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Cheese x Haze (Kiwi Seeds) feminized

Cheese x Haze (Kiwi Seeds) feminized
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Kiwi Seeds – Cheese x Haze: The result of crossing cannabis champions

It all started back in 2006 when Big Buddha Cheese won 1st prize in the Indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup. At the exact same event, Kiwi Seeds managed to take home the 1st prize for the best Sativa, with their Mako Haze. The Dampkring coffee shop and Kiwi Seeds soon developed a scenario to cross genetics of these cup winners, in order to create a strain that combines the best of both worlds – Sativa and Indica.

Genetics of Cheese contain a decent amount of Skunk No.1 that brings a lot of vigour into this hybrid. Growers can expect plants that are 120-150cm tall, and yield 400-500g/m². It’s not really a strain for smaller grow sites because the 50% Sativa genetics induce the plants to stretch during flowering. It can be grown in many different styles, using different techniques, but a ScrOG can definitely help when heights are an issue. The flowering period is completed after 60-70 days, depending on the phenotype. There are 3 different phenotypes, so choose your favourite or all three. Please take note that Zamnesia is offering the feminized version of Cheese x Haze, and not the regular.

Kiwi Seeds and the Dampkring are not focusing on promoting their varieties by describing the smoking experience in terms of flavours. Be assured: Flavours are great and not to worry about, for we are dealing with genetics from two plants that managed to convince judges at the High Times Cannabis Cup and win first prize. But it’s safe to say that growers can expect a blend of cheese aromas from the original Big Buddha, with the light and fresh taste of NL5 Haze. Effects are more influenced from the Sativa genetics and can be described as a strong up-high.

This strain is great for all those who seek a combination of two award-winning strains where one plant is an Indica, and the other one Sativa. Crossing Cheese and NL5 Haze has clearly worked out perfectly, and created a hybrid that will perform excellent on all levels.

This Dampkring classic is a crossing of NL5 Haze and Cheese. It’s 50% Sativa, 50% Indica, and has a flowering time of 60-70 days.