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Health CBD Oils are made through a chemical extraction process using either butane, Co2, ethanol or alcohol, which destroys up to 99% of the terpenes. CBD oils DO NOT have a cannabis or hemp CBD Paste Vs. CBD Oil A CBD paste can seem a bit scary – it is in a syringe, dark, thick, and looks as though it is reserved for the CBD veterans out there. Nevertheless, it is straightforward to


CBD Oils are made through a chemical extraction process using either butane, Co2, ethanol or alcohol, which destroys up to 99% of the terpenes. CBD oils DO NOT have a cannabis or hemp smell b/c the terpenes completely evaporate during the extraction process. Many companies are using artificial terpenes to ATTEMPT to cover up the damage done

A popular extraction method is butane extraction which leaves behind residue and is loaded with carcinogens

Due to the CBD oil chemical process, CBD oil has a harsh taste and leaves a burning sensation

Isolated CBD is inferior b/c it does not contain any terpenes and has only 1 out of the 118 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Thus, these products cannot create an entourage effect. CBD is NOT the only medicinal cannabinoid. Several trace cannabinoids such as cannabinoid 17Ca-5 are destroyed through extraction

Due to the fact that about 40% of the cannabinoids are lost and thrown in the trash and COSTLY extraction equipment is needed. Creating CBD oil is one huge expense that is passed on to the consumer

Artificial terpenes can be dangerous to your health

When CBD oil is extracted, it is a thick black tar and needs to be diluted/cut with an oil, such as coconut oil, before it can be sold. When a company concentrates, then dilutes an oil, it loses its medicinal value. Many companies brag about how potent their oil is, but this is misinformation


Hemp Paste is the world’s ONLY non-extracted CBD product. No chemicals are used in the production process, and when you open a jar of Hemp Paste, you may wonder if it is legal as it smells just like the cannabis/hemp plant. This is because it contains the ‘whole bud’ and the natural terpenes

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Hemp Paste uses no chemicals and is cooked in a BPA-free glass mason jar

By nature, the hemp flower is biter but b/c the Hemp Paste is not chemically processed, the natural chlorophyll and terpenes are still intact thus leaving the natural flavors

Hemp Paste utilizes the full Hemp Spectrum, which focuses on all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, not just CBD. There are more than 480 components in the cannabis and hemp plant, and all of these components are in the Hemp Paste

Hemp Paste is the lowest priced CBD/Hemp Spectrum product in the world. We can make this medicine 335 times cheaper than the CBD oil industry and pass a savings on to the consumer of greater than 50%. This makes this more affordable with a footprint thousands of times less.

Hemp Paste contains Natural Terpenes which are healthy for you

By nature, the flower is potent enough whereas concentrating it is futile. So, its natural potency is sufficient for any need. You want more potency? Ingest more

Hemp Paste is made by My Nutra of Woodland Park, CO. They are years ahead of most other companies in their growing and manufacturing processes. I have been researching various companies’ products and have decided to align with this company as they have more R&D than any other and remain faithful to ‘least processing methods’.

CBD Paste Vs. CBD Oil

A CBD paste can seem a bit scary – it is in a syringe, dark, thick, and looks as though it is reserved for the CBD veterans out there. Nevertheless, it is straightforward to use and a fantastic source of a wide range of naturally occurring amino acids, waxes, terpenes, and cannabinoids. It can be used by intermediate to advanced users and those who like a powerful cannabinoid punch. CBD paste provides a more comprehensive CBD experience. Because of the higher concentration of CBD, there’s less to no spill in terms of the effects.

CBD Oils

It is as simple as it can get: CBD oil is made by infusing the Cannabinoid compounds with a carrier oil (like Hemp Seed, Coconut/ MCT, or Olive Oil). This can be done by adding an isolated form of CBD, or full-spectrum extract. For whatever reason, CBD oil seems to be the most popular CBD product and is usually the gateway people use to start their CBD journey.

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Most of these oils come in a little bottle with a pipette, and there are several ways to use them. Most commonly you put drops of the oils underneath your tongue. Other ways are topical use or mixing the oil with a favorite skin care product. The great thing about oil is that it is versatile, and the carrier oil also has its well-being benefits. For instance, an MCT oil is a very effective delivery system and is one of the most health-beneficial substances on the planet; olive oil is excellent for your hair and skin. So, depending on what you need from the CBD product, you can choose a carrier oil that complements the benefits of CBD.

CBD oils are not limited to a single type. These oils come in various forms in terms of texture and concentration. They also have different tastes, which means you have an option to go for a lighter taste if you have a delicate palate. CBD oils can also be thick and strong-tasting. This usually depends on the type of extract that is a source of CBD.

CBD Pastes

A Cannabis sativa extract is a pure raw paste that has been produced specifically to retain the naturally occurring cannabinoids, amino acids, waxes, and terpenes. It is how nature intended it to be. Imagine the hemp plant that has been squeezed into a tube. Many people out there believe that the benefits of CBD & the Hemp plant are best when all of the naturally occurring chemicals and compounds are present, including a wide range of Cannabinoids that work to enhance and regulate each other; this is called the Entourage Effect.

CBD pastes pack a great punch of the powerful effects of the compound. CBD paste is a great form of CBD to try if you’re looking for something more effective. However, it may not be suitable for beginners since it does have heavy effects on the body due to its concentrated form. On the other hand, if you feel like exploring and experiencing the effects of CBD, CBD pastes may be perfect for you.

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Many customers find that the paste is much more cost-effective and lasts a lot longer as less works just as well as twice the amount of oil. You would usually take the paste the same way as the oil, but place a pea-sized (or as you feel best) amount under your tongue. Otherwise, you can rub the paste into your skin or to a carrier oil to make your own CBD oil.

CBD paste overall is excellent for those wanting more bang for their dollar. At first, the price point of organic CBD paste looks more expensive than gasoline, but since you will use much less at a time, it is more economical. In addition, it often usually includes more CBD than CBD oil, so it is safer to use a more concentrated CBD substitute.

Which is Better?

Well, you can be the judge of this! When it comes to preferences, there’s no hard-and-fast rule in determining which is better. It is the product you prefer and which you find easiest to take. That means the difference mainly lies in the user’s preference when using the product. If you want a more full-blown experience, go for CBD pastes. The paste is a raw, effective pure product but comes with a very acquired taste. On the other hand, CBD oils will be perfect for you if you want options, as they are easy to take, can come in various forms, and have versatility.

This is just one distinction between CBD paste and CBD oil. However, their effects are generally the same. In fact, CBD oil is made of CBD paste – CBD paste is the undiluted CBD extract from supercritical CO2 extraction. This raw material produces all our herbal, full-spectrum CBD goods.

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