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Reliable shipping, fast delivery Ordered on working days before 3:00 pm*, shipped the same day *Local time, Amsterdam We ship our seeds to the UK without any hassle or extra charges. You can buy cannabis seeds easily and inexpensively at We have a wide range of marijuana seeds of the highest quality.

Reliable shipping, fast delivery

Ordered on working days before 3:00 pm*, shipped the same day

*Local time, Amsterdam

We ship our seeds to the UK without any hassle or extra charges. Click here to read more.

Standard Mail

At Dutch Passion we offer free shipping for seeds with standard mail for orders from 70 euros. If we send seeds by standard mail, we do this by letter post. The delivery time depends on the country where you live, but within Europe this is usually 3 to 10 working days. The Netherlands usually within 1 day and Belgium 1 to 3 days.

Express shipping with FedEx

For most countries you can also choose express shipping with FedEx. Order on working days before 15:00 (local time in Amsterdam) and the order will be shipped the same day. In most cases, the package will be delivered within 24 hours throughout Europe!

Shipments to remote areas (islands for example) or places where FedEx does not have good coverage may take a little longer. Usually these packages are delivered within 48 hours.

Standard Post FedEx Express
Delivery time in business days* Delivery time in
business days*
Belgium 2 – 5 1 – 3
Denemark 3 – 10 1 – 3
Germany 3 – 10 1 – 3
Finland 3 – 10 1 – 3
France 3 – 10 1 – 3
Greece 3 – 10 1 – 3
Ireland 3 – 10 1 – 3
Italy 3 – 10 1 – 3
Croatia 3 – 10 1 – 3
Luxemborg 3 – 10 1 – 3
Malta 3 – 10 1 – 3
Monaco 3 – 10 1 – 3
Netherlands 1 – 2 1 – 3
Austria 3 – 10 1 – 3
Poland 3 – 10 1 – 3
Portugal 3 – 10 1 – 3
Romania 3 – 10 1 – 3
Slovenia 3 – 10 1 – 3
Slovakia 3 – 10 1 – 3
Spain 3 – 10 1 – 3
Czech Republik 3 – 10 1 – 3
United Kingdom 3 – 10 Niet mogelijk
Sweden 3 – 10 1 – 3
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* The delivery time is a reliable indication. If the address you provide to us is correct and the addressee actually lives at that address, delivery is guaranteed. However, we cannot guarantee the delivery time. We depend on the carriers for this.

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Weed seeds

Looking for cannabis seeds? Then you need look no further. The outdoor growing season is here again, so it is important to take this into account and order your cannabis seeds on time. Good marijuana seeds are essential for a good plant and yield. That is why it is important to choose the right variety when you start. When looking at marijuana seeds you have to take into account where you are going to grow. Are you going to grow indoors or outdoors? Based on this decision you can look at the possibilities.

Not all cannabis seeds are suitable for indoor growing and some are only suitable for outdoor growing. We offer seeds for both ways of growing and you can find them all on our websites. Take a look at our different kinds of cannabis seeds:

Order cannabis seeds online

Are you looking for cheap cannabis seeds that you can order online? Then you are at the right place at FSO. We have a wide range of cannabis seeds at the best prices. With us, you can order your cannabis seeds easily and inexpensively.

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The advantages of ordering cannabis seeds online

  • Same-day shipping when ordered before 4 p.m.
  • Discreet packaging
  • Cheap cannabis seeds
  • Quality cannabis seeds

All our cannabis seeds come with an extensive information description about the product. It depends on the desired marijuana variety, growing location and experience which marijuana seeds you can best order. To help you, we have listed a number of popular cannabis seeds that can be ordered directly online.

Cheap cannabis seeds

Want to buy cheap cannabis seeds? Then you have come to the right place at Freeseedsonline. We have various cannabis seeds of well-known strains always in stock. There are 12 cannabis strains made together with spliffseeds like Feminised Power plant (PP), Feminised Mega Power Plant (PP), Feminised White Widow, Feminised Silver Haze, Feminised AK 47 Autoflower and more top quality seeds all in one place! We are convinced of our superior quality which is reflected in the rapid germination and good yield of the plant.

Haze cannabis seeds

Do you want to start growing Haze yourself? Then you need Haze cannabis seeds. It is good to know that Haze is one of the most popular weed varieties. Haze is generally stronger than other weed varieties. Growing Haze is experienced as more difficult than growing other marijuana strains.

Power Plant (PP) cannabis seeds

Power Plant (PP) cannabis seeds are homegrown. Power Plant (PP) marijuana seeds originate from Holland. Power Plant (PP) marijuana seeds are one of the most popular marijuana seeds among growers. The plant guarantees a good yield and the weed is experienced as tasteful. Power Plant (PP) is for sale in most coffeshops in the Netherlands.

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Purple Haze seeds

Purple Haze seeds are popular weed seeds in Holland. This is mainly because most Haze varieties are difficult to grow. Unlike other marijuana strains, Purple Haze is much easier to grow and can also be grown outdoors in Holland.

Buy Snow White cannabis seeds

Are you looking for Snow White cannabis seeds? Snow White cannabis seeds are one of the most popular cannabis seeds in our assortment. We have snow white marijuana seeds in stock in our webshop. Order Snow White marijuana seeds online. The seeds will be delivered within 2 working days at the desired address.

Cheap cannabis seeds online

Freeseedsonline has been created by a team of passionate enthusiasts
Are grown and selected with care
Cannabis seeds are never pre-packed
Kept in a climate chamber and only mechanically packed and sent when ordered
Customer service, by phone, Whatsapp, Telegram, online chat, e-mail, see contact
Competitive prices
Order online
Ordered before 16.00 hours, same day shipping
Only the best quality cannabis seeds

Buy cannabis seeds

If you want more information or just want to see our offer, you can find it below. For other questions, please go to our contact page. Here are all our contact details!

You canbuy cannabis seeds simple and cheap at We have a wide range of cannabis seeds of the highest quality. All our cannabis seeds are feminised and always fresh in stock. Buy your cannabis seeds quickly and cheaply.

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