anxiety: Stress factors are widespread, negatively impacting people’s health and wellbeing. CBD oil is well known for reducing anxiety levels in some patients, particularly people suffering from anxiety disorders.

Epilepsy: A number of controlled and authoritative studies have shown the ability of CBD oil to dramatically reduce the number of seizures in patients who may otherwise be resistant to traditional medications.

Cancer: CBD oil is known to alleviate pain, stimulate appetite, and treat nausea experienced by some cancer patients. In addition, cannabinoids including CBD have been shown to produce tumor modulating effects.

Other uses: There are many uses for CBD oil products and other cannabis therapies. Early studies show promise in treating Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other serious ailments.

Are there any side effects when you take CBD oil?

CBD oil is well tolerated, although there are potential side effects to be aware of. These can include:

Side effects can sometimes be related to the CBD oil delivery method or dosage, so make sure to discuss your needs with your treating doctor. To ensure correct delivery, dosage, and high product quality, connect with Cannatrek qualified cannabis doctors and authorised prescribers.

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