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CBDPure Hemp Oil is a clean-cut choice with a great hemp source with full-spectrum CBD. We dive into this product and find out if it’s a good choice. CBDPure CBD Oil Review & Coupon Code (2022 Update) If you’re just getting started with cannabidiol, I recommend you find a trustworthy manufacturer that sells basic CBD products made with This CBDPure review includes an overview of CBDPure's CBD oil, softgels and CBD-infused cream, and our experience using the products to aid athletic recovery.

CBDPure Hemp Oil

These oils by CBDPure are of excellent quality — made from organically-grown American hemp, processed with high-tech supercritical CO2, and dissolved into an organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Each batch is then sent to a third-party lab for testing, and from what we’ve seen there’s no indication of any quality issues with any of the results posted online.

However, the cost of these oils is marked up substantially. You can find the same quality oils, from a dozen other companies, for a fraction of the cost. This is the only reason we can’t recommend these oils.

Price/Value 3/5

The quality of these oils is great, but the prices are average. One way to get a good value on this particular product is to order the largest bottle (1000 mg) in the 6 month supply package.

CBD Potency 4/5

The highest potency in this range is 1000 mg — which is going to be sufficient for virtually everyone except the most experienced CBD users or those with severe chronic pain. Normally we wouldn’t deduct so much in this category, except the company is suggesting these oils as an alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers — which would need a much higher dose to even remotely match the effects.

For this reason, we believe the potency of these oils is too low for what the company recommends using the product for. The lower potency option (300 mg) would be a good fit for people sensitive to CBD, children, and pets.

Hemp Source 4/5

CBD Pure’s hemp is organic, sourced from Colorado. Although we certainly believe the hemp is grown using organic practices, we’d like to see a USDA certificate to prove it.

The company lists detailed information about why they don’t have this certification, but it hasn’t been updated for some time. The regulations are different now, and USDA certification is much more accessible.

When this company achieves organic status we’ll be giving them full points in this category.

Purpose/Uses 3/5

The company doesn’t come right out and say it (because they can’t according to the FDA guidelines), but there are hints on the website to suggest this oil as an alternative for pharmaceutical painkillers.

The low dosage of this product and lack of additional ingredients to support the analgesic effects of CBD make this oil unlikely to be able to perform this role. Much higher dosages would be needed to achieve benefits that can compare to pharmaceutical painkillers.

Instead, we’d recommend using the lower potency oils for people sensitive to CBD, children, and pets.

Product Variations 4/5

CBDPure offers this oil in three different potencies, three bulk order sizes, and one bottle size — that’s a total of 9 different options.

We’d like to see this company offer their oils in different bottle sizes, a higher potency option, and potentially even some flavored options in the low range to help use this oil for picky children.

Formulation/Ingredients 4/5

This is a very standard CBD oil option — consisting of just CBD extract, and carrier oil. We place this oil slightly above average because of the companies decision to use organic hemp seed oil as the carrier — which is more expensive than the standard MCT oil alternative but has a nicer texture, and flavor.

Product Variants

CBDPure Hemp Oil
60 mL

3.67 / 5

Total CBD : 300 mg
Potency : 5 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.10
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
CBDPure Hemp Oil
60 mL

3.67 / 5

Total CBD : 600 mg
Potency : 10 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.09
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
CBDPure Hemp Oil
60 mL

3.67 / 5

Total CBD : 1000 mg
Potency : 16.6 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.08
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
Table of Contents

CBDPure Hemp Oil Review

Article By

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at CBDPure’s hemp oil.

CBDPure’s brand is wholly focused on its organic hemp and detailed 3rd party lab test results. Their vision is to provide fully transparent hemp-derived products for the world — a mission we can certainly stand behind. They even offer an “ironclad 90-day guarantee” on all their products, just to make sure it’s everything you hoped it to be.

Here, we explore what CBDPure is offering in their lineup of hemp oils, what they cost, and how they hold up to the competition.

Let’s get started.

Overview: Hemp Oil

CBDPure’s flagship product is its original hemp oil, formulated with two simple ingredients — high-potency cannabidiol (CBD) and organic hemp seed oil.

You can buy the oil in three different concentrations — 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1000 mg, all of which come in a standard 60 mL (1 oz) bottle.

Pros & Cons

  • Transparency provided with third-party testing on every batch
  • Sources organically-grown premium hemp
  • Made from a full-spectrum extract
  • Uses organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil as the carrier oil
  • Highest potency is only 16.6 mg/mL
  • No variety in flavor or higher potencies

Who Should Consider Using Hemp Oil?

This is a very simple oil, with relatively low doses. While this limits the effectiveness of the oil when trying to target specific symptoms of conditions, the simplicity makes it useful for a very wide range of applications.

People who use oils like this tend to use the supplement for minor health concerns, or as a daily health promotion supplement — rather than for serious conditions where a much stronger oil containing other herbs and supplements would be much better.

We like the fact that this oil contains hemp seed oil, which is itself a great supplement for its high GLA and other polyunsaturated fatty acid content.

Mix this oil in with your morning smoothie, take it as it or hide it in foods and sauces to get a daily dose of CBD.


The price of CBDPure hemp oil is average for oils of comparable potency — but the high-quality ingredients (full-spectrum hemp extract and hemp seed oil) justifies the higher price somewhat.

For the best value, we recommend ordering the highest potency, and the 6 month supply (6 bottles).

The average price per mg of CBD for all sizes is around $0.09 — compare this to the average from other manufacturers which is closer to $0.12 per milligram of CBD. This adds up to quite a lot when you’re talking about a few hundred milligrams of CBD in each bottle.

Cost Breakdown for CBDPure Hemp Oils
Product Image Product Total CBD Content Price Cost per mg CBD
Hemp Oil 300 300 mg $29.99 $0.10
Hemp Oil 600 600 mg $54.99 $0.09
Hemp Oil 1000 1000 mg $79.99 $0.08

CBD Potency

CBDPure offers three potencies — 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1000 mg — all of which come in 30 mL (1 oz) bottles.

This should be more than enough for new CBD users, people sensitive to CBD and other cannabinoids, pets, and children. Only the experienced CBD users with the highest dose requirements may not be able to find enough of a dose with this product without using up half the bottle each time. These users will do better ordering something higher potency instead.

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Comparing CBDPure Hemp Oil Potencies
Product Image Product Bottle Size Total CBD Content Potency (mg CBD per mL)
Hemp Oil 300 60 mL 300 mg 5 mg/mL
Hemp Oil 600 60 mL 600 mg 10 mg/mL
Hemp Oil 1000 60 mL 1000 mg 16.6 mg/mL

Hemp Source

CBDPure states that its hemp comes from Colorado and is grown organically — meaning without the use of pesticides or herbicides and in soils that have been confirmed to be free from heavy metals and other contaminants.

The 3rd-party lab testing eases any quality concerns as they pass all fields with flying colors. Fortunately, this company takes its testing very seriously and offers clear testing on every batch of products it manufactures.

You can verify the potency for each bottle on the website, (the actual CBD potency is slightly higher than advertised) which is more than can be said for most CBD brands.


Based on the marketing of this product, these oils are geared towards people who want to avoid using pharmaceutical pain killers to manage their symptoms. While we don’t disagree, we’re skeptical this product will do the trick for most people, since it generally takes higher doses to achieve the pain-killing effect of CBD — especially to the extent pharmaceutical pain killers do.

Although you can simply take more oil to reach an effective dose, these oils are marketed to last about a month per bottle — which would mean the daily dose is going to be fairly low. By our calculations, the dose would need to be just 2 mL per day of this oil, which works out to 20 mg of CBD per day with the highest potency bottle (600 mg).

Although this is possible, and everyone is different, we’ve found it takes about 20-50 mg per dose to reach the level of pain relief experienced on mild painkillers like Tylenol or Aspirin. That’s per dose, not per day. We usually need to take about two or three doses in a given day to maintain this pain-relieving effect.

So while we love the quality of these oils, and they are certainly a good source of CBD, we’re skeptical about the way the company suggests we use them.

The low doses of this oil may provide relief from symptoms such as:

Product Variations/Flavors

CBDPure hemp oils come in one size (60 mL), three strengths (300 mg, 600 mg, and 1000 mg), and three different order sizes (1 bottle, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles).

The more you buy, and the stronger the oil you get, the more cost savings you’ll receive.

1. CBDPure Hemp Oil 300 Pricing & Quantity
Month Supply Price Cost per mg CBD
1 Month $29.99 $0.09
3 Months $69.99 $0.07
6 Months $124.99 $0.06
2. CBDPure Hemp Oil 600 Pricing & Quantity
Month Supply Price Cost per mg CBD
1 Month $54.99 $0.09
3 Months $129.99 $0.07
6 Months $219.99 $0.06
3. CBDPure Hemp Oil 1000 Pricing & Quantity
Month Supply Price Cost per mg CBD
1 Month $79.99 $0.08
3 Months $199.99 $0.06
6 Months $339.99 $0.05

Final Verdict: A High Price for an Average Oil

We don’t recommend any of CBDPure’s Hemp Oils for one simple reason — you can find the same quality and potencies from other companies for less money.

Yes, this company makes a great quality oil, and yes the full-spectrum hemp extract actually works — but the lack of high-potency options and relatively high price make it hard to justify spending your hard-earned money on this particular oil.

CBDPure CBD Oil Review & Coupon Code (2022 Update)

If you’re just getting started with cannabidiol, I recommend you find a trustworthy manufacturer that sells basic CBD products made with all-natural ingredients.

You’re probably not going to shop through things like CBD vape juices or bath bombs if you haven’t tried CBD in its most basic form first.

As more people jump on the CBD craze, many companies are looking to capitalize on the emerging market. Having tons of choices can be a nightmare, particularly if you need to decide on something regarding your health.

For new consumers, the safest bet is to choose a company with a proven track record and plenty of satisfied customers.

In this review, I’ll cover CBDPure — a company that offers CBD oils and softgels made from organic hemp. I’ll also explain why, in my opinion, CBDPure is a dependable manufacturer and a good place to source CBD products.

About CBDPure

CBDPure was founded in 2016 with the mission of making high-quality CBD oils made from locally grown hemp. Considering how much their customers rave about the brand, they are doing a good job of fulfilling their mission statement.

The company sources its CBD from organic hemp cultivated on Colorado farms, where the farmers don’t use any harmful herbicides or fertilizers.

They sell CBD oil in three different strengths as well as softgel capsules that boast a high dose of CBD per serving. Although this is a very modest product range, I can tell you that CBDPure has perfected both of these products.

And to prove that their products are consistent in potency and purity, every batch goes through a third-party laboratory for testing. The lab reports are accessible upon request.

CBDPure Product Highlights

The quality of CBD oil is paramount for me as a mother because it determines the product’s safety. CBDPure has met all the criteria on my list. Here’s why I recommend them to new consumers:

1. Made from Organic Hemp

CBDPure’s hemp oil is sourced from organic hemp grown in Colorado. The plants are cultivated in fertile soil without excessive use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. That’s important because hemp is an effective bioacummulator — which meant that if the soil is polluted the plants will start to accumulate these compounds. Ultimately these contaminants will end up in the final product. Thankfully, with CBDPure, this isn’t a problem.

2. Extracted With CO2

CBDPure uses supercritical CO2 extraction, which is a chemical-free method that uses pressurized carbon dioxide forced into a “supercritical” state — which means it’s neither a liquid or a gas. This special state gives CO2 the same qualities of an organic solvent like butane or hexane without the toxic side-effects.

Once the pressure is released all the CO2 turns back into a gas — leaving behind pure hemp extract.

3. Tested for Potency & Purity in a 3rd Party Laboratory

I love that CBDPure not only displays their lab reports on their website but they also explain how to read those tests in a simple manner. They even point out which fragments of the lab analysis you should look for to find the information about cannabinoid profiling, pesticide testing, heavy metal testing, residual solvent testing, and microbiological screening.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

CBDPure makes a great effort and building their brand and maintaining good relationships with their customers. Thus, if you’re not satisfied with how the product works — i.e. you’re not experiencing the benefits you want or are simply not happy with the product for any reason — you can send your order back within 90 days for a full refund.

Where Do They Fall Short?

I don’t think there’s much CBDPure could improve in their manufacturing practices. However, I see some room for a couple of minor improvements elsewhere. Here’s what I believe the company could do better:

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They Sell Low-potency CBD Oil

For a new customer or a lightweight person who doesn’t need much CBD in their life, the CBDPure Hemp Oil is a good match. Their oils contain from 1.66 mg – 10 mg of CBD per mL, which may be enough to soothe mild pains and aches or curb anxiety.

However, for someone with more severe symptoms, these oils might prove cost-prohibitive because of the low potency. You’ll most likely end up using more oil to meet your dosage needs than you would with a more potent product.

They Have a Narrow Product Range

CBDPure sells only two types of products: CBD hemp oil and softgel capsules. It’s a shame because I bet many people would try a topical, vape, or edible from CBDPure considering how much care they put into their product lineup.

What Products Does CBDPure Sell?

As mentioned, CBDPure sells hemp oil drops and softgel capsules. Below I share more details on each product:

1. CBDPure Hemp Oil

  • Contains the full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Extracted with supercritical CO2
  • Comes with a convenient dropper for precise dosing
  • Available in three potency options: 100mg, 300mg, and 600mg
  • Lab-tested for potency
  • Low concentration of CBD per mL
  • Leaves a bitter aftertaste on the tongue
  • Priced higher than most oils in this potency range
My Thoughts On CBDPure Hemp Oil:

I’ve been using the 600mg bottle and was pretty satisfied with the results. The oil did a good job of easing my headaches and it reduced the number of migraine attacks from one or two a week to just one in a month.

However, I would be lying if I told you that the consumption process was enjoyable. In fact, the oil leaves a bitter aftertaste on the tongue. I have a very sensitive palate, so when I was using half the dropper at once it was all I could do to remove the sensation from my mouth afterward. I found that drinking a juice like a pineapple or orange juice did a good job at removing the taste.

Other than that, I had nothing else to complain about. You may just as well be a fan of the botanical taste the oil leaves, so this argument may not be valid in your case.

2. CBDPure Softgel Capsules

  • They contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes — you can benefit from the synergy between the combined hemp compounds
  • They boast a high dose per serving — each capsule has 25 mg of CBD
  • They’re easy to swallow
  • They offer convenient dosing due to a fixed dose of CBD in each capsule
  • There are less expensive options in this potency range (and with similar quality)
My Thoughts on CBDPure Softgel Capsules:

I’ve been saying this very often, I know, but I’ll repeat it once again:

I don’t like CBD capsules.

Of all other consumption forms, this one is the least enjoyable and the fact that oral CBD has also the lowest bioavailability (up to 20%) doesn’t help either. But when I’m testing a CBD brand, I can’t help but try every product it offers.

Well, what can I say about those capsules? They’re super easy to take. Whether you have problems with keeping the drops under the tongue for the suggested amount of time or you simply don’t like the taste of CBD oil, you’ll definitely like this option.

Besides, the capsules are more potent than the strongest version of CBDPure Hemp Oil. With 25mg per capsule, the whole bottle packs 750mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Final Verdict: CBDPure Is a Trustworthy Manufacturer for New Consumers and Those Looking for Low-potency CBD Oil

CBDPure is an excellent choice if the dosage and quality of ingredients are your main concerns.

Whether you’re just starting out or you need a trustworthy manufacturer to supply you with top-notch cannabidiol you’ll likely find something you like in CBDPure products.

However, if you want a more diverse choice when it comes to forms or flavor, you may find this brand to be too limited in what they have to offer. There are no vape oils, flavored tinctures, gummies, or topicals.

But since they have a money-back guarantee which lets you return the product and get a refund in case you’re not satisfied with the results, you can give them a try anyway.

Visit their official website at www.cbdpure.com

Livvy Ashton

Livvy is a registered nurse (RN) and board-certified nurse midwife (CNM) in the state of New Jersey. After giving birth to her newborn daughter, Livvy stepped down from her full-time position at the Children’s Hospital of New Jersey. This gave her the opportunity to spend more time writing articles on all topics related to pregnancy and prenatal care.

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CBDPure Review: Organic CBD Oil, Softgels, and CBD-Infused Cream

All opinions are our own and never influenced by brands. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

CBDPure offers premium full-spectrum CBD oil, softgels, and CBD-infused cream for muscles and joints, made using CBD from plants grown in the US (Colorado and Washington) to Organic standards. In this CBDPure review, I provide an overview of the company, how it is differentiated from other CBD brands, and some insights regarding our experience using their products.

Taking a daily CBD supplement, in the form of a CBD oil or softgel, is a great way for athletes and active people to start to benefit from CBD, as it is known to be effective in aiding athletic recovery, particularly by helping to reduce inflammation, and also by improving general wellbeing, such as helping to get a good night’s sleep (which in turn, aids recovery), and this review covers CBDPure‘s CBD oil as well as their CBD softgels.

The third product covered in this CBDPure review is the brand’s CBD-infused cream, which is a topical solution for applying to specific parts of your body for targeted relief for sprains, aches, strains and injury recovery. This post includes more details, photos and a video review of all three CBDPure products to help you learn more about the products, what they look and feel like and what they’re like to use.

CBDPure Review: Table of Contents

The benefits of CBD for athletes

If you’re new to CBDPure, and CBD in general, then it’s worth understanding a bit more about the benefits of CBD, and specifically the benefits to us as athletes.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a plant-based, all-natural, anti-inflammatory supplement that is well-suited for the endurance athletes’ therapeutic needs. CBD does this by working in synergy with existing systems within the body to help alleviate inflammation, soreness, loss of mobility, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. While these are all issues that can affect people in many different walks of life, as athletes, and specifically as runners, there is a particularly high likelihood that we will experience some athletic and running-race-induced combination of all of the above symptoms, which CBD can help alleviate.

About CBDPure

CBDPure is a grower and producer of high-quality full-spectrum cannabidiol (“CBD”) oil derived from certified organic-standards industrial hemp grown in Colorado and Washington. CBDPure is a family-owned business founded in 2016 with a simple mission, to make the highest-quality CBD oil available, and back that with public third-party lab test results and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

One of the particularly great things about CBDPure is how transparent they are regarding the steps they take to ensure their batches of CBD are quality-controlled and tested by third-party labs, to ensure there is independent certification and confidence in the quality and purity of their CBD products. Using reputable lab-tested CBD products from quality-focused companies is really important in such a new industry as CBD oil to help ensure we know what we are putting on or in our bodies.

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To support this focus on quality, CBDPure also offer a no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee, and the certified lab tests and reports for each lot number of every CBDPure batch are available upon request.

What separates CBDPure from other CBD products?

  • Grown and manufactured in the US, using Organically-certified methods
  • Federally legal in the USA. Hemp plants marked for CBD harvest are selectively bred to produce little to no THC and high levels of CBD. CBD products sold across the US must only contain a maximum of .03% THC, which is 33 times less THC than the least potent strains of marijuana
  • CBDPure‘s dedication to the purity and quality of their products, as explained above.

We like that CBDPure uses hemp oil as the base, which contributes to the oil’s pleasant ‘nutty’ flavor. The hemp oil (as opposed to the CBD oil) isn’t an active ingredient but is used to dilute the CBD oil and make it easy to consume and taste. This differs from some other CBD oils which use base (inactive) oils such as coconut or sunflower oil.

My experience using CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil, CBD Softgels and CBD-Infused Cream

As mentioned above, for the purpose of this CBDPure review I have been using CBDPure‘s CBD Hemp Oil, softgels and their CBD infused cream for muscles and joints. They also offer a pet CBD hemp oil. The pet CBD oil is the same ingredients as the human variety but in a less concentrated form.

CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil

CBDPure‘s CBD Hemp Oil is available in three different concentrations, 300, 600 and 1000. The product is the same, simply more concentrated as the number increases, so a half-dropper of the 600mg CBD Hemp Oil will be twice as potent as the same volume from the 300mg bottle.

The ingredients are clean and simple, true to the brand’s name. Essentially, just CBD Oil and Hemp Oil.

What do you use the CBDPure Oil for?

The primary reasons we use CBD oil are the following, which all benefit us when it comes to training and recovery, as well as in general everyday life:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Recovering quicker
  • Calming the mind
  • Boosting focus
  • Improving sleep quality

As you may know, I have used and reviewed a variety of CBD products and found the ingredients to really help me in particular in aiding a speedy recovery from tough training and races, which goes hand-in-hand with reducing inflammation, and that is no different for CBDPure‘s oil.

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It’s easy to use by dropping the oil directly into your mouth, under the tongue for the most efficient absorption, and you can take the small vial everywhere. Because CBDPure‘s hemp CBD oil tastes nice (assuming you like nutty tastes!) then it’s very easy to keep it under your tongue until the oil has absorbed.

We have been using CBDPure’s 600 CBD Hemp Oil, which includes 60 10mg servings of CBD. One ‘serving’ is half a dropper. Depending on your needs you can of course use more or less by taking a smaller amount in the dropper, or having two servings – some people may like to take one in the morning and one in the evening, for example.

CBDPure Softgels 750

For even easier transportation, if you are concerned about carrying oil around with you (in case you break the bottle while traveling, or are limited on the number of liquids you can travel with when flying), then the CBD softgels could also be a great option. Softgels are also handy if you want to be sure of getting the same dosage each time. The ‘750’ softgels offer 25mg of CBD in each serving (one softgel capsule), and include 30 servings in a bottle.

From a pricing perspective, CBD oil offers great value. One bottle of CBDPure 600 currently costs less than $1 per 10mg serving ($54.99 for a 60-serving bottle), and if you buy six months’ worth in one go, this comes down to $0.61 per serving ($36.67 per bottle). The price per mg is even lower if you prefer higher-strength CBD and go for the CBDPure 1000 option, which contains 16.6mg of CBD per serving.

The softgels cost around $3 per 25mg serving if you buy one bottle (at $89.99), so per mg it is more expensive – but if you buy six months’ worth in one go, this comes down to $2.08 per 25mg serving, which is a huge discount ($62.49 per bottle) and the higher price could be worth it for the convenience of taking softgels.

CBDPure CBD Infused Cream for Muscles and Joints

Now onto CBDPure’s CBD-infused cream! This product is designed to rub on specific parts of your body where you may be experiencing aching, inflammation, and stiffness.

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Before I go into details, I’ll give it to you straight – I LOVE this cream. I am a big fan of topical CBD balms and creams, quite simply, because if you find a high-quality CBD-infused solution for aches, strains and inflammations, and it works, then it’s a complete game changer.

Firstly, what is the CBD muscle and joint cream like?

CBDPure‘s CBD-infused cream is a non-greasy, white cream that you massage into the affected area for targeted relief. The scented ingredients are menthol and white willow bark, which also apparently help improve its effectiveness. I don’t know about that but I can tell you that the cooling effect of the menthol when applied to a stiff, achy body part is delightful.

How to use the CBDPure muscle and joint cream

My latest aches and pains have been coming from a rolled ankle. Nothing really bad, but it’s stiff when I wake up in the morning and aches when I’m tired or have been on a long run. I have been massaging the CBDPure CBD muscle and joint cream into it as soon as I wake up (or whenever I need it) and within minutes, the ankle has improved flexibility and feels fresh, on account of the CBD, menthol, and the necessary massage to get the cream applied correctly. Because the CBD cream is non-greasy and soaks in quickly, it’s great that I can put clothing on (or get into bed) pretty soon after applying it and not worry about stains or greasy marks on my clothes or sheets.

Where to buy CBDPure products

The easiest way to purchase CBD is online, directly from CBDPure‘s website. Currently they ship to all US states, as well as Canada and the UK.

You may also be able to find CBDPure‘s line of CBD products in local health stores and retailers in many states.

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