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Reputable Seed Supplier in Wellsville, KS

Our mission at Acheson Seed, Inc. is to maximize plant vigor and yield potential with high-quality agricultural seed and soil testing. Serving the farmers of Wellsville, KS, and the rest of eastern Kentucky and western Missouri, we provide customized agricultural services that will enhance your land’s growing potential.В В В

What Is a Channel Ⓡ Seed Dealer?

As a trusted Channel Ⓡ seed dealer, our customers can have complete confidence that they’re receiving a top-quality product. We have superior corn and soybean products that undergo a rigorous selection process and precision breeding technology. We distribute products that are proven to enhance genetic diversity and maximize your performance; come to us when you’re searching for a seed supplier you can trust.

Locally Owned & Operated

Because we’re a locally owned and operated seed supplier, we fully understand the needs of our local growers. Our team at Acheson Seed is here to help you achieve your goals and maximize your profit. Whether that’s suggesting a different approach or performing crop scouting, our team is here to help.В

In-House Agronomist & Precision Specialist

Have peace of mind knowing you’re working with a seed supplier that will provide you with trusted insight. Our in-house agronomist looks for ways to increase soil productivity, in addition to improving the quality of seeds and the nutritional value of crops. We’re more than happy to offer recommendations and answer your questions.В В

Our Agricultural Services Are Here to Help

Residents of Franklin County and the surrounding area depend on our expertise as the area’s leading seed supplier. Call Acheson Seed to schedule a consultation with our in-house agronomist. We’re happy to help you diagnose an ongoing issue or make changes for your next growing season.В

Acheson Seed, Inc. in Wellsville, KS offers top of the line seed delivery and agricultural services. Call (785) 883-2123 to place an order or for agricultural support and more today! ]]>